In Europe people very easily go to the police for all kinds of things. The police aren’t hated like in Greece (because of the king that betrayed us in the Second World War). They are quite well respected, until two years ago they started using too much violence against innocent civilians, who were demonstrating against the Covid restrictions. Since then they lost all their credit. Not that they could care less themselves! The police has chosen the leftist side of society in most European countries and for the riot squad this kind of agressive leftist men are recruited. They are even against the farmers’ protests in the Netherlands these weeks. You can’t even imagine how any person can have the deluded opinion that in an agricultural country half of the farmers must suddenly leave. Beat them up, arrest them, really!


 Before I go on, first my promise to immediately tell you whenever I lose any weight. Yesss it happened again: I lost two whole kilos, a bit more than 4 pounds libra and 4 kilos in total since a couple of months. However much my body refuses to let go of any overweight, after 26 years I am starting to win the war! My enemies are a slow thyroid, lymphedema and was also diabetes type 2 that I beat two years ago. The doctors lied about all of that of course like always, despite bloodtests and such. Anyway, now with the farmers’ protests in the Netherlands where I live, you will lose weight anyway, because: no farmers no food!



Police brutality against civilians everywhere in the (western) world

Let’s start the rant against the police in Europe and especially in the Netherlands. It is really necessary and you never know if they come to their senses after I have written about how much off their rocker and aggressive they are. I might actually say: everywhere in the world, because look what I found while searching for images of aggressieve police officers: Chile! The demonstrators are just students who want better conditions in schools and this happened a few months ago:



Bogotà, Columbia two months ago, when indigenous people asked for human rights:



Four months ago, February this year, in Ottawa, Canada. Police violence against civilians:



Today in The Hague, Netherlands at the farmers’ protests:




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Unbelieveable but true: the other side of the story

Here the other side of the story: when there are no peaceful demonstrators but dangerous rioters like here underneath in Rome, Italy, the police suddenly can’t cope with them. Only defenseless civilians can be arrested and beaten up, because almost all governments in the world are stripping rights from the population, not providing them. Illegal immigrants are good friends of the police and of the state as you can see here:


Here we have Chicago, United States of America, the city with the craziest mayor ever! She has defunded the police in America’s most criminal city, a very smart move, as you will understand. Yesterday, July 4th, the Americans celebrated Independence Day, but in Chicago 60 people were shot among who 15 died:



Copenhagen, Denmark here: on the 3rd of July there was a mass shooting, where many were killed, because the police is only present when there are peaceful demonstrators. Not when a crazy terrorist suddenly starts shooting people in the middle of a shopping crowd on a Sunday afternoon.



Last one for today is from Hannover, Germany, where the police is also known to be hot brutal. A man only says something to an officer and is then heavily beaten up and arrested by at least five policemen:



How come there be so much police brutality in the world the last few years?

To answer that question, you have to look at the training most police officers have. You know as well as I do that this isn’t a lot: cops are somewhat like football players. Here in the Netherlands they only need to have been to middle school for four years and at a very low level of studies and then they get a police training of mostly two years. During this training they already work as a police officer, so imagine what an amazing intelligence that may be from time to time. Police officers are very often totally uninformed about just anything and aren’t capable of normal thinking – with a few exceptions always of course.

But it can be a lot worse! In the US police officers are many times trained only for 21 weeks – four months! – before they can patrol in the street. There are no national standards for police training schools, so imagine! In this very woke and untrue for the rest article by the BBC you can compare police “academies” in a few different countries. A low level of training is for sure one reason for the enormous outbursts of police violence especially during the last years, but before it also happened. Only not that frequently. Look here how little is needed to become a police officer at the Capitol in Washington! 26 weeks of training only and you get fully paid as well.

Then we have got this woke element in most western governments in the world: coloured people get priority at police academies (just like anywhere else). They are most of the time leftists and extremely against normal right-wing people, whom they call fascists, extremists and things like that. So even if the policies at a police office wouldn’t be totally woke and communistic, the cops themselves are still fully biased. If you are a police officer and not a leftist, you can’t survive in that climate with all those aggressive colleagues. You will be bullied away and in the Netherlands I know that is very much the case. Normally thinking people can’t work at the police and just leave really soon. What remains, is what you just saw in all the videos above!

Solution is only if the governments change! Then the police will change too and more normal people will work there. So vote as right-wing as you can, I would say. Change is really needed in this completely suffocating world. We need air to breathe! Nitrogen and oxygen!


We’re going outside!

For a finishing touch, because we’re still in the Netherlands with the farmers’s protests these days, I have this lovely old song by the long time ago deceased but still perfect comedian and singer Wim Sonneveld. In his Amsterdamish accent he sings about an Amsterdamic family that goes out into nature for a picknick on a nice Sunday afternoon. It’s really funny if you’re Dutch and therefore I will translate the text underneath the video. The song was written by Louis Davids in 1968.



Tekst Nederlands:

Als de koekoek stil zijn eerste eitje legt
Als de natuur ontwaakt
Als de vrouw zacht blozend ‘Ouwe loeres’ zegt
Worden er plannetjes gemaakt
Papa juicht: ‘Haal een halve stuiver zuring-zout, mijn toet
En torn er eis het lintje van mijn ouwe strooien hoed.’
Mama zegt: ‘Leg wat steentjes op het randje, honingblom
Want anders trekt je gassie aanstonds krom.’

