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One pebble at a time the Allmighty Kingdom falls

Yesterday evening I told half of Twitter is full of tweets by people who regret having voted for Joe Biden. Here I have an example for you and if you search for “biden regret”, you will find many, many more. Furthermore the Italian government has fallen and their Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti will offer his resignation today to the President Matteo Renzi. I know this kind of things happen more often and new evenso thickheaded and scrupulous governments come to replace them. Yet the world population gets more and more angry and annoyed. In more and more countries they take to the streets to demand real change in exchange for their tax money. One pebble at a time …

Italy: again a government has fallen

In Italy a government last 13 months on average. The people just don’t let them sit on the plush any longer. Corruption, scandals and lies time and time again: when is it finally going to stop? Well, folks, it’s gonna stop the moment YOU finally vote for that one party in your country that isn’t corrupt and scandalous. Even if it’s a far-right, far-left or whatever else party and if the media talk bad about it. Let me be clear: that one party in your country that is made fun of by the media and that isn’t given any showtime, may be just the right party to vote for. Maybe not in every country, but it’s worth while to study such a political party. Anywhere you go in any country, there is a small percentage of people who want the right thing. For the Italians among us now is the time to finally vote for that one right party that ís going to fight the injustice and build up the country again. Today the Conti government will fall.


More and more new political parties

Here in the Netherlands just before the elections all kinds of new political parties emerge out of thin air. It happens every time and I think it’s sad. Why don’t we better trust each other and build one great honest and capable party with dissatisfied people together? Why not come to Forum voor Democratie and ask them: “Hey friends, can we come into your party and make a good statement for children? For the elderly, for people who went bankrupt, for other groups?”. That way we stand much stronger and the people will know which party to vote for: yes that one that is always ridiculed, but that does have all the answers. The reason why we never have any good government, is that we start all kinds of splinter parties instead of working together.

I call out to you to do that and to strengthen each other instead of doing the same old Dutch thing: One Dutchie is a belief; two Dutchies is a church and three Dutchies is a schism. Start one large party that will have all the votes of the dissatisfied people. One serious platform that is wise, strong and smart. Do you know many leftist people are also tired of all the lockdowns and ridiculous Covid restrictions? They are also against a stealing, lying and corrupt elite, against letting too many immigrants come here and a lot more injust things. Anyway, I can say what I want, but Google still has me blocked and who knows who else as well. Twitter in any case as you see here on the picture made yesterday at the test site Every time someone shares an article of mine, immediately my statistics boom like a rocket, but only for one day. Keep on doing it please, until everyone knows me and looks me up without you and me asking for it! It’s good for me, but also good for you and good for everyone.


About banning and message-deleting social media:

Wait, before I forget it: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on are both publishers that make editorial judgments and platforms where people come to make use of their right to speak up. As a platform, according to the American law they don’t have the right to delete messages or tweets and ban people from their website, just because they say something that goes against the opinion of their CEO’s. They have to keep the First Amendment of the American Constitution about free speech. Regularly especially Facebook is on trial by the US government as an American company. In court Mark Zuckerberg then suddenly claims Facebook is not a publisher, because then it’s protected by section 230 of the American Communications Decency Act. This section provides immunity to online platforms from civil liability based on third-party content and for the removal of content in certain circumstances. In the US they can’t decide if social media are publishers or platforms, which is their problem. Yet in each country social media platforms also fall under the national laws. In the Netherlands the law is clear about free speech: it’s freely allowed without conditions and that’s it. Article 7 of the Dutch Constitution. This here is a very good and clear article about it, that will take away all your possible doubts. In Poland social media aren’t allowed to ban people or to delete tweets according to a brand new media law. Have a Terrific Tuesday!















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