Midterms: what can all go wrong on election day?

Today I was pondering about the truth in general. Thoughts like: how many people still believe in nonsens and how to convince them of the reality went through my head and I got more and more concerned. This is why I didn’t write my daily piece earlier. But then in the evening already, I looked up my last video to see if it had been seen by anyone and I spotted an American radio show on Rumble. It was by Steven Crowder, whom I didn’t know yet and he had hopefully future governor Kari Lake from Arizona in his show. She quickly tidied up my messy brains and put the light on in the shadowy parts of it. And then there is more, also from Brazil.

I will start with a sad statement by James Wood. He used to be an actor and now he uses his famous name to help the Republicans by doing political statements on Twitter.


Mrs. Kari Lake on the radio

This is the radio show. It lasts 1.5 hour, but Kari Lake appears after about 30 minutes. First of all Americans receive the actual ballot – the voting paper – at home. Not just an invitation to vote, like here in Europe. That is understandable, because they vote for more than one election. Last week they voted for the two Parliaments (House and Senate) and for a state governor, all in one day. Kari Lake tells that the polling stations are huge nowadays, while before they were in churches, schools and so on just like here in the Netherlands. What happens then is that people don’t want to wait in line to vote with the machines and so they fill in their ballot and drop it in a box inside the polling station, first thing in the morning. Mrs. Lake says these are mostly Republican voters and she says these ballots haven’t been counted until today, almost a week later.

Much worse is that there are everywhere in the middle of the street ballot boxes – like mailboxes – that aren’t guarded at all in some states. In many states people don’t even need to identify themselves or even send a copy of their identity papers along with their ballot. So if they do this mail-in ballot and then also show up on election day, claiming they haven’t received their ballot at home, they can easily vote twice. Also many votes from deceased people have been found. And then imagine that here in the Netherlands about 10-11 million votes have to be counted in one day time, but in the United States in many states there are just 2 or 3 million registered voters. It’s outrageous that this can’t be done faster. Election day was last Tuesday the 8th of November and now on Sunday evening many ballots still haven’t been processed and counted. Anyway, here is Kari Lake for you:




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The problem in Arizona – and many other states by the way – isn’t only that the voting machines run out of ink the whole time with so many people voting in one location and trouble with mail-in votes. Here in the Netherlands the mail-in votes (last year for the first time allowed) had to be in before 9 PM on election day. Period. But in a lot of American states – in every state there is a different election law! – votes still come in five days after the elections. And that is all legal, since the law doesn’t forbid it. There are more problems though: again in Arizona the Secretary of State also runs for governor. The Secretary of State in Washington is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but in each state there is a Secretary of State as well and this person is in charge of the elections. So Democrat Katie Hobbs is being elected AND in charge of the elections. Normally someone else should have taken up that task for these elections, but not in Arizona. Here you can read more about it, again by Kari Lake. All things that I mentioned are maybe not exactly fraud, but they are a bad process and an anti-democratic system. I don’t know how a judge would rule over such issues. It ain’t easy in any case!


Dissatisfied people in Brazil

In Brazil there are still millions of people demonstrating day by day since their elections on the 31st of October. Now the military in the country warned for possible fraud during the elections. A few Brazilians of Twitter told me their law doesn’t allow a candidate who is in prison to be freed in order to join elections and for sure not in order to run for President of the country. Yet Luiz Lula da Silva – Lula – was exactly freed for that purpose. Not only that: many things that weren’t fair happened during the elections. I have already written about it here. The fact that so many people keep protesting for two weeks after the elections already means things weren’t completely lawful and just.


Cheating and fiddling with elections

Cheating and fiddling with elections is the latest fashion in international politics. Countries learn it from each other and The Big Thing that really allows one side to win is to allow mail-in ballots: voting per mail. The other thing is showing documentaries and indoctrinating the people through the media to make them vote for – always – the left parties is enormously in high vogue. Nobody can ban that, because it’s hard to prove if e.g. a TV station has received money from political parties or even third parties – funders – for broadcasting indoctrinating programmes and using indoctrinating language.

In the period before any elections you will hear all day long on TV, radio and you will read in newspapers and news websites that the right-wing parties are racist, fascists, election deniers, climate deniers, antivaxers and Russian spies. About the left-wing parties you hear that they are soooo right about literally everything and yes, many people are dumb or at least not rationally thinking. They decide last minute what they are going to vote for and since the leftists are so much more represented, the chance they will vote for a leftist party is at least 95%. That is indoctrination and it’s actually also fraud, isn’t it? Calling people who vote for a real party lunatics and fascists …

You know I specialised in that during my studies and you could say I did a Master’s in media psychology and applied linguistics. I can find the expressions used in the media as an expert in the field and maybe it’s time to start doing that. Hadn’t thought about it yet, so let me wake up. I want to finish this article again with Kari Lake, this time interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News:




Have a beautiful evening, don’t forget to support my hard work and see you tomorrow folks.



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