Yes the climate is changing. Because it always does and because authorities spray salt in the air to keep the weather dry for tourism in countries like Spain and because of deforestation. Not because of CO2 or nitrogen. Yet at each and every catastrophe that happens in the world the news is packed with articles about “it’s because of climate warming”. In Greece quite some groups of criminals have been arrested these days for igniting wildfires and still newspapers write the fires were caused by the climate.


Trees don’t just start burning like that, without any cause. The heat helps to spread the fires, but the more trees get burnt, the hotter and drier the climate gets. Trees regulate the rain water and the wind in many cases, so that the climate stays liveable. In a hot and dry climate fires are very difficult to extinguish. But what is the cause for the fires? Well, what do you think about greedy people with too much money who demand to build yet another hotel in a touristic place in countries like southern France, Greece or Spain. Other crazy people who want to earn money by placing windmills in natural parks. Foreigners who want to attract tourists to their own country and not to the neighbouring country.

There are simply no other reasons to set fire in a beautiful forest. People with cigarettes aren’t barbarians. They watch out, because if they cause a fire, they will get caught and they of course don’t want that. They are ashamaed to be guilty of igniting a wildfire because they were smoking in a dry forest. The CO2 and nitrogen in the air also don´t cause warming of the climate or wildfires. If there is a fire somewhere, there is someone who has ignited it and in 99% of the cases that is someone with financial interests in the region.


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There is another “reason” to set nature on fire: political motives. People who want their government or their President to step down, for instance. One out of many things they can do, is cause enormous problems for their government, so that it seems the government can’t handle the country and will step down. In Algeria and Syria there are wildfires too at the moment. In Syria suspects have been arrested and in Algeria as well. In Greece suspects have been found and that is how it works with fires. Someone sets fire and then the forests burn down. In Algeria 42 people have lost their lives until now and even 10 soldiers who came to help, let their lives. It is a sad, sad story.

Let’s please not just say climate change causes these terrible fires where people stay homeless, get burned or even die. It is just not true that we as people use too much CO2 and pollute the planet. We already work so hard on pollution and that has been decreased a lot during the last more than 30 years. The truth is that governments and also the EU do a thing called geo-engineering and that happens in more than one way. By spraying salt into the air to keep the weather dry during summer, which causes horrible storms and tropical rains in winter. By removing CO2 from the air and possibly also by using HAARP. It is hard to prove it and therefore I won’t claim it is a cause for the very well visible changes in the climate, but we do have to keep in mind it is possible that it’s done.

At the moment there are wildfires burning in nine countries, according to Sky News. Greece, Italy, Spain’s Gran Canaria, Algeria, Syria, Croatia, Portugal, Tunisia (coming from Algeria) and in the Turkish Antalya there is also a fire burning. I think it’s very important to get the real cause for these fires out and then do something about it. Yes in hot summers a fire can be easily set, but it’s certainly anormal that the whole Mediterranean must burn down each summer! That is not because of CO2, but because greedy people with dark purposes couldn’t care less about nature and their fellow humans and that must stop.


Coffee with a joke: Fake tunafish

We all know tunafish is an endangered species. There are many other kinds of fish that are really nice to eat and tunafish is cultivated as well. So we can eat that or other fish like salmon, herring or codfish. But in the Netherlands a few entrepreneurs had the idea to make totally fake tunafish and sell it to veganists and vegetarians. They didn’t like it enough though and so the company had to close. Of course that was sad, but making totally fake tunafish and calling it “tunafish-free tunafish” is a bit weird according to quite some.

When Member of Parliament Caroline van der Plas had a comment on this bizarre idea of making tunafish-free tunafish – which is deadly funny, let’s be honest – she was dearly attacked by the vegan population of the Netherlands. I really don’t know why these people have 0 humor. What Mrs. Van der Plas had said: “People who don’t want to eat tunafish, don’t eat tunafish. They won’t go eat tunafish-free tunafish”.

When she then retweeted her tweet – or should I say re-Xed her tweet? – they still went on bullying her. Really, people have lost their minds nowadays. What she said: “And people who do want to eat tunafish, eat tunafish. And whenever they don’t want to eat tunafish for a day, they don’t eat tunafish”. No, she isn’t allowed to say a word about it. Yet if she had said “Ah how sad the tunafish-free tunafish company has closed”, the right-wingers would have stung her.




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