Look at America to see what will come here

As I told many times: if we want to know what will happen here in the Netherlands, we have to look at America now. Anything that happens in the US, will come here within a couple of hours or days now. The most exhilarating example is the vote in mail for the upcoming elections and not only that: our “Minister” has already declared that votes without a signature will just be accepted. No bell ringing in your head for sure?!

Cold in Texas and guess what?

There is more. When it was so cold here last week, it was icy cold in Texas too. While people here were hoping for more freezing cold so they could skate the traditional Elfstedentocht in Friesland, in Texas there was no power and people were freezing in their homes without water. The president should and could have sent help, but Texas had more than a few lawsuits against him for various reasons and so he took revenge and let them sit in the cold.



And there is more: the pipeline from Canada to Texas has been shut, which cost thousands of jobs. Now that it will be closed for years until Biden will be smoked out of office, it will cost many more jobs in Texas and elsewhere. The energy source that failed during the freezing weekend, was wind energy, as you can hear in the interview in the video fragment just below here. Wind energy makes out 25% of energy in Texas, even if the whole state is full of natural oil and gas. Since this failure of “green energy” isn’t in the interest of the federal government, it’s covered up. The narrative of oh look how good wind and solar energy are, must remain intact whatever happens. “Even if God comes down from Heaven”, we would say in Greek.



Cold in the Netherlands and guess what?

What happened here in the same cold week and especially during last weekend? Our government discovered the ice and instead of letting people finally have some fun after a year of going crazy in their houses, they sent the police everywhere to get the skaters off the ice and fine them. John Calvin wasn’t even Dutch, but he could have been with his weird mentality of not letting people have fun in their lives. Instead of a great weekend it became a disaster with angry people still trying to skate, others shouting on Twitter and Facebook about the disgrace. This week the great BOOM followed: civil war about the curfew, that of course the State won as always. In the US there are at least laws, but here the government doesn’t even care about the law.


During the war it was the Nazis who put that curfew, but now the ones who protest against it are being called Nazis!


They put a corrupt judge on Supreme Court, who knew the doom preaching virologist Jaap van Dissel, whose job is to lie to the public every day on tv about how terribly dangerous the coronavirus is and how necessary it is to have a curfew. How stupid it is to remember Second World War, since very few of us still lived that war. You would almost want a new war in order to say: we ALL have been through war and refuse that curfew. I mean … why doesn’t the virus attack workers during daytime, but it does attack people who visit their friends or who do volunteer’s work in the evening?? The virologist was a witness at that case, while it wasn’t even a substantive session. No-one cared about the conflict of interest and about the fact that the judge was biased and hallelujah! This is the righteous constitutional state of the Netherlands at work. You know what the funny thing is? During the war it was the Nazis who put that curfew, but now the ones who protest against it are being called Nazis!


Ongoing and next witch hunt: paid trolls and bots

Again in the beautiful and vast America there has been a witch hunt for about two months against a man called Mike Lindell. He is the CEO and founder of a huge company called MyPillow and yes he sells pillows and stuff like that. His company is very popular, but since he spoke out for Mr. Trump, he has been banned from all social media and Amazon. I think even his website is threatened to be put offline. When he named God in an effort to save himself, the bots and trolls jumped upon him to destroy him even further. In the Netherlands there is already a witch hunt namely against my person, but my case doesn’t even get into the media. And don’t think I get any help like Mr. Lindell gets. If I’m dead tomorrow because of the heartattack that is for sure coming one of these weeks, no-one will even know I existed. So here the globalists are looking for another victim to destroy and fill the media with.

In the US they’ve already found someone to chase after: Ted Cruz, senator of Texas. This week he went for a couple of days to a nice place called Cancun, while he normally had to stay home. Not knowing most of the critics were paid trolls, he defended himself saying “Sorry, I was trying to be a Dad”. The man didn’t do anything wrong, but he is a Republican and a Trump supporter, so the Democrats want him destroyed. I hope he’ll know how to get through the crisis, because he is a courageous man and Texas needs him dearly.


A few things more

In Arizona 34 sexual predators of children were arrested these days. That is because something really strange is going on: in the United States of America child trafficking and sexual abuse of children are actually forbidden by the law. Here it is considered normal and part of the Great Inclusive Society we are supposed to have. Rapists, Satanists and other child abusers are people too, aren’t they? And they at least don’t vote for right-wing political parties or fight for such a weird thing they call “freedom”, so they just belong and can’t be arrested of course. That’s perfectly logical isn’t it?

Another one, since Bill Gates is never in the news here, only in order to praise and worship Him as the God of Vaccine. Well, he regularly funds all kinds of crazy and dangerous projects that are bad for children. Here news about him funding the woke organisation A Path to Equitable Math Instruction. Weird for us here: this bizarre organisation thinks math is racist. Do laugh about it, but know it’s going to be here soon as well! Pay attention: Math is Racist, folks!! Did I forget to mention they even have an Inquisition that is controlling teachers at schools if they’re woke enough? Diversity Audits is the name, since we of course can’t call things with their name. That would be too hard for the poor souls of the woke.















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