Ode to the limbic system

Maybe not such an ordinary idea to write an ode to a piece of the brain. You’d say nothing would be as unromantic as your brain! Yet it is exactly the thalamus, the very core of the limbical system and of the whole brain, which is extremely sensitive to music. Hier kun je hetzelfde artikel in het Nederlands lezen

The limbical system with the thalamus in yellow

This little piece of the brain forwards all signs from the whole body to different parts – and always the right one! – of the brain. After that information travels back to your organs, blood vessels, lymphatic system, bones, hair, eyes: everywhere. This whole process is arranged by the thalamus, in yellow on the image here on the right.

If you have been through a lot in your life, this process may falter. It can even be so that you only experience setbacks, misery and constant series of accidents. The thalamus may be just a little thingee in the brain, but it is of enormous importance!

For repairing this or anything else in your body, you always first need to find the deepest cause of the malfunctioning or disease. Then thoroughly process the bad experience that comes up.



Something that helps to get the thalamus going again, is beautiful, sensitive music. And rest! That is why I have Barbra Streisand here for you, singing the wonderful Israelian song Avinu Malkeinu for President Shimon Perez at the time. She explains it’s a prayer to God to ask for longlasting peace in the whole world. It has been written by Max Janowski who wrote liturgical music.







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