News Bulletin 23 April Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Netherlands and more

This is the first Natassa News Bulletin in English! A week oversight so you can see what is happening in different countries in the world this week. It gives an interesting image of where we find ourselves. About Covid, the war in Ukraine, about Imran Khan, about food crisis in Sri Lanka, the MeToo crisis in the Netherlands and a lot more! A little bit news about myself too, which is important to know.

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Natassa Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou analyses the news with her unique fresh insight. She studied Greek & French Literature, with minors in law ethics and teaching mother language plus specialisation in media psychology. 25 years in education & business trainings followed. 13 years in traditional medicine research and coaching & 2 years in the media. Natassa loves kids, Greece, coffee & nice people. Also cherries, apes, boeren, cooking & experts. No to Jeugdzorg, egoists, bonkers, dipshits & digital ID's. Proud Greek, Orthodox Christian and Mom of 2 Awesome Big Boys, she is sadly handicapped.

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