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“It’s a good thing you learned how to wash by hand!”. While I was hand washing the bedding and a few fleece blankets in the bathtub, since our washing machine also failed and I cannot pay a repair, I heard a male voice. When I looked up, I saw a real American Indian nodding at me from the hereafter. He had all the time of the world for me and that was one of the first times in 13 years that I could talk to someone from the hereafter. And I was taught by him in healing as Cherokees do. This is the English translation of an article I wrote in Dutch in February 2022. 

Natassa Vassiliou 2013
Natassa Vassiliou in 2013 still with a full head of hair

I didn’t really want to publish this, because in the Netherlands you never know if you will be dragged through the mud if you have a so-called inner teacher. But according to the Native American gentleman – and Costas agreed – I would get respect for it. I myself think I won’t get anything, because that’s how it always goes. Since I no longer work as an ancient traditional healer, but you will probably still have a few conditions to cure, I am not writing this in a book, but here on my website for everyone. Against a fair donation, a subscription to my columns and sharing of my article. That is a fair deal!


Highly honoured visit from the hereafter

While washing, where I had to stand hunched to be able to reach the bathtub and that with a broken back that never healed well, my hair kept falling into my face. Despite the pin with which I tried to keep it under control. It’s because I hardly have any hair left. All hairs are everywhere to be found, except on my head it is a hopeless situation. “You need chestnut leaves,” the Indian who caught my thought, said. “For your hair, so that it will be full again”. I replied that it was not the timeof the year for chestnut leaves and that I didn’t know where I could buy them. That I also had no money for it and and and … “Isn’t there something else that also works? I do use henna”, I tried, but the man shook his head. Only the tame chestnut tree could offer a solution for my lost beautiful forest with hair.

When I finished the laundry a while later, I started making a shrimp salad for dinner. The Indian wanted to know everything about the dressing I was preparing. You can find it in the recipe. I took a deep plate from the kitchen cupboard and explained that we Greeks always eat from deep plates. “Not from those flat ones! We don’t use them”, I said laughing. To my surprise, the Indian answered as follows: “So do we! We also eat from deep plates ”. I didn’t believe my ears and looked at him with a surprised look. “Yes, really,” the real Indian confirmed again. “Just like you, we eat stuff that Europeans usually call “soup”. I knew exactly what he meant, because our lentil and white bean dishes are always called “soup” here in Europe. “But those are beans, just beans. Legumes. And something with oil. These are casseroles that contain olive oil and vegetables. That’s not soup! “. We both laughed out loud at the comparison.


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Standing Bear

Pipo the Clown with his best friend Klukkluk the American Indian

I suddenly noticed I had still not asked the American Indian what his name was. We did, however, talk about the Dutch word Indianen and the Greek word Indhiani, which, unlike the English word Indians, does not mean “people from India”. “Native Americans,” he said. “That’s the English word for us”. But in Dutch and also in Greek there is no good translation for “native”, I opposed. That would be “original inhabitants of America”. A mouthful and there is no feeling in it. While the word “Indians” in my two mother languages evokes the feeling of free people with beautiful steep hair on horses, who know everything about nature. The Native American thought that was beautiful and he thought we should continue to use that word.

I told him about the game of cowboys and Indians that we used to play as kids, where the Indians were the good guys and we pronounced the word ‘cowboys’ as koibois. “And in the children’s series of Pipo the Clown there was also an American Indian, Klukkluk. He was very funny and the actor was a real Indian, “I said proudly. (When I visited it later, the latter turned out not to be completely correct. The actor was a Dutch man called Herbert Joeks).
“May I ask who you actually are?” I then asked politely.
“I am Standing Bear, you already know me,” Standing Bear replied easily.
“No, I can’t believe it! You are that famous Native American gentleman from the past, who everyone knows and who did a lot of good things!” I was shocked. “And you just come to talk to me? What an honour! Are you coming from the hereafter?”.
Yes, he came from there and he had all the time of the world for me. “You are also doing so much good for the world”, He said with a nice Namaste greeting, his hands folded. It was the first time in 13 years that someone had all the time for me, since I have had to speak all kinds of types from the spirit world just about every day, to either free them from somewhere or put an end to them. Yes, he really had time for me and he had come especially to share some Cherokee knowledge with me. Hopefully it would help to finally get rid of that satanic cult I had already been fighting for so long.


