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If you try to follow the news a bit and if you, while doing so, not only read the Big Media but also the smaller and more critical websites, you see a rather dark image of the future looming. On the other hand you also see people suddenly understand what is happening. They wake up with a shock and join the rest of the critical mass. Scientific research says that if this mass reaches the 25%, things should change in society and well, we already see that happen here and there.

What I personally see happening, is that I finally get some readers abroad. That makes me very happy! 25% of my audience is now from the United States, so let me welcome you, new folks! Also a big thanks for the donations that still come in very slowly. I have tried to make it possible to also donate in bitcoins and stuff, but didn’t understand anything of how that works. So that’ll be for later! You still have two days to support me so that I will receive it halfway June. If you do a donation after the 31th of May, I will receive it halfway July. So hit that button, because you know how hard it is needed and how unfair and mean the Dutch government treats me, blocking each and every way for me to receive an income and that for so many years now!


Plenty of problems: the world is going under!

So what have we got today that we can solve in this article? As you know, I don’t only write about existing problems and issues, but I always come with a solution. People always tell me they feel an enormous power in my articles and that is why I persevere, even if my success is so injustly meager. Today in the news here in the Netherlands it is all about the tendency that the provisional Covid law, that gave the government the right to lock people up and force very hard on vaccines, will become permanent in a few months. Now we are almost free from Covid rules, but the news is still stuffed with Dangerous Stories about what Terrible Things are going to happen in Autumn when (not if!) The Virus Comes Back. Who says it will in the first place? We have had nothing but very soft variants since a year. Everybody knows in the meantime that you can’t measure how many people are sick of Covid with that outdated PCR test, but the government won’t let go of Covid. They need it in order to keep the population frightened and compliant. They need it in order to keep totally incapable and wibbly-wobbly governments standing everywhere in the world.

Of the not less than 21 parties that have one or more seats in the Dutch Lower House, five consist of one representative and of all those 150 people there are only five really critical. They form the party FvD: Forum for Democracy. Problem with this party is that it falls apart all the time instead of growing larger and having more influence. Another seventeen MP’s are sometimes critical, while they comply at other occasions. I guess the last seventeen would be called RINOS in America, even if they do very good work on their critical points and so no-one knows where they exactly stand and what party to vote for to get real change. Here underneath you will find a petition against this horror plan and I don’t know if you can also sign it if you don’t live in the Netherlands, but you can always try. A petition is a positive thing you can easily do and which may bring relief with a little luck.

The fear that Covid measures are going to stay does not only exist in the Netherlands, but in the whole world. We have seen the WHO has doctored a real Pandemy Treaty that will be valid in every country from November on, which gives them the power to come up with all kinds of “pandemies” of edited viruses and to lock everybody up in their house as long as it pleases them. Today there was even worse news that I found in the Gateway Pundit: The WHO is preparing a digital passport and ID system for the whole world. We were thinking that was only the case in the EU, but we were wrong! Here is the article. It’s already a few days old, but I haven’t seen it go around yet. Time to spread it, I guess! We really don’t want our personal data to sit in a blockchain from which it can never be erased and where it will be prone to hacking and open to anyone who works at any government, do we? And we don’t want to be automatically blocked from doing grocery shopping because we aren’t vaccinated either. I also have an article by Allan Stevo for you, who states masks are coming back in Autumn.


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There is also good news!

Still dwelling at the Covid issue, there is also nice news. In the woker-than-woke Germany people start finally getting the problem that is unfolding itself at the moment. I mean … without Russian gas and oil the whole industry is about to collapse. As you probably know Germany produces three quarters of all cars, machines, weapons and devices for Europe. If their industry stops turning, the whole economy for 350 million people is over and out. This is a demonstration that was held yesterday and there are more of these!

And even more positive news here. It has already been said a few times, but since the smaller and critical media are being opposed by Google and the social media, it is necessary to write the news many times so everyone will be able to see it. So here is Children’s Health Defense on the Lew Rockwell platform with the message that nobody wants the Moderna vaccines and so the pharmaceutical industry is throwing them away now. Funny and outrageous at the same time! Last but not least: in Spain it seems that at least 2200 people from the cultural and business world have bought a fake vaccine passport. Nobody wants those jabs, so stop pushing them, governments and WHO! We’re not going to take them. In Dutch the article is here. More and more dudes just find a way to escape the dumb and autocratic Covid rules. It’s senseless to go on forcing. Covid is over and so are all virus outbreaks. We don’t believe the nonsens anymore.


Joking about monkeypox

My loudest burst of laughter was measured when I read this article this morning. Meat eaters should watch out extra for monkeypox. It’s just so transparent! These globalist political leaders demand that we stop eating meat and become vegan, even if our intestinal system is built for being an omnivore and anyone who ever went to school, knows this. They just want us to eat insects, well … they may eat those themselves if they think that would make them healthy. I won’t hold them back.