We gaan naar buiten
Waar de vogeltjes fluiten
Waar het zonnetje zoo heerlijk schijnt
Waar de koetjes zoetjes loeien
De prinsessenboontjes groeien
Waar al je misère verdwijnt

Pappie haalt de kinderwagen voor den dag
Waar hij zijn pink bij klemt
Keesje protesteert, dat hij niet rijden mag
Pa raakt nu lichtelijk ontstemd
Na twee uur lopen, lispelt Ma: ‘Wat heb ik aan dat groen
Ik zet geen poot meer verder hoor
Het bloed staat in mijn schoen.’
Papa verklaart, indien zij persisteert bij dat geval
Hij haar perse den schedel klieven zal.

We gaan naar buiten
Waar de vogeltjes fluiten
Waar het zonnetje zoo heerlijk schijnt
Waar de koetjes zoetjes loeien
De prinsessenboontjes groeien
Waar al je misère verdwijnt

Gijsje slaakt hartstochtelijk een rauwe gil
Pa zegt: ‘Wat nu schlemiel.’
Sid’rend staat de karavaan een wijle stil
Gijs loeit: ‘Mijn poot zit in het wiel.’
Aan ‘t randje van een sloot wordt kleine Gijsbert plots’ling boos
En duwt zijn oudsten broeder met zijn hersens in het kroos
Als Pa vraagt: ‘Boy, wat doet ge ?’, antwoordt Gijs
‘Dat he’k geflikt
Omdat ie aan mijn lollie heeft gelikt.’

We gaan naar buiten
Waar de vogeltjes fluiten
Waar het zonnetje zoo heerlijk schijnt
Waar de koetjes zoetjes loeien
De prinsesseboontjes groeien
Waar al je misère verdwijnt

Heel de kudde vlijt zich op het grastapijt
Jubelend van plezier
Kees roept: ‘Ik ga melken fijn bij het ontbijt’
En attaqueert een reuzen stier
Papa plaatst heel bedachtzaam
‘n Linkse hoek op Keesje’s kaak
En Moeder fluistert: ‘Zakkenroller, lekker, die is raak.’
Intussen slikt klein Miesje een hard ei in en wordt groen
Pa zegt: ‘Ze overlijdt, niets aan te doen.’

We gaan naar buiten
Waar de vogeltjes fluiten
Waar het zonnetje zoo heerlijk schijnt
Waar de koetjes zoetjes loeien
De prinsessenboontjes groeien
Waar al je misère verdwijnt

Langzaam daalt de zon, stil naakt de avondstond
‘t Landschap is nu bloedrood
Gijsje haalt twee losse kiesjes uit zijn mond
Mie wast haar jurkje in de sloot
Papa stelt zich tenslotte aan het hoofd der karavaan
En suffig trekt de steegjesploeg weer op de hoofdstad aan
In ‘t broeiende alkoofje dromen zij van ‘t lentefeest
Dat het zoo echt gezellig is geweest

We gaan naar buiten
Waar de vogeltjes fluiten
Waar het zonnetje zoo heerlijk schijnt
Waar de koetjes zoetjes loeien
De prinsessenboontjes groeien
Waar al je misère verdwijnt



Text English:

When the cuckoo lays its first egg silently
When nature awakens
When the woman blushes softly and says ‘Ouwe loeres’ (“Hey you ol’ man”, to her husband)
Plans are being made.
Daddy cheers: ‘Get half a penny of sorrel-salt, my toot
And rip the ribbon off my old straw hat.’
Mama says: ‘Put some pebbles on the edge, honeyblom
Because otherwise your gas will soon become warped.’

We go outside
Where the birds are chirping
Where the sun shines so beautifully
Where the cows moo sweetly
The princess beans are growing
Where all your misery disappears

Daddy gets the pram for the day,
Where he clamps his little finger
Keesje protests that he is not allowed to drive.
Dad is getting a little upset now.
After two hours of walking, Ma lisps: ‘What good is that green?
I won’t move any further
The blood is in my shoe.’
Dad declares, if she persists in that case
He will definitely cleave her skull.

We go outside …

Gijsje passionately lets out a raw scream
Dad says, “What the hell now.”
Trembling the caravan stands still for a while
Gijs bellows: ‘My leg is in the wheel.’
Little Gijsbert suddenly gets angry at the edge of a ditch
And pushes his elder brother with his brain into the duckweed.
When Pa asks: ‘Boy, what are you doing?’, Gijs answers
‘I did that
Because he licked my lollipop.’

We go outside …

The whole herd is snuggling on the grass carpet
Jubilant with pleasure.
Kees shouts: ‘I’m going to do milking for breakfast’
And attacks a giant bull.
Daddy places very thoughtfully
A left hook on Keesje’s jaw.
And Mother whispers, “Pickpocket, nice, he hit the mark.”
Meanwhile, little Miesje swallows a hard egg and turns green
Dad says, “She’s dying, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

We go outside …

Slowly the sun descends, silently naked the evening
The landscape is now blood red.
Gijsje takes two loose teeth out of his mouth
Mies washes her dress in the ditch.
Daddy finally puts himself at the head of the caravan
And drowsy, the alley team is pulling back to the capital.
In the brooding alcove they dream of the spring festival
It was so much fun

We go outside ….



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