Lesson by a famous Native American healer

And yes, all Indians with long steep hair are Cherokees, Standing Bear explained. The Wikipedia told about him that he was a “Poncha” and came from Nebraska. “Cherokees is an umbrella name”, he said, and I apologised that I knew so little about Native Americans. “I’m always afraid I will learn things wrong”, I said shy. “And can you heal just like Costas and me? So that people can never get the same disease again afterwards? And do you go into the upper world to pull spirits away?”, I asked curious. “Yes”, was the answer. “Our healers also enter “The Other Realm”. I had never experienced before  that a healer also entered that other world, so I became more and more curious what Native Americans would know that we had not discovered yet in the 13 years that we have been doing this work.

That was quite a bit. Standing Bear was certainly no fan of modern doctors. “If you are sick and you take a pill, won’t you get better, would you?”, he said. “Modern doctors ignore the whole nature, don’t heal traumas and don’t heal anything, but they are disrespecful towards us. Even a broken leg is better healed with ointment, trauma healing and tranquility than with surgery”. The only ones in the world who still have all the knowledge about real healing are the Cherokees, he said. “Have you ever had patients who had been visited by the satanic cult and could you help them?”, I asked. The answer was: “Yes, I did have such patients, but no matter how I removed all the spirits from them – the cult puts those spirits and demons into them – and how I healed all the traumas, they did not come back to themselves”, he ended sad. Costas and I had been stuck at the same point for some time: all traumas are gone, all the spirits and other things those crazy people put into them are gone, but the patient still doesn’t get cured.


Healing table
Our healing table taken from Ancient Greece wasn’t entirely correct. Sorry it’s in Dutch.

Our healing guide was not quite right

“But plants don’t really help,” I said sad. “Yes, you just need to pick the right one. You don’t know our plants yet. Maybe it helps if I tell you about our American plants and also our way of healing with the help of animals.” Well, if I wanted that!
“That which heals in a plant is not a mineral or vitamin. It is the soul of the plant”. It was striking that he used the English word soul and not spirit, as always said about Native Americans. That was incorrectly translated from their language, Standing Bear said about it. “So your beautiful schedule in which you try to squeeze all the medical information is not entirely correct. The animals that are in it, aren’t all healing animals and the plants don’t work based on nutrients”. See our schedule here on the right.

I was happy with the criticism, because I had often thought about the octagonal schedule with colours, tones, plants, nutrients and organs that we keep filling in more and more, but somewhere it didn’t add up. My Mom and Costas did not agree. We were both right, because the schedule works, but the plants have to get out. It was also not true according to Standing Bear that vitamins and minerals work together with secondary substances such as quercetin, ethylene, bioflavonoids and so on. “Those substances just don’t heal,” he said. “Every vitamin has one effect: that is its soul”, he simply explained. “If you find multiple effects, you haven’t found the soul of the substance. Moreover, it is better not to work with vitamins, but with entire plants. Vitamins do only very limited work and taking all those pills is not that healthy either”. I was happy with this answer, because as you know, I don’t like vitamin pills at all. Better the whole plant, but people never believe me.

So the soul of the coffee plant or the cocoa plant makes you feel cheerful, after having eaten chocolate or drinking coffee. Not the dopamine in it. “Doctors search answers in the wrong place. Botany is not something you can learn by head and make it logical. It is something intuitive. Plants speak to you and tell you what they can heal in you”. I could confirm that, because I always know what a plant does – a fruit, vegetable, herb or whatever it is – when I see it. I also know intuitively which plant someone else needs and now that I could disconnect that from the vitamins that may also be in it, I understood why I always know such things. You can’t make it science, because there are simply more things in the world than just mathematics. With math you can do wonderful things, but not heal diseases. By the way, I can see which nutrients are in a certain plant – herb, flour, shrub or tree. That is often more than science sees in it.

Standing Bear was also not pleased about EMDR, the trendy way of not healing traumas. “You program your brain with it and if you want to change something in your life later on, you can’t because you’ve locked yourself”. Exactly what I have been saying for years and why I am always yelling about EMDR and other NLP (neurolinguistic programming) methods. No, I’m right! EMDR does not heal and Standing Bear was certain about it: “After about 3 to 5 years you get complaints. Behavioural problems, but your traumas also come back and worse than they have been earlier. People believe in EMDR, because their health insurance pays for it and everyone claims it would be supposedly good. Science says it too, but just concluded that science can’t determine such things”. EMDR, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP and related methods with all kinds of new, hip names, are just not good for you and that is that! If you want to cause problems, you should use these types of methods. Just the fact that there are so many variants of EMDR with all different names already means that it is not a good thing. Something that works is universal.


