Just another Sunday in autumn …

Autumn has always been my favourite season, to the great dismay of my friends. “Autumn? Why don’t you like summer or spring? In autumn everything dies and people get depressed. But not Tassa!”, they ironically laughed at me. But in Greece the light during autumn is beautifully red and soft. The whole world is gold and red, but it isn’t cold yet in October. So yes, I like autumn. Before I forget: thank you folks for the two donations, great!



In our old town Wageningen, we had a couple of maple trees in our street. I always let the leaves be in our garden, as red as they were. My neighbour would then mutter about all those dirty leaves in her garden and even when I let her hear the magic rustling when you’d walk through them, she became even madder than she already was. 

And I am thinking all this, while in Amsterdam Palestinians and their supporters have a demonstration. They have totally forgotten that Hamas as a terroristic organisation doesn’t speak and act for them at all. Hamas wants all Israelis – or Jews as they call them – dead and then they want to take their land. Period. They use their own people, even their own family, as a human shield and there are still people who support these crooks.

At the same time many Israelis try to figure out why oh why their government and even the so mighty Mossad hasn’t seen this atrocious attack coming. Hamas was training in Gaza just next to the border and the Egyptian government warned Prime Minister Netanyahu more than once. Why didn’t he take action? And now thousands of people died, hundreds are kept hostages and two nations are in complete distress. We can do nothing but be sad, write and talk about it and pray for the best outcome.


Ponderings in autumn

In the meantime I have another problem that cleaves my life into two. As a journalist I have to keep my mouth open and yell whatever I get into my head to get people’s attention. But if I want a job and especially in education, I have to sit still not rocking the boat. If my future employer has another opinion than I tell here in my internet corner, I can forget about the job, see. That is the result of all that division in society the last years. 

But the job isn’t there yet and like every other normal person I too need an income. So I will just go on yelling what is needed to tell. Today something personal about how my very own mother was able so sell me to the Dutch government. The Interpol agent who went undercover to save our lives and many others, just told me most of the rest of the story. And you know the best part of it all? She turns out to be the daughter of a lady who I knew as a 16-year old girl. I was thrown out of the house just like her and we came to live with a single older man, who was considered a “guest family” and assaulted many girls.

Like that we lived together for 2 whole weeks, because we couldn’t go to school, each for her own reasons. Mine was that I was too far from the town where my school stood. After two weeks there was suddenly a place for her somewhere else and I never saw her again. But I never forgot her and she remembered me as well. Joy these days!

I do want to add something to this about the Dutch Youth “Care” (YC. jeugdzorg), because that is scandalous and must stop. I have told several times that this YC let me walk on the streets, a week here and a week there, for 7 months. Well, this is what they call a “normal practice” for them, the agent told me today. They let each young boy or girl who is thrown out of the house or who flees for violence and such at home, walk on the streets for so long. They even put young kids in prisons and there is not even one who doesn’t get raped many times. This is absolutely NOT because there is so-called no place where they can put you. No, it is on purpose, because the Dutch YC wants you to get caught in prostitution and / or drug criminality. They are still doing it until today and worse.


The background of my kidnapping

This is what the Interpol agent told me today. Time for the rest of my own story. The agent told me my very own (Greek) mother Khrysa Constantinou sold me just after my birth for $800,000. Note: this was before scientists knew about my perfect DNA. It was also after my dad had registered my birth, given me the name Anastasía Vassiliou (Αναστασία Βασιλείου actually in Greek) and after he had received the legal custody over me on his own. My mother was mentally ill, you see? She couldn’t take care of me as you see. My parents were never married and my grandma would help my dad to bring me up. That was the plan.

