My imprisonment keeps the whole world from changing

We’re going to focus just a little bit more on what I discovered about a lot of things in my family and outside of it. You always like reading personal things about me while I loathe writing them, so thumbs up and support me!

I haven’t almost had one donation this whole month and in a few days it’s going to be July. What do you want more from me to finally get it and support my work? You won’t see any positive change in your country and in any country as long as I’m not free from this cult. I guess you must have figured that out by now! It’s not going to happen, because the top of the cult is right here in the Netherlands, as I yesterday explained yet another time. There are no Germans in the top of the world; no Hungarians, no Ethiopians, no Fins, no Columbians and no Chinese. They are all from the Netherlands, England and the US, but the top of the Satan cult is right in Amsterdam and that is why you must help me to get freed. By subscribing to my website, by spreading the news anywhere you can, by reacting to my articles and by donating. You can see on Whydonate how much I receive and that is despicable in more than a year time! Do you really hate me that much?


My DNA again in a pot in California

I know it’s not only you, my bad-mannered public, that stubbornly refuses to spread my articles and donate for my work. The biggest problem is that that evil cult poked their nose in my life and keeps enormous portions of my DNA and that of my children in their deluded labs. That is even a bigger problem than that Youth Care stole my kids, my 3 businesses and my family and identity. Costas and I have freed me from 14 labs, but there is another one somewhere in California and there they keep not one, but dozens of pots of my DNA and that of my two sons. That is what blocks my whole life and it also blocks my visibility on the internet. And it blocks me from earning money like all of you can just do by working.  Because you are healthy and not hated like me. I can only write fantastic articles and beg for support – with my academic studies and everything. The fact that this God-forsaken clan works on my DNA and keeps me hostage, inhibits the whole world. It blocks you from chasing away those incapable (Dutch or any) governments that keep us all entangled.

Those scientists can communicate with me through these very advanced walkie-talkies of which they of course own a load and a few days ago I went so mad with one of them, you can’t imagine. I saw him – in his black T-shirt without even a white coat – walk up to his machine where he works on our DNA with the goal to destroy our lives and it was even difficult to grasp that any person can be evil enough to do such a thing. I would never have thought that if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. What they do, is put some telomeres (functions) on and others off. That makes that we can’t heal, that we aren’t seen and loved and that we can’t change our life for the better unless our DNA is out of that lab. So I started fulminating to him: “You creep! You free me NOW from that idiot machine of yours. What the $%* are you doing there to us?” – and a few things more that I won’t write here because Imma good girl.

“You’re the Goddess”, he answered dryly, “Look that’s your powers. No-one else has these powers”. As he turned some button, I saw a huge portion of light coming out of me. I exploded. So these creeps stole my very genetic material from me and that is my life strength, my very vital force or how do you want to call it. This is completely illegal, but no-one in the whole world cares, because it’s only me and not you. That is the reason why I am always so exhausted and can’t get anything done, because whenever I try, my head starts spinning and I faint if I don’t stop immediately. My iron doesn’t increase whatever I try and it has been almost zero since I was a kid. And then these deluded Dutch doctors tell me I’m not sick! No it’s normal, isn’t it, that you can hardly stand on your feet let stand alone walk, that you have always pain, that you have a ton overweight and that they don’t even take a decent blood test to find out what causes all that. That they steal you from your family, put you away in a satanist “family” and give you a fake identity so that you can never find your family again. Everyone has that problem, don’t they? It’s eh …. normal.


 My nose.


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How do you get freed from such a horrible situation?

Yes good question; how do you get freed if scientists have your DNA in illegal possession and you can’t go there and just fetch it? Fortunately I’ve got a trick or two on my sleeve and a lot of experience with that satan cult.
Soooo I answered the guy that I indeed am mentally a lot stronger than any other people. If you guys had any of my strenght, you would overload me with donations just like you do with others! I am not holding back anymore, because it hurts that you forsake me so harshly. And it hurts even more to see that you only donate to people who don’t solve the problems, but who screw up time after time. Do you want me to mention some names or have you understood it now? If you want no digital ID pass, no forced vaccinations and lockdowns, if you don’t want to get rid of your farmers and don’t want World War Three, you have to support ME. Because without ME in their power the US, WEF and EU can’t do all these things to you.

