On whose feet are you standing?

I don’t know if you have ever been a proud socialist. Well, I have and that was because my foster parents were mean and conservative. So I became progressive, it was as simple as that. Revolution! It wasn’t only that: I thought socialism was all about democratic and equal rights for everyone, also the less fortunate. Totally skipped the fact that socialism means a totalitarian society in which everyone is equal except the ones who have high positions in the one and only Party. It was actually this year that someone on Facebook got through to me pointing out that a social society and socialism are actually opposites. What I really wanted all that time, was of course that everyone would have the right and the opportunity to have a family, a career and a good life. Almost anyone can have it good in life, at least here in the Western world, but I believe also elsewhere. It’s all about on whose feet you are standing.

We socialists always said this: “When you’re still a student and poor, you are a socialist. But when you have achieved a career, that much too big house and car, a neverending loan at the bank, a demanding husband or wife with a couple of screaming kids, you will start voting for the conservatives”. If you were a real socialist in heart and soul, you would stay a leftist no matter what. That is how I always stayed loyal to the progressive side of politics, even if in not a single socialistic party there was one person that deserved my vote. No-one there really cared about people who didn’t have a good job, a running business or fame. Now I know this is because I had to search in the conservative parties to find the social policies that really help people forward, who can’t do it without help. It’s the progressive parties that want to keep you in poverty, living from an allocation and subsidies instead of having your own income and an independent life. I recently discovered that in the United States people who want to start their own business, are coached and helped for free by successful business people. Here in the Netherlands you register yourself at the Chamber of Commerce and that’s it. That is not a conservative system, but a progressive one!

Much, much later on in my life I became a life coach and saw many people who didn’t have all the things they wanted in life. It wasn’t always about money; many of them didn’t have a partner or a family, others were ill and couldn’t work or had children with learning disabilities and again others had various problems. I helped them solve their issues and anyone who came to my practice came out a lot better. Even people who didn’t want to stand on their own feet and work on their issues did so after my intervention. I’m not such a person who shouts around that you can anything if only you believe it. No, I’m a realist. You can have a good life and believing helps a lot, but I mean believing in your power to realise what you truly desire, as Lucifer Morningstar would have said it. It’s not easy, but anyone can squeeze a lot of power out of themselves and accomplish much more than they think.


Take your chances and make gold of them!

Look what a huge mistake I once made because of all the socialist ideas in my head. It wasn’t enough that there was a really powerful club (ISS) that was blocking me all the time: I myself helped them instead of helping myself. When my eldest son was 7 years old, he went to play hockey. As little as he was, he had talent! He scored goals all the time, unbelieveable! The hockey club was a real elite association where you paid lots of contribution, very expensive equipment and yes: there was a real business club! I had just started my language center back then and could use some help starting up, so I showed interest in the club. There was a famous politician who at that time was the mayor in the city where I lived. He was a very friendly person, who wanted me very much as a member of that club. Not only he but all the others as well tried hard to convince me. And what do you think was my obstacle? The membership cost €500 per year! To me that was an unsurmountable amount of money and I was pregnant of my youngest at that moment. These men and women however all had very prestigious businesses and would have helped me to become a real business woman with success and all. They would have introduced me to their customers and coached me, because they knew my then husband didn’t like working and I had to run my family all alone. Moreover they liked me. And what did I do?


 I was afraid I couldn’t pay the €500 and didn’t join the business club. How dumb can you be?


A year later we had so many problems that I couldn’t solve them all. If I had joined that business club, I would first of all had had the money to solve all those problems and second of all those problems wouldn’t have been that big. When you have money, you can pay off problems, you see and people don’t dare to attack you that easily. I have paid with my life for this one and only chance I ever had in my lifetime and that I let go, because of blocking thoughts and convictions. I never had any chance again and yes, my business went very well, but I didn’t have a good income. I had to rent an classroom and all the money I earned, went there. If I had chosen to take the risk, since what is €500 after all, my family and I would have flourished. And you know what? Possibly I would then too have contracted MS and my doctor would have refused me medical help. But then one of the Big Business men would have come with me and then I would have had all the help I needed. And if not, I would have been able to pay an independent doctor. This is what can happen if you don’t take your opportunities! It’s not wise.


Standing on your own feet makes you happy!

If people surround themselves with friends who think it’s allright to live on an allocation, on subsidies or with a low income, they won’t be stimulated to stand on their feet. If they surround themselves with people who have bad relationships and think a husband or a wife is a yelling person that blocks you and causes grief instead of happiness, they won’t make an end to the poisonous relationship and look out for a better partner. If you have friends who study something that doesn’t provide them with a paid job, you are motivated to make the same mistake. Not only will you not stand on your own feet if you do such things, but what do you think it will do to your happiness factor? If you sit on your couch crying “I can’t do anything, because well yeah I was fired and who’s gonna hire me now?”, or “I want changes in society: more freedom and democracy and less immigrants, but I can’t achieve that”, how happy will you feel? How worthy and how capable? You see: that’s what I mean. That’s the spirit: believe in possibilities, because anyone can stand out and accomplish great things. In fact, almost all great things are accomplished by one person.

This is my certificate from the course in Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn! Isn’t that great?

We have this government here that ‘takes care of you’. Well, here is what happens to you if you let go of yourself and become a victim: the government will take over your life with tons of well-meant but not necessary ‘help’ and they will stand in the way that you ever rise up again. Do you know what the municipality of Waadhoeke where I live, did? I asked them to clean up my reputation, because they too have spread lies about me and so it’s easy-peasy for them to make that right. With a ruined name I can’t earn an income, can I? What did they answer? Well … they didn’t want and bluntly decided I’m not anymore obliged to look for a job. That is socialistic help! They catch you, squeeze you into an allocation and then you must stay there. Head down and mouth shut. Well, they don’t know me yet.

That, my dear reader, is socialism and even communism! This sick mentality has mastered the Netherlands and many other countries in the world and they started bossing over working people as well. They just ask so many taxes that no-one can pay them and all for not serious reasons like ‘the climate’ and so. Now with that coronavirus they just shut all businesses down, so owners are obliged to ask for support from the government or go bankrupt and ask for an allocation, which means they must eat their house and all their belongings. We don’t want such a government, do we?

But even if you have to close down your business, there are things you can still do to at least have some earnings. A webshop is a heck-of-a-lot-of work to make, but you have time now and the webshops where I was today, were stuffed with orders. The software is free and maybe someone of your personnel knows how to work with it. It’s not all that difficult. You can also videochat with customers, so that the sales happen in real time. They can retrieve their shoppings from some place or you can deliver them at home. A bar can possibly make beer with snacks and deliver those to customers at home and so there are ideas for each shop to at least not go bankrupt and have some income. Everyone is upset because of this totally unnecessary and strict lockdown, so customers will support their local shops.

People who achieve in life and start voting for a conservative party, are right! They have learned it is possible to thrive, be happy and so on without hanging on to others and without betraying their principles. I too was looking for something I can do to help myself stand up. Yesterday I found a course at LinkedIn. Did you know they provide hundreds of short professional courses and coaching trajects at LinkedIn Learning? The first month it’s for free and you can follow as many courses as you want. I chose a course in social media marketing, learned many new things and remembered another many things I had forgotten. Restyled my website, checked all articles I have written to see if I want to keep them that way, change them or throw them away and carried out my decisions. I made a plan to follow courses two hours per day. Let’s see where that will bring me!















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Natassa Vassiliou, MA

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