Programming and indoctrinating: the Capitol today

From the movies I watch with my youngest son, I learned this lovely English word for someone who is dumb: dipstick. After all the things I have been writing about the bare existence and the doings of pedophilia, child trafficking and satanism, but also about election fraud and corruption, I think I have the right to call someone who has read it and still doesn’t believe all this horror exists and needs to be fought, a dipstick. In Dutch I’d say kneus and in Greek μπούφος. Apart from joking around: when people don’t believe horrible things that happen in front of their nose, it means they’re indoctrinated and that is a huge problem in our world today. Programming, indoctrinating, being lied to by the media and the government … Let’s talk about that today, what do you think?

Washington DC impression of the City: beautiful!

Of course me too I loved fairy tales as a kid and couldn’t get enough of them. The teachers at school would read stories of Pinkeltje – a smart and friendly dwarf that lived hidden in the writer’s house – but my favourite was Nobody’s Boy (Sans famille) by Hector Malot. Time and time again I read it on my lonely afternoons after school, hoping the story of my own life would have a good end too, just like Rémi’s. Well it didn’t, because we don’t live in a fairy tale but in a hard, tough world full of traitors, snakes and other scum. There is no government in the world that is totally honest with its people and that doesn’t steal tax money or doesn’t lie to its civilians. If you still believe that, you are stuck somewhere in your childhood and it’s time to grow up! There are certainly nice, wise and honest people, but not enough so you can just trust the world and little Father Government.

Today, right now, the electoral votes are being opened, counted and severely discussed. On November 3rd there was enormous fraud in the presidential election of the United States of America and yesterday in Georgia again. I saw it myself in a short video shared by someone on Twitter and I will put it here so you can see it for yourself. Right on tv 32,400 votes just disappeared from Republican senate candidate David Perdue and were added the same second to his opponent John Ossoff. This election was held yesterday because in November no-one was elected for the senate. For people who don’t know how it works: in the US every state has its own Congress, consisting of two Chambers like in the Netherlands: the Senate (Eerste Kamer) and the House (of Parliament) or Tweede Kamer. With again massive fraud two Democrat candidates have been “chosen” and this has consequences: now the Federal Senate has a Democrat majority in both the Senate and the House. The Democrats are going to pack the Court, which means they’re going to add Democrat justices (judges at Supreme Court) so that the highest court in the country is also Democrat. Then the Republicans don’t have anything to say anymore and there will instantly be a dictatorship in the largest democratic country in the world. That is a disaster that must be prevented in any way!

Right now around a 100,000 civilians, Trump supporters, have run into the Capitol. The building where the Congress resides, right next to the White House in Washington DC. They are protesting against the election fraud and want to express their feeling of injustice. I think they are totally right and a small delegation of them should be admitted to speak to the Congress. There are many witnesses speaking on tv and no-one has said there was or is any violence by the supporters. Yet two protesters have been shot; one in the neck and the other in the breast. The few people who were violent, were Antifa members that had mixed themselves among the Trump supporters, as they had previously announced.

The rest of the country sees the fraud happen in front of their noses and still don’t believe it. They call Trump supporters scum and thugs, while the scum and thugs it’s the corrupt politicians of the Democrats. These are facts and the election fraud is also a fact with numerous loads of real proof. I hold my breath for what’s going to happen to our world today. You must know that if the Republicans don’t win this election, democracy will be OVER. In the whole world and forever! Take it in and have a good sleep tonight thinking about all this.

Exactly as this corruption in the politics is real, pedophilia is also real! Accept it and help me to do something about it.















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Natassa Vassiliou, MA

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