That much is right. I have a force in me that even the strongest people don’t have. Does that make me God? You may say it! If I was God, wouldn’t I have freed myself a long time ago from all 15 labs where they were “working” on my DNA? Could these scientists that are completely out of control with their “science” really demolish my life and that of my family if I had the powers they talk about? What do you think? If I was God, folks, there wouldn’t even be any evil in the world! And another by the way: if I was God, how rude and how ύβρις (hybris) is it to steal my DNA and make me a labrat. No I am not God. If I was, they could never have grabbed me. The sad thing in life is that there is no God in human form. We’ve only got that potential energy in the air that you could call God if you’d want. If you want something in your life, you only need to think it and say it out loud for it to happen. But when I do that, the opposite happens because your so beloved “science” is manipulating my genetic material, so that only bad things can happen to me and my sons.

All that talk of mine was needed to make the man start very slowly releasing me from his horror machine. It turned out he didn’t remember and hadn’t even written down what he all has been doing to us. Now Costas and I have to get us freed, without knowing where that lab is and by staying in concentration for hours every day to free us inch by inch with the power of our minds. I can already say one thing: this is the last lab. We have already freed some small parts of me and the kids and that solved real problems. That couldn’t happen if our DNA was elsewhere as well. But even if we could go to the lab, we couldn’t just take the pots with DNA away. The scientists there have entangled them so badly that even that isn’t possible. What they have done to me, is how “much” they care about you! They will kill the three of us if my family helps me with money or even gives me any information about themselves or so. I have to find each little piece of information by myself. The cult has already murdered Costas’ father. We don’t need more murders, do we? Have you finally got it how serious this is, even if I am always cheerful and write with humor, also when I don’t have anything to eat or to pay my bills?

Now why would they want me that badly if I wasn’t “special”? Not in their eyes, but objectively. Just tell me! They don’t want you, they don’t even want Costas and even my kids aren’t as important to them as I am. Why am I that important to them, have you ever even tried to find out? I mean … because they keep me hostage, the whole world is going down – you can’t deny that anymore. Famines are underway, just like huge energy crises, a Third World Nuclear War and death by vaccines, just to name a few.

Shall I tell you what it is that makes me so special? Well, first of all they go totally mad because I am such a pure and mentally stable, healthy, friendly and patient person. They can’t grasp how I can still be so quiet, whatever they do to me and no matter how hard they traumatise me and my boys all the time again. They want me to go rogue and throw away my excellent reputation at an angry moment. But I am always peaceful, because I know how to save my family and at the same time the world. It’s the same people that try to destroy us and that want to grab power over the whole world. Behind the politicians that you guys know, there is a couple that you only know from the Bible story about them: Adam and Eve. But they are also alive in real and as I told you in my previous article, they live in London and they hate me most of all in the world. They are the absolute top of the world. She is the evil brain that thinks out all the horror she wants to see happening and he is the brutal murderer, the executioner. And he doesn’t want her, because she dominates him and as a Turk he doesn’t fall for that kind of woman. If we want to stop the globalists, we have to stop these two by making good use of their weaknesses.

You don’t know them and they aren’t after you, so you can’t do the job. I have to do it. So please just support me in any way you can and don’t think you’re better than me. You are certainly at some points, but not at fighting the Devil. That’s my job and I am totally capable of accomplishing that. You have seen that many times if you follow me. But you need to support me. It’s really high time that you guys finally comprehend what this situation with me is all about. I know I’m writing for the walls like always. Sitting on Facebook and even worse: GETTR and Gab doesn’t improve the world. Only on Twitter it helps sometimes to delay bad decisions by the government, but you need to support me if you want the problems in the country and the world solved.


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