To whom did my mother sell me? Well, to the Dutch government, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t tell you to whom exactly, because that really is too shocking and I can’t believe it myself yet. She sold me, because she was from a satanist family and in these horrendous families each young girl must give up her first-born child. High time that this finally becomes known and that these unpeople get arrested for their crimes! I guess she thought to at least sell me then, before the cult would come and get me for free or kill me in front of her eyes, as they also tend to do. Four and a half years later they’d do it with her second child and my half-sister Nadia – full name Constantina – before my eyes. What she did with the money, I don’t know. My dad found out about this recently. 

So my mother gives birth to me, doesn’t have any custody because she is mentally ill, but does get her chance to sell me for almost a million bucks. The Dutch didn’t even check if my dad was in the picture and if  I was free for sale. That is the power of the satan cult!!!  Only later on the Dutch would look at my DNA, find it too perfect to be true and then compare it with the genes of an ancient Greek queen about whose existence most people don’t even know, because the Freemasons – also satanists but a bit different – keep every information they find for themselves. This queen also had perfect DNA and … oh yes: the genes matched. Then I had to be the reincarnation of this lady, so the satanists thought. Not like: this is also a person with perfect genes, like a normal person would think. No no. Satanists have many deviations in their thinking patterns.


The rest of the story

So this is when the war between the Satan cult and my dad’s family started. As I have told before I was retrieved in a couple of days and then kidnapped again. At 9 months old I got illegally adopted by a Dutch foster family, of course again satanists and very wild cavemen as well. They tortured me so badly that I died and stood up from death at 15 months old, in the hospital of the northern Dutch town of Emmen. They raped me, gangbanged me on their pedophile cocktail parties, getting me out of bed in the middle of the night. They dropped me from the stairs whenever they wanted to and from the window upstairs in the house, beat me up, kicked me and yelled at me, but no matter how many people put plaints about me, the Dutch YC did NOTHING. Because they are all satanists and if someone is not a satanist, he or she can’t even get a job there until today, my dear ladies and gentlemen.

Look how a mother who doesn’t even have custody over her child, can sell her just like that to notably the Dutch government! These crooks still keep everything still and have the guts to lie that I am so-called mentally ill, because I demand my life, my family and my ID documents that they stole from me, back. So anyone who looks for their past is crazy? Didn’t think so. The real mentally sick are the satanists from the Dutch Youth Care and their whole government who doesn’t give a fig about the fact that so many thousands of children are being sold to them from the whole world and millions of Dutch children are tortured with abuse of all kinds possible and even killed by their own government. 


La conclusion aujourd’hui …

Now I can’t go back to my country with my two boys, I can’t get a job anywhere or have my own business, because these criminals have told the whole country not to give me any job, not even freelance and certainly not to let me tell my story on TV or in the newspaper. The whole country is frightened to death of this scum, because they are known as politicians, authority figures from ministries and municipalities, as the Rotary Club (real satanists) or Freemasons (just a little less violent satanists, but a lot smarter), as the maffia or the queen. Nobody even dares to oppose them in this cowardly, scaredy-cat country.

And you expect from me to tell you which political party you should vote for next month. Well … did you hear any politician talk about reorganising Youth Care? No, did you? So then you know the answer: they are all the same. I think you’d best vote for a center-right party, since the right-wing is a trap just like the left-wing. The right is only a bit less sloppy with the economy and they wouldn’t fill up the country with cameras to look who is using too much CO2, while squeezing everyone in a tinyhouse. But the far right would get you guys out of the EU like the Brits and that would be the worst mistake ever. Not that I’m a fan of Brussels, but the EU is demi-mal as the French say: it could be worse. The far right would also chase away most Muslims, causing war with Hamas and Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaeda and Isis and the Mocro Maffia all at the same time.  You have seen how great that is right now in Israel.

But that is my view on the case. I wish you a beautiful week and don’t forget to support my work with a like, a reaction, by sharing, subscribing to the newsletter and by donating for the free journalist!



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Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Countess Anastasía Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages and was trained as a political leader by her family, who were the rulers of Anatolia. --- Anastasía ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she discovered how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. While recovering she started news website Insider Times with news directly from political leaders and diplomats.

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