As you see, they have their friends from Stone Age still hanging on the wall in London

Money as a weapon

Now I pwomised you not to write anymore about evil folks and satanists. Only that I forgot to talk about one thing: money as a weapon. So we are going to do that today and then it’s really, really Schluß for evermore!


Reversing debt and possession: smart?

I think you already know the lovely documentary of five videos about how the banking system works: Money as Debt. If not, I will put part I here for you to see. Once on YouTube you will see the other parts appear. As I have told before, I am not good with money issues and even if I try to explain economic things as well as possible, I am not a star at it. What is important to know, is that first of all the western countries (at least) distanciated themselves from the gold standard. This happened after President Nixon decided to leave this gold standard in 1971. It meant that there would be more money in circulation than was backed up by gold in the vaults of the banks. Actually money was now created out of thin air, but after it had been created, it did have to be paid back. People who wanted loans, received money from the bank on their bank account, that was in fact only a number without value. Only because people trust the government and the currency, the money kept its worth.

The second weird thing about money is that economists and banks managed to somehow reverse the value of money, so debts got a value and possessions didn’t. Until a few years ago you would receive some interest on your savings account, because the bank could spend more money to its clients because you had your money stalled there. It would in fact spend your money in order to lend it to others. The one who lent the money had to pay interest to the bank and so there was some kind of a balance. Until the banks found their way to reverse the system so you now have to pay interest over your savings, but you pay a lot less interest over your loans. No, you don’t receive interest. No bank would ever give money away.

By the way: I read last week that this system will stop existing again, so our savings will soon receive 0% of interest. When I tried to find the article back again, I found another that is far more interesting: the Dutch ING bank has already ended the negative interests. That is: from October this year. Good news is coming and normality becomes normal once more. This reverse trick was carried out by our Big Fat Pride, the European Central Bank (ECB) (who else?), in order to make people even more dependent from loans and debts. I can’t tell you more than this, because it’s all I know, but if you like to learn more about it, then here is the video:



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The Great Chief Rothschild Bank of London

So now we have this Worldbank that belongs to the Rothschilds in London. This bank has a very special talent, which is to force each and every country into debt. They do this by stating that a country that wants to become a newbee member of the global world community – so each country that wants to be accepted by the western countries that possess all the power and assets in the world – is a mess at this moment. If they want to be accepted in that so-called imaginary world community, they first need to fix their health system. And oh their roadnet is so terrible! That needs some improvement urgently and what do you think about the education system? Completely outdated man. And so on. The country is obliged to take a loan of many billions of – of course – dollars and then it needs to wait until the other countries will possibly one day accept it. Or possibly not, you never know. But being deeply in debt for sure creates a bond, that much is definitely true. That is the Rothschild bank, ladies and gentlemen.

Have you already noted that this bank finds itself in London? Totally by accident the same city where Madam Eliza(beth) and the Minions also happen to live. It all comes out to the same spot and clan of cavemen and so we can conclude that in the secret management team of our planet there are quite a lot of dudes actually:


  • Five High Priestesses of the Satan sect.
  • Above them the Pope (!), yes the pope is a satanist, it’s true. He is the Hierophant of the cult.
  • The King for earthly matters, who is Klaus Schwab
  • and the Round Table of the King or better the Circle Of Nine consisting of Schwab (chair), George Soros (or maybe nowadays Volodimir Zelensky, I’m not yet sure), Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk, Mark Rutte, Marc van Ranst, Ferd Grapperhaus and Ursula von der Leyen.
  • ISS, International Social Service, the child kidnappers of the world.
  • The Rothschild Bank of London
  • and the Queen of England, Elizabeth Windsor, who is the boss of bosses.
  • And then the boss of the boss of bosses: Eve and Adam from the Garden of Eden or better said Satan and his wife Delilah, today with other names that I can’t write down here yet and also domiciled in London. But you wouldn’t know them, because they are so dumb that they need to hide all their life. You can’t even find them on social media or on LinkedIn. I know them because they have been chasing after me for decades, keeping my husband and me apart and keeping me and our kids sick and halfdead. The man of the two is as thick as two short planks and hence not capable of reigning anything, but the woman is streetwise and very cunning – certainly not intelligent of any kind. Since she is hidden though it’s very hard to grab her, but we’re close.


How does that work with that Rothschild bank? It’s actually very simple. Many people already know it, but many others don’t and it’s not that easy to grasp if you’re not good at economics (like me). So some country in the world wants to do something that Ze Qween does not appreciate. Then she quickly sends a memo to the Bank of Banks: – ALARM!!! Turkey wants to prevent Sweden and Finland to enter NATO! Over – and then The Bank blocks some subsidy that Turkey normally should receive. Without that money they are bankrupt, so they immediately stop blocking Sweden and Finland from entering NATO. The Rothschild Bank is the bulldog of the satanists, just like the ISS (International Social Service) is their division for child abductions, since satanists believe in torturing children. You see that I indeed know better than anyone else how the power is divided and who the players are. No-one else could tell you this, because they simply don’t know. I know them all, because they chase after me and so I had to find out. I have also talked to all of them and know them personally as you see.

This is how The System works: by keeping everyone neatly under control by pulling their money if they break out of the pack. Now that president Putin of the Russian Federation, who is both cunning and smart, nicely and elegantly knocked down the dollar by forcing anyone who trades with Russia – which is the whole world – to pay to a bank in Russia and in rubles, the balance of the hidden World Government is gone. Just at their supreme moment where they wanted to grab even more power and let us al die from hunger and cold. The globalists aka satanists aka The System got exposed and can’t continue like they did before. Anyone who finally understands how childish and also brutal they are, doesn’t want to play with them anymore and so they are losing their friends at this very moment. Russia, the Agressor, is gaining friends, because people finally start seeing that this country isn’t like the US and the UK: interested in ruling the world. They aren’t perfect, but they have certainly beaten The System.


And now it’s really enough with these cavedudes! Here you can provide me with some consolation for working so hard without having a decent income and while being held a prisoner far away from my family.


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