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Poland vs humility – WEF vs criticism

Yesterday late in the evening I read in a German article what had happened to Poland’s dream to merge with Ukraine. In my previous article I didn’t dare to state that Poland really wanted Ukraine’s Lviv, because I wasn’t sure of it. But I turned out to be right and the issue was solved. I also have something to say about the World Economic Forum, inspired by a Dutch (jawohl) article this weekend.


Polish – Ukrainian relations

Let’s start with Poland! So Poland thought it had it made during the war in Ukraine. They very harshly opposed Russia in order to score EU points, since last year they lost quite a few because of a minor incident with their highest court and they started trembling the EU would oust them. When thousands of Ukrainians fled since February this year, they received them in Poland and the world totally forgot how horribly Poland has always treated the Ukrainian minority in their country. Many women and children were kidnapped by pedophile gangs and the refugees weren’t well cared for at all while in Poland. If you’d like to read more about it, here is an article. The media of course didn’t write much about it, because Poland was serving the EU’s targets at that moment and so its coverage had to be smoother-than-smooth. And the truth is that the country is stuffed with Ukrainian refugees, which for sure isn’t easy for the Polish population.

Yesterday evening now I read that Poland really wanted to take that Ukrainian city of Lviv for itself. It had made a proposition to Germany, Ukraine itself and Russia, because their government thought it was a good idea for peace if they would create a Great Poland together with at least the Lviv region in the west, but according to other plans even the region around Kiev all the way to the south. This article (in German) is from last March, when this plan existed already. The Polish story was that them taking Lviv would create peace in the country, because that region is called Eastern Galicia and it has a long history of Nazis committing horrible killings. Western Galicia belongs to Poland and if the region is united, according to Prime Minister Morawiecki, the Nazi problem in Ukraine would be solved. Deplaced would probably be a better term, but this is what Morawiecki said. Ukrainian President Zelensky answered him days ago at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos that he did want Poland to be a close ally, but not in Ukraine. He said it with great caution, but you will hear it.



There was also another issue, this time between Poland and Germany. Maybe you remember Poland had agreed to send a whole lot of its own tanks to Ukraine, but demanded that Germany would complete the tanks again later with its own. That was because Poland could actually not afford giving away literally half of their army, but still wanted to “help” Ukraine. The Germans hadn’t promised anything. They had just said they’d talk about it in their Bundestag or Parliament. So yesterday when Poland demanded the tanks, they got a surprise. Germany isn’t going to provide Poland with their own tanks, they themselves having given away tons of weapons and money to Ukraine. The last deception for Poland is that EU and US didn’t let them use the billions of euros belonging to Russia that have been frozen on their bank accounts. The money is frozen, but can’t just be used by Poland and other countries that also froze the Russian funds. That would be theft after the Russians did deliver gas and oil for those amounts.


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The World Economic Forum and our personal boundaries

A few days ago there was a Dutch article in EW Magazine which I normally don’t like too much, about the WEF. It proposed not to search for too many conspiracies behind this vague club, but to just ask reasonable and critical questions to the ones who have so much power there. You had to be a subscriber to read more of the column, but I got a heart full of inspiration with only those two sentences. I found that idea a masterpiece and a very positive point of view that at the same time decreases the power of this secretive clan. Don’t give in to the intimidating way the participants of the forums speak about us the people, but just ask them straight the right questions. And there are many questions to ask! I will just mention a few in this article.

Definition of a stakeholder

So what would you think about this claim Klaus Schwab made at the Davos days last week? “The future is built by us“, meaning the elite people who attended the forum, immediately followed by something about stakeholders. A stakeholder is someone who has interests (e.g. shares) in an activity. Schwab can’t have meant us the normal people here, because in his Great Reset he prophecies that we shouldn’t have any possessions at all. We should lease all our stuff, just like in a communistic system, because that would be good for the “climate” (which is not even a problem) and it would make us happy and carefree. Here he says it:



My personal question at this point is: Dear Mr. Schwab, nice to hear you think so much about us and want to take all our problems on your shoulders to solve them for us. Only that … we haven’t asked you to solve our problems and there quite some issues that apparently are a problem to you, but not to us. Like having possessions or taking care of the climate. Having possessions is very fine for us and we want to keep it that way. That isn’t a problem for the climate at all neither is it for the environment which you of course meant. We are very well capable of living ecologically without being in the overdrive. If you could persuade the food business in the world not to use so much plastic and the business people and politicians not to use private jets and other airplanes without it being necessary, we will be doing just great. We are maybe not such elite dudes like yourself, but we do have brains in our heads and most of the time even use them.


