Overeating: why do people do that?

Really, since the World Cup Football is on TV, I sometimes watch other programmes too. At the moment there is a programme on Nederland 3 “Jouw schuld dat ik dik ben” is the title, “It’s your fault that I’m fat”. It’s about a young girl and her parents who all three of them have overweight and not without a reason. The beautiful Dutch word vreten unfortunately doesn’t exist in English; closest is overeating, but that doesn’t even come close to what this family eats. And we have only seen their dinner, so imagine!

Blueberries are full of chromium, vitamine C and iron


 Cake, cookies and pie


Oh I hear the mom talk about about cake, cookies and pie. And pancakes. Not strange she is diabetic. I had diabetes too, but not because of my lifestyle and I got it healed within a week, the moment I was sure it was diabetes. But this lady will create diabetes in her daughter too. I’m happy they went on a diet and so nice they went all three of them. And then it comes: they overexercise, starve themselves and overeat salads in a programme that lasts six weeks. This way they’re going to lose like 10 kilos or so and in another six weeks they will put them on again.

Let me explain where hunger and cravings for unhealthy food can come from and let me then give a friendlier diet. One in which you tackle the cravings, so you won’t be so hungry all the time. Without that you will never lose weight and stay healthy. Maybe I myself am not the best example, but I had diabetes (type 2), a slow thyroid that I still haven’t totally conquered, Crohn disease and a lot of hormones that were walking through each other and fighting whole wars against me. Plus the truth is that I did lose about 7 kilos or so during the last 8 months. Only I swell up the whole time and that is why I can’t lose more weight faster, in order to show you the way. My thyroid just doesn’t agree to that plan and shells me with hormone bombs and stuff. That doesn’t mean you or someone else can’t lose weight though! You just need to know why you are really overweight and then own that cause. It’s the only way.



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Why do you have cravings?


French (or Flamish!) fries with salad instead of sauce

Well, there are more possibilities. It can be that you are used to overeating, because you learned that from your parents. I remember a family in Kampen, a place where I lived with my eldest son long ago. These people had a whole freezer full of bags with frozen fries, buckets (!) full of mayonaise and more bags full of snacks that go with the fries. I didn’t believe my eyes when I first visited them and saw all that. The mother had like 100 kilos overweight, the father also a lot and their daughter was still a kid and had no overweight by then. I then thought this was just a weird family, but as it seems half of the planet eats this kind of garbage and doesn’t exercise at all either. Okay yes: I don’t think there would be anyone who could stay skinny with such a lifestyle.

But if you have a chromium deficit, you also have cravings. I have written and talked about it more than once and it’s really easy to know if you have this. If you are invisible, if people walk over you, don’t seem to notice you and/or disrespect you and you have cravings and maybe overweight, that’s it. Eating more food with chromium is not the solution, because chromium is in everything you eat. The answer to this is to get more self-confidence and to dare to show yourself more to the outer world. During the time that you are learning this, you can supplement your chromium with tablets. Please do this in agreement with your doctor and not immediately after reading this article! Measuring chromium is very difficult for doctors, but a chromium deficit is the first beginning of diabetes and so a blood test wouldn’t harm.

And then you need coaching, you need to fling all negative people out of your life, you need rest and relaxation and you may start to love yourself a lot more than you did until now. When you start seeing yourself, you will see others will notice you as well and that feels better and better. It creates a positive spiral instead of a negative one and I’m thinking to myself that I should make such a glossy thing of this article in order for it to be seen by more people. That is something new for me to learn, so always good and I’m already smiling to myself thinking about the moment that I’ll publicise the article and you’ll see something you’re not used to. This is also the attitude that is needed to get over insecurity.


And then the real thing: losing that weight!

groentesIt’s simple: if you eat like the people in the beginning of this article, you will never lose weight. Do you want fries? Well, make a salad with them and some normal meat, not fried snacks. Do you want something else that is fat? Combine it with something healthy and you’re totally okay. If you eat more than normal, you also need more exercise, because as I always say: the lymphatic system is the one that has to absorb the fluids from your food. But that is a slow system that needs you to move a bit in order for it to come to action. I don’t believe in too much exercising. Except if you like it yourself of course, but otherwise it’s better to exercise in a normal way. Take a walk, take the bicycle instead of the car, do some sport like twice per week … Things like that.

The healthiest diet there is, is the mediterranean or Greek way of eating. I don´t mean you eat souvlaki every day, but you eat normal food that mediterraneans eat. Bread with dinner, olive oil, salad with every lunch and dinner, not every day meat or fish and plenty fruit. Water, strong coffee, strong tea with lemon and lime, sugar but not too much and three to five times per week milk or yoghurt. I have written two articles about that diet with explanation why this food is healthy and what it does for your health. Here is the first article and here you find the second one. If you eat healthy food, you feel a lot better in your skin and a lot stronger too. If you like “Dutch” food, so every day potatoes with vegetables and meat, don’t take too many potatoes and jus or other sauces. And do take fresh vegetables! Last thing: don’t forget potatoes are also vegetables.

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean eating less. It means that you eat normal healthy food. No veganist way of living, because that isn’t healthy at all. You need at least a few times per week meat and fish. Meat for strength and iron (much more than vitamin B12) and fish for a young and fresh brain. Fruit is needed every day, but if you can’t tolerate it, you can take good fruit juices. Not too many vegetables, but you do need them every day. Bread – it doesn’t matter what colour – and other grains like rice, corn and what else you’d like. If you can’t tolerate wheat, try kamut. It’s the old-fashioned wheat, before people started changing it and I know many people can tolerate it much better than modern wheat. You will find it in organic shops in the form of bread, pasta and flour.


Never forget …


If you have had overweight for some time, your body is used to that situation. It needs to adjust to the new situation in which you eat a bit differently, work on yourself and maybe exercise more. It can take a few weeks before it gets the message that you want it to let go of the kilos. Something that also happens a lot, is that you lose a bit, then gain half of it again, then have to wait for weeks and then finally lose a bit weight again. If things like this happen, that means either you have a disease like diabetes or a slow thyroid that won’t cooperate with your nice future plans or you still lack self-confidence and thus chromium. It can also be that hormones get in the way. Whenever you do all your best to lose weight, but your body stands in the way, you need to find the cause. If you don’t, the only way to lose is by starving yourself and by burning yourself up with sports, while you will immediately gain weight again if you relax for a few days. This makes you feel even more insecure, so don’t do that. On my website there are a lot of articles about losing weight. It’s very well possible that one or more of them will help you.

Something that helps losing weight, is eating apples and drinking apple juice. Another turbo motor for losing weight is green tea with lemon and lime and in general lemon and lime anywhere where you can put it. Water with lemon, lime and fresh green herbs like mint, basilicum, rosemary flat persil or coriander also does miracles for becoming skinny and healthy and strong at the same time. I wish you a lot of success losing weight and do tell me here underneath what your results are!



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