Healing animals

Everyone knows that American Indians know so-called totem animals: animals with a medicinal effect. Everyone has their own animal that protects them, so they say. I wondered how you work with healing animals. Standing Bear explained: “You concentrate on an animal. You meditate on it until you can see or feel his soul. You then transfer that to yourself”. Ah, I thought. Piece-a-cake. Meditate on an animal and then restore its power in yourself. Easy-peasy. So I asked him how many animals there were and what power they had, but the communication was not optimal all the time and he couldn’t tell me. There was a malfunction. I had to guess it myself and because my intuition still doesn’t work perfectly, I thought that was a good exercise to improve my skills.

Because we suffer from the satanic cult, that which must be repaired in us is the fact that those people have imposed their will. That must be restored. As I said, Standing Bear has never managed to cure people like us – with such bad damage to their souls. At some point you break and whatever you do: the patient just doesn’t want to get healed. We have been at that point for almost a year now. Standing Bear thought that meditating on our own power animal might help to make our soul whole again and so we went to work to find ours. It took hours and because the American Indians didn’t know elephants, we lacked one animal. Costas found it and Bill Gates saw that we should not look for the animal with the characteristic we miss in ourselves, but the animal with our own strength. These are all the animals:


    • Turtle: stands for willpower
    • Bear: stands for intuition
    • Wolf: stands for wisdom
    • Eagle: stands for self-consciousness (being aware of who you are)
    • Jaguar (or other cats): goal orientation (to know what you want and how to achieve it)
    • Owl: judgment
    • Elephant: Intelligence and memory

Intuitive knowledge

So the soul of the coffee plant or the cocoa plant makes you feel cheerful, after having eaten chocolate or drinking coffee. Not the dopamine in it. “Doctors search answers in the wrong place. Botany is not something you can learn from your head and make it logical. It is something intuitive. Plants speak to you and tell you what they are doing to healing. ” I could confirm that, because I always know what a plant does – a fruit, vegetable, herb or whatever it is – when I see it. You also know intuitively which plant someone needs and now that I could disconnect that from the vitamins that may also be in it, I understood why I always know such things. You can’t make it any science, because there are simply more things in the world than just mathematics. With math you can do wonderful things, but no diseases. By the way, I can see which nutrients are in a certain plant – herb, flour, shrub or tree. That is often more than the science sees in it.


How do you find that animal?

You will see that you have a bond with the animal that is your totem animal. For example, it is your favourite animal or the animal always comes to you, you sometimes dream about it and things like that. I have a good bond with turtles. Everywhere they are, I find them and they are not afraid of me. I also love them, which everyone always finds very weird. But my real completely favourite animal, that is the elephant. That has always been the case and that animal also suits me better. Plus my problem is that is my memory doesn’t work. Standing Bear said: “Everyone always wants a wolf, but the other animals are just as good, beautiful and wise. You aren’t slow if you have a turtle as your totem animal, for example”. I told him about our tortoise Broom, who always tried to crawl somewhere he couldn’t go through. Then you heard him moan very gently – uh, uh! – because of the effort and when he got tired, he used to fall asleep. Then he went stubbornly on pushing, until he was either through or we would help him over the obstacle. If there is one animal for perseverance, then it is a turtle! For example, all the aforementioned animals have a power that only they have to the same extent.

If you thought I got it easily done to squeeze the power of our animals back into us, you were completely wrong. Even Costas, who has such a great willpower, did not manage to get the wisdom of the wolf crammed into himself. I myself was heavily struggling with a bear, because we first thought I needed a bear. But that night I was treated on a nice dream by my brain, where a mother bear with two little cubs was attacked by people and then I had to jump in between to protect the babies. That meant that I already had the power of the bear in me. With the elephant it was also extremely difficult, but after hours the power of the baby elephant I saw in front of me flowed into me. Yet it was not ready yet and when I tried meditating, the baby elephant was caught by a crocodile. The mother couldn’t make it and again I had to get in between: the power of the elephant was also in me already. For our children it was a lot easier, but again no change occurred. Yet coping with your totem animal is a stage you need to pass by in order to be healed person.

I am going to get even more lessons from Standing Bear, because everyone also has their own colour and a star. Maybe even more and I don’t know all American herbs yet. If I have something to report, I will do it. After all, I am no longer a healer, so why can’t you just know? You have to know how to heal diseases, don’t you? Doctors and pharmaceuticals can’t.


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