The World Economic Forum and the status of our economy

Okay, let’s go to the next issue the World Economic Forum poses us. It’s more or less about the same subject, but that is normal since it’s an economic forum. In Dutch, because this is a Dutch Minister: Sigrid Kaag, the totally incapable Secretary of Finance of the Netherlands. She demonstrates here that she hasn’t learned anything yet in the five whole months she has led (astray) the Dutch economy. The video is in English and she says … that the economic problems in Europe have grown so large that they can’t be solved without an inevitable loss of wealth. She really says it.

My question here is the following, since I am still a resident of the Netherlands today: Ms. Kaag, if you don’t know how to solve an economic setback which has by the way been created by yourself and your colleagues, in a wealthy country with plenty of fantastic business opportunities, shouldn’t you better leave your post and let someone else save the economy? You and your friends Hugo de Jonge and Mark Rutte locked us up for two years without there being any necessity to it and had businesses closed without any good reason. Entrepreneurs had to be compensated from our tax money, while the virus that haunted us, was just a flu and later on even a simple cold. No need at all to create such a huge panic in the country and to upset so many people.

Not only that! Recently you and the rest of your government decided to ban Russian media, so that we can’t receive any news from their side about the war in Ukraine. Then you joined this ridiculous idea to sanction that enormously mighty country. The sanctions touched us, not Russia. Now we are almost without gas and oil and in a few weeks or months – who will say it? – even without enough food. Not because Russia stands in the way that we have everything we need, but because you refuse to pay these people on their very logical terms: in rubles at a bank in Russia. Just so that you can’t freeze even more of their money and assets in order to destroy their economy. Whatever opinion you may hold about the war in Ukraine, that is no reason to sanction Russia, while ruining our purchasing power. We have totally different relations with that country and aren’t entitled to poke our nose in their doings. I forgot to mention that you also sent many millions of our euros in money and weapons to Ukraine, even if that money isn’t there.

Since the countries in Europe are all heavily influenced by the EU and the WEF with their bizarre ideas of how the future should be shaped, fortunately there are still a couple more continents on our planet. In the next and last issue we will see that African countries have united to criticise the the WEF and the WHO about their bossing around about health.


The World ECONOMIC Forum and pandemics!

Yes you read me correctly! The World Economic Forum interferes with health issues and dictates us what to do in case of a pandemic. Here underneath you will find an hour of discussion about it in Davos this year. Let us be honest here: the clan that totally blew it with the Covid outbreak can really not decide again about any possible new outbreak. Yet Mr. Tedros has been elected again as the head of the World Health Organisation yesterday and we are merely informed about it. This is from Telegram! And now this same man will have all the power to call any minor virus outbreak a pandemic and to lock us up in our houses or force us to get vaccinated.



What would your question be about this issue? Mine is this: Dear people talking decisions about our personal health in Davos, I understand you want to have a worldwide approach for the case there would be a new pandemic. But it’s exactly you and others like you who destroyed the economy in the whole world, just at the moment where a lot of countries were just beginning to thrive. You obliged us to test ourselves with useless PCR tests that don’t say anything about the question if we can pass on the virus. Ah you did so many things wrong and the worst is that you deny any damage done to people who trusted your vaccine and are handicapped now, or even died. Or whose children died because the mother trusted the vaccine and took it during her pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Africa and Asia against new power for WHO

Now in November we will probably have a worldwide Pandemic Treaty which makes the WHO the world government on health issues. The WHO that failed more than anyone during the Covid crisis! With the same man in charge whose integrity is even heavily questioned about a genocide in Ethiopia of which he may be guilty, but that isn’t even researched. Fortunately the African continent is also very upset about this new decision of the WHO on which no-one has even voted. Here you can read about it. To give all that power to the WHO, its constitution needs to be amended and Africa as a continent states that they haven’t been asked nor have they voted for this. And they don’t agree to the amendments.

Another group of countries that is not okay with the WHO having all the coordination over new pandemics, is the following: Russia, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia and India. They also want to keep their own sovereignty over viruses and such and the smartman India even found ‘irregularities in the WHO finances’. I know far too little about finances to dive more into this, but you can read it in the article I linked to here above. It is a very intelligent move by India, because if you want to stop globalists with too much power, you can’t be straight and just tell them what bothers you. They will start defending themselves and you will lose the discussion. You have to find something else that they have done wrong and stop them in that way. Long live India!


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