The Real Thing

Parsley and Your Skinnyness

Ever since I discovered fresh parsley at the age of 16 – 5 lives ago – I ate it like a madwoman. Just put it in each food I made. The real parsley of course, not that hideous ugly curly stuff they have here in Europe brrrr. We go for the real thing, because not only is that terrible other fake parsley ugly, it is also tasteless and it isn’t medicinal. Away with it!

Parsley and Your Skinnyness
The Real Thing

This here on your right side is the Real ® Parsley. 

Four years ago my husband said as he saw me cooking: “Hoho what is that parsley you are eating there?”.
Me: “Yeah well that is parsley, as you correctly remarked?”. 
He, with a long face: “And you put that thing in anything you eat?”.
Me, utterly surprised: “Well yeh, I loooooove it, so it goes in anything!”. 

He, taunting: “Hm you with your Thessaloniki’s customs. We, the real Greeks, don’t take parsley all the time like that”. 
Me, smirking: “So you Cretans don’t even eat parsley? What do you guys eat then?”. 
Well, not parsley in any case, at least so it seemed. It was seemingly important that I wouldn’t even look at the parsley plant and that lasted for four years. 

As skinny as a fir tree

Today when I was cooking macaroni with minced meat, I said: “Costa you know, this dish is so much better with parsley. But hey it’s banned from my kitchen!”. He, a bit shy: “Er actually it’s allowed on the macaroni”. Did you hear that? Allowed on the macaroni! I didn’t know what to think anymore, but then he finally explained. He was testing if parsley was a medicinal plant and if so, what it would do.


Parsley sucks up your extra body fluid

And also what for heaven’s sake would finally help me off those endless swellings. All the time I have swollen feet and legs. And a face like a water melon. Then the water gets out for a day and then I swell up again like a pumpkin. Really so annoying and I can’t lose any more weight either this way. My overweight consists of fluid, not of fat and if I keep on swelling like that, I will be fat forever. Not an option, Costas knew that. And so he tried to find what would finally break the bad swelling habit. Isn’t that sweet?

He has been testing celery, coffee, parsley, lemon, lime, apples and who knows what more to find that one plant that would finally make an end to my endless edemas, my fluid retention and my ugliness. And yours if you have that irksome problem too. And he apparently found it! 

Well, parsley then, folks. Parsley is the plant that sucks up your extra body fluid and makes you – hopefully – as skinny as a fir tree. I know many people swear the right plant is celery to keep your fluids in order and also coffee, but they don’t work as well as they should. The real medicinal plant seems to be parsley.

Instead of mint you can also put parsley (or rosemary, oregano, basilicum or cilantro) in a caraf with drinking water


Cuttings and coagulating blood

Problem for me is that here in a cold country you can’t easily cultivate parsley plants in this time of the year. But you can buy it and then put it in your drinking water with lemon and lime slices if you like. That is also extremely healthy and the vitamin C in lemon helps you heal faster from any condition you may have. You can also try to put a cutting of the plant in a cup of water and then hope it’ll get roots. I haven’t been lucky so far, but you never know and it’s a nice experiment. 

Parsley also helps to coagulate blood, because there is a lot of vitamin K in it. So if you bleed a lot with even a little wound or if you have heavy menstruations as a woman, you can also try to use parsley for that. Because it’s a natural remedy, it builds up your health and that is why it’s best to use it on a daily basis for a long time. Until you don’t want it anymore. Often that is the moment that the herb has done its work for you. 


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