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Now I can tell you a glossy little fairy-tale like: well I changed the name of my news outlet, so now we need a new lay-out as well blabla. But. That is not the truth and I always tell the truth. So I will tell you how it really is and why I am working on a new theme for Untold Times. O yes and I am not writing in Dutch anymore. That is over! English and sometimes an article in French, Greek or maybe even German, we will see. And: the 2 people who supported me these days (€400 and €70) are heavily and heartily thanked! The whole rest of the Netherlands snobbed me, so I don’t need to do anything for the Netherlands anymore. I am free to go international as I’ve always been in my life.

The Dutch Youth Care division called “Veilig Thuis” – the one thing this creepy department does NOT do, is keep children safe at home as their name says – in Leeuwarden pushed really hard to grab my children away. Two of their workers, a social worker and a team manager, have gone so far that they cursed me and not with curses. No no, they did it the modern way: programmed with NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming and also witchcraft, whatever that may be. They took my DNA from my cup of coffee, concentrated on it (look how rancid!) and then programmed my brain, so that I could never have any money or otherwise income anymore, that my children would be away forever, that all people would hate me, that my house would break down stone by stone (they also had other methods for that) and that I could never heal from my diseases. Problem is that is worked.

What they also did, was pay a really professional hacker with the Dutch tax money. Now see why you can better support me with your money? This person got it done to link his computer to mine, by getting my password. I didn’t have a very difficult one and hadn’t changed it for years, because I work with Linux and so I’m not too afraid of hackers and viruses. So this guy was constantly logged in on my computer – oh I also had the same password on both my laptop and desktop – and so whenever I was on Twitter, LinkedIn, my website or wherever else where I logged in, he was logged in too. That what his boss wanted, was my website. Oh how much they hate it that I have this writing talent and can reach the public with it to tell about their crimes! Actually it’s really funny, but the hunger is really not done. All the time when I was writing a new article, my text would suddenly disappear and whatever I tried, I couldn’t find it back. It wasn’t even saved as a draft or came back with CTRL + Z, because this hacker would delete my text and he never failed doing this trick when I was writing about them. Articles would also disappear out of the blue, typos would appear in older articles, configurations would change and it was really weird. Changing my passwords wouldn’t help.

He had really programmed every little thing on my website, until Costas found out what the matter was. I solved it and excuse me that I can’t tell you how, but when I had cleaned up everything, all above-mentioned things didn’t happen anymore. From one moment to the other! I am not the one who is crazy: Veilig Thuis is. I would loooooove to mention their names, but last time I did that, this witch took my website offline by having one of the hundreds of lawyers of the Dutch Youth Care write an enormously dirty letter to Strato, my host, threatening them with lawsuits and such if they didn’t take my website offline. Strato didn’t even communicate with me, because they knew this wasn’t legal, and took my website out of the air for a whole week. That was in 2018, just after this hag and her servant had stolen away my eldest son, one year after my youngest. My eldest had to “live” in the dirtiest house ever with a drug addict (!) and my youngest with my ex in a dirty old and stinking flat appartment without a cent, because he is too lazy to work and lives off social security. And he also neglects my son, yells at him and beats him. That was such a progress folks! Here with me they were nicely together, always had good and healthy food, games, toys, computers, space, a big house with garden and I helped them with their studies.

My revenge is bitter!

So this is the reason why I need another layout on my website. On WordPress you must choose a so-called ‘theme’, which is a template that you can mostly change just a little. I however had found the best of the best of the best themes (Ocean WP), that you could change almost infinitely, and was so happy with it! This is going to be such a hard goodbye! Alas, I have to look for a new one, because these criminals also sabotaged my theme. I have enough proof to know it was these two lunatics from Veilig Thuis who tore down my whole life since we’ve lived here – 2016 – but a judge would need loads of proof more than this, so I still can’t sue them. My day will come and my revenge will be sooooo bitter!>>>

Last thing I need to say about them: they have lied to my boys and to the judge that I am so-called mentally so eh … “sick” that I am instable as hell, depressed and traumatised at the same time. They don’t even know what to say and to each person they say something else, so much they don’t even know how to lie. And it’s banned as well to say such things about people who are mentally healthy and normal like me. But hey it’s only me, so they can do anything and get away with it!

Anyway so if you see my website change bit by bit the coming days or even weeks, you know why. I’m a perfectionist freak and love my site to be beautiful. You can’t first make it offline and then publicise it after a week or so. That is why you will see it change gradually. There is also a new way for donating for not-Dutch readers, who are coming more and more – welcome ladies and gents! That is Buy Me A Coffee (funny those Americans with their Capital Letters!) and I don’t have an idea if it works properly. Otherwise Whydonate is an international crowdfunding platform, so normally it should work.


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