Ukraine and food shortages

First of all it is said in the Big Media that the war in Ukraine – and therefore the Russians – would so-called be the fault of the coming food shortages. Well, in many ports of Ukraine there are ships filled with grain that want to sail to export the product. The Ukrainian government however makes that impossible by literally blocking the ports with sunken ships, sea mines or by shooting at leaving ships. The Russians open corridors every day, even if that isn’t enough to solve the whole problem. Here the story is told by Gonzalo Lira who lives in Ukraine.



Now if you say such things on social media or wherever in life, you are immediately called a Russian spy. People really, really think the Russian government pays journalists and others to “push forward their state propaganda”. Well, if that were so, I’d receive an income from Russia and wouldn’t need to ask for support from my readers, would I? No, I am certainly not for this horrible war in Ukraine and my view on it is as follows. I understand and see that the Donbass was in terrible danger. I also see the United States government with their NATO provoked the war and made it a whole lot worse than necessary. They and the EU too shipwrecked themselves as well by sending so much money and weapons to Ukraine, without even knowing where it goes. But a war is always something bad and Russia has created a load of problems for themselves too by doing this military operation in Ukraine or the invasion if you like.

The Ukrainian government must accept the loss of the Donbass in the east of the country, because they are guilty of losing that region. The people there speak Russian, some of them are ethnic Russians, others are Russian speaking Ukrainians. Instead of creating a federal government, so that everyone in the country has their democratic rights and is happy, they force the 4 million inhabitants of Donbass to speak Ukrainian and to forget their whole culture and language. This is something you can and may not ask from anyone! But when the Donbass population protested, their government in Kiev didn’t listen and solve the problem, but started throwing bombs at the Donbass region. Not only that: they threw the bombs deliberately on civilians. That is not the way to keep a province tied to your country. Ukraine has played their odds and they have lost the Donbass now. The two provinces there, Lugansk and Donetsk, have declared themselves independent many times, so Ukraine must accept that. That is the only solution to the problem, but you have probably already seen what President Zelensky did, when former American diplomat and Minister Kissinger came with a peace proposal?



And if you’d like to know where the fights in the Ukraine are taking place, you can see a report here by someone who knows a lot about army and stuff.



Great Poland with Lviv in its possession?

Last thing I want to say about Ukraine, is this: there are serious rumours going on that Poland would want to take in the region around Lviv, a large city in the West of Ukraine. It seems there are already talks going on with the Americans and the Ukrainian government about that, even though I haven’t seen it in the Big Media yet. I myself don’t believe this is going to happen, but I want to show you what is being said, so you can form your own opinion. I don’t think it is true, because the West supports Ukraine really very hard, so it would be weird if they accepted Poland to take a part of it. Here in German an article about it on Report24 and underneath another whisper that I found on Twitter.

There are also many rumours that say Russia is going to keep about half of Ukraine for themselves. I don’t believe that. You can say what you want about the Russians, but if their government announces something, it mostly turns out to be true. And the Russian government has always been very clear about their mission: they want to free Donbass by clearing the region out from Nazis and Ukrainian army. The region wants to be independent for very obvious reasons, so that must be respected and the violence against the people there must stop. No Russian official has ever said they wanted to keep or ‘free’ more regions in Ukraine. Why they are still occupying the whole south of the country is actually quite clear too: the Americans and Europeans try to bring in tons of weapons to the Ukrainian army through the Black Sea and they are blocking the ports there, so the export of grain can’t take place. The Russians try to stop these practices. My vision is that they will leave the seaside of Ukraine as soon as the Donbass will be safe. As I said, this is my personal vision. I am not trying to convince anyone. Only want to show the other side of the coin, so it’s easier to form your opinion.



I could show you tons of information about even more issues that we are facing today, but I think this is enough to fill an article. We see that our governments all over the globe – a word loooved by the globalists – keep on courageously trying to fool the population into their planned one world government, but that the population itself doesn’t buy it anymore and resists. We also see more and more politicians resisting to new dumb ideas. Like even more sanctions against Russia that won’t hurt them but us; stands against taking unsafe vaccines for a virus that is not more than a simple cold and against people, who in general want to build up the economy instead of letting it slide. More and more people worldwide start grasping that a food shortage is really not fun, neither is freezing to death coming winter and they want their old lives back. The only ones who believe in the monkeypox are by the way the journalists who write about this very mild (but nasty looking, I agree) African disease.

I haven’t even talked about the whole woke situation, because here in the Netherlands that isn’t as bad as in the United States. It exists though and here too you are just slammed for being a racist if you say something positive about Russia, if you say the Netherlands are more than trifold stuffed with 17.5 million folks on a piece of land as small as the city of New York, or if you don’t think being a vegan would be such a good idea. Here we still laugh about it, because it hasn’t reached our schools yet. As soon as it does, the place will be too small, I promise you! Maybe next time I will write more about it.


Time to support my work if you haven’t done so yet and see you next time!












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