Spying and paying protestors: the latest hype

People get paid to lie and protest

You can hardly believe it, but from time to time the – yes! – mainstream media report it: people actually get paid to protest and to tell bogus on social media. But before we start, I want to share a few real crazy news items that will make you laugh.


An expensive day in Plopsaland

Plopsaland, nice and cosy for families

Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf tells on its website about a Belgian family who went to themepark Plopsaland last summer. They had this Dutch phenomenon, called a bolderkar (or beach wagon in English) for their children. It got stolen in the park, with the favorite soother of their youngest kid in it. They said the kid was heartbroken for two months and personally I don’t get why they didn’t buy him a new one. Anyway, the family demanded €5000 from the thieves as a compensation for the grief. In the US this would probably even be a low sum, but in Belgium the judge frowned stingily and set the compensation on €400 per person, since there were two thieves.


Ayurveda against Covid

News website GreatGameIndia tells that in India 65,000 Covid patients have been treated with Ayurveda in a health test by their Ministry of Ayush (traditional medicine). None of them has died and only 300 required hospitalisation. This fact was announced on the yearly Ayurveda Congress that is taking place right now in Panaji in India.


Let’s go to today’s featured item: paid protestors and lyers.


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Paid spreaders of propaganda

Last year it came out that the Dutch government had paid €65,000 to a series of artists and journalists in order to tell the Covid lie on social media. One artist, Femke Louise, not the smartest wizzkid, regretted what she had done and confessed on her social media. Then she tried to make it up by telling the real Covid story, but no-one accepted her any longer. Well, €65,000 is maybe a low sum for a (false) singer, but for most families it’s their income for two years. She didn’t donate the money and so people didn’t forgive her. A few extreme leftist journalists and writers like the IQ-less Chris Klomp and the frozen-brain professor Leo Lucassen also came out to the light. They were even proud to have been “smart” enough to get paid for telling lies. The government was evenso proud and called the sum of €65,000 a “normal amount for people who do a job for the government”.

The same trick was also done in the US, but there the mainstream media kept silent about the phenomenon. Mostly it’s the opposite: in Europe lies don’t come out as fast as in America. The big wall around government propaganda everywhere in the world about anything you can imagine is crumbling however and people can’t just say and do whatever they like without being caught.


Paid protestors: excellent PR

When I looked for more news items about paid proganda spreading, I found that the Wikipedia has a new word in it: paid protestor. So eager are leftist governments and so desperate too, that they actually hire protestors against the “climate”. There are not many people who really believe the bogus about climate change and crisis because of global warming. People are much more worried about the plastic and the flying behaviour of some of our planet mates, problems that do need our attention so they get solved.


There is even a company that lets you hire protestors: Crowds on Demand. It is located in Los Angeles and in 2015 protestors received $15 per hour. You may think it’s funny and so do I, but it’s also true! And it’s an excellent way to make the public believe that more than half of the population allegedly believes the bonkers and lies about the Covid virus and vaccines, the climate that would so-called not warm up because it always changes but because of our doings, about immigration that would be necessary for some reasons (that are never specified because there are no reasons) and about the Russians who would be such crooks and corrupt thieves, while the Ukrainian fascist government that even forces people to act like fascists, would be so democratic.

Most people aren’t even interested in politics in the first place, so they also don’t believe all the narratives. They go in one ear, out the other. They only thing this kind of people want, is to be accepted and to belong. So if you ask them about politics, they will flawlessly tell the narrative, because they’ve heard it at work or in the super. But if you ask if they believe it, they will say they don’t know and they aren’t interested. Why they aren’t interested? Because they don’t want to be forced to believe sweet nuthin’s, but aren’t courageous enough to protest. That doesn’t mean the masses believe the government. People just feel intimidated and so they squeeze out of the grip by not believing anything and not showing interest. Many of them do understand the truth, but are just afraid to say it aloud to others who Believe. Afraid to lose their family, friends and their job.


Latest hype: spying and doxxing

It may remind you of war or of dictatorial regimes, but spying has become a second nature to many lately. Not only to ‘normal’ civilians, but also for governments and for businesses among each other. Here TikTok spied on Forbes and that is doxxing, so a real crime. They shared the location of Forbes’ journalists, which is of course very dangerous.


What do you think about journalists spying on Elon Musk and sharing his actual location? If it had been the CEO of any other company, the doxxers would have been put in jail for a long time, but Musk is a Republican and so he is outlawed. That is this dangerous tendency in today’s society: that there are first and second-class civilians. Anyone who complies with the government, has rights and anyone who has their own opinion, is just outlawed.


Spied by the government

A few weeks ago I already shared this message from Amnesty International about the Dutch NCTV, the owner of street cameras, spying on demonstrators. It’s illegal, but the government nowadays couldn’t care less about civilians and their rights. They must and shall push through their digital ID’s and we won’t have any human rights until we comply.


Keep the humour

Even if the latest hypes of fake protests and spying on people are idiot and dangerous, I think laughing about them is the best thing you can do. How sad and how pathetic are our governments and institutions like the EU and such, that they need this childish and terrorist behaviour? And what do they win by making their population feel so unsafe? They only lose more and more trust, not only of right-wing voters. Also the yes men start getting irritated by so much government interference in their lives. Governments can’t keep on lying anymore, because the people find out about everything now. Even if the mainstream media fight the truth as hard as they can, the scandals do come out and the walls of the imperium crumble more and more. Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds. People are empowered now and don’t accept being cornered. Keep courage, do support me and my work and go on being your beautiful self.



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