Well it’s Sunday afternoon and unbearably hot. What can a person do otherwise than sit safely inside the house and write? Sleep? Nah. Let’s get some work done. In a few hours the first results of the Greek elections will be there, so I just have time to read another piece of the enormous Youth Care file the Dutch CP or Child Protection or Raad voor de Kinderbescherming in Dutch keeps a secret from me. They allege they don’t have it, but my family has received it from them with a trick and I can read it with the help of the satellite cameras we communicate with.

Here you can find part I of this story. It explains how the Church of Gnostics or Satan Cult (same thing) is totally intertwined in the Dutch Youth Care system, which is an industry in the Netherlands, consisting of 32,800 workers in a country as small as the city of New York. It also explains about the child abuse or pedophilia if you want and more. The CP CEO’s, first Annette Roeters and nowadays Iwan Bean, stubbornly refuse to give me the file and that is very comprehensible: they have written it, they are the ones who gave the order to kidnap me not less than five times and everything they have done to me and my family including my two beloved boys, is in that file. We arrived on page 16 this afternoon, so let’s see what it says on the next pages. It’s very hard to read for me, but I manage. We will just pass by a few more facts and then go to what I am going through now.


 Parents found her. Baby Anastasia or Bianca von Meyenfeldt is in Greece now. We have to wait a few months to abduct her again or we will be seen.


You see they call me “Bianca von Meyenfeldt”. This is another baby, who was really born on the 22nd of July 1966 in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis (hospital) in Amsterdam and who was given up for adoption. I was NOT given up for adoption but STOLEN from my parents, as you can see. So when they kidnapped me first time, they already changed me with that Dutch baby, who by the way has a Greek or Italian father. Her mother doesn’t even know who her father is, poor thing. Something else: the rape – or initiation as they see it – is otherwise done at full moon, but I wasn’t in the Netherlands on the 31th of August when it was full moon. My forged birth certificate mentions it has been issued on the 27th of July, but that was the day of my abduction and it took 6 days to get me to Amsterdam. This is NOT my birth certificate, impossible! I even found the lady to whom it does belong.


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Decades later: still hunting me down in 2013

My husband shows me page 213, which dates from October 2013. This is when I had discovered how to cure all diseases and was slowly getting famous for it. My website and the blog I was writing, grew like weed and then suddenly I got in trouble with my internet host Yourhosting in the Dutch city of Zwolle. I wanted to move my website to one of the fathers of my son’s school, because that was cheap and he had promised to assist me when I needed help in some way. Not being a professional website moderator, I forgot to tell Yourhosting that I of course wanted to take along my domain (the name of the website, They should have asked me, which they always do, but in my case they just put my domain name in quarantine. That was agreed upon. I got mad as whatever, because as a single mom I can’t afford not to have my site for months and also to pay to get my own property back.

In the middle of the mess I received a hugely rude email from Broer Scholtens, the incapable writer of the Dutch Quackery. It was full of language errors and demanded I’d make time for him to control my practice by asking me some questions. Now the Quackery (vereniging voor de kwakzalverij in Dutch) is a simple association, not some official government organisation that has the right to control therapists. What I didn’t know, was how powerful this wicked club of fanatics is, that are against alternative medicine. (I didn’t even do anything alternative, did regular psychology instead). They scrutinise the websites of therapists, find something they totally reverse and then they write a nasty piece in bad Dutch about you, that all their members put on their websites as well. Plus they pay Google to show their piece-a-bonkers before your own website and social media. Then you as a therapist get yourself an attorney and subpoena them. You can’t win from them because they belong to and are supported by the allmighty gnosticists, but most therapists enter into a settlement.

I however didn’t know all this and since unlike the other therapists that were attacked by this wicked club of idiots I wasn’t famous yet and had no wallet full of money to fight them in court, I stood defenseless. The charges I pressed at the police weren’t even accepted – another Dutch weird phenomenon – and I couldn’t but see my practice sink away in oblivity, as the Kwakx as we call them also got arranged that my internet reach was limited to zero. Let us see what my file says about it. I haven’t read it yet, will do that now. About my name: I had officially changed my first names to Sophia Agni and already knew my father’s name is Vassiliou, but didn’t know yet my TWO parents are Greek and my name is Anastasía.


 Oktober 2013

Sophia Agni Dijkhuis die door het leven gaat als Sophia Dijkhuis Vassiliou of Gouden Era is in de val getrapt.
Monique D. en Gwen V. hebben hun werk gedaan.

 Sophia Agni Dijkhuis who changed her name to Sophia Dijkhuis Vassiliou or Gouden Era [they were even too stupid to understand Gouden Era or Golden Era was the name of my business] fell into the trap.

Monique D. en Gwen V. [school principal of my youngest son’s school and confidential doctor at Youth Care] have done their job.



Page 214! They are gloating, look what they write, the thugs. No English anymore. That stopped when they got me illegally adopted at the age of 4.5 years old and my parents could never reach me again. So I ask you: is the Dutch Quackery a part of the Gnostics? Well yes. And were they in the plot against me? Again yes. Was this a conspiracy? Also yes. A school, Youth Care and the Quackery worked together with the Satan Cult aka Gnostic Church in order to destroy me. Such is called A conspiracy in plain English. What it also means: both Monique D. and Gwen V. are satanists, as well as at least one person at the Quackery. Anyone who knows this ego club, knows immediately who that is, but I won’t mention her name as it isn’t specified in the file.

 Kwakzalverij vertelt dat Sophia hen niet aanvecht. Dat kan ze niet, want wij hebben alle advocaten ingelicht over haar.  Quackery tells [us] that Sophia won’t subpoena them. She can’t, because we informed all lawyers about her.


Page 215 is yet again empty and page 216 talks about the letter I mentioned on my website. The two above mentioned women and 3 others wrote about me that I was so-called mentally ill and should be in a psychiatric institution, were it not that I was such a lunatic that I didn’t accept to be tested. And yeah oh without proof they couldn’t lock me up and steal my boys away, so they made the story up and sent it to the CP in 2003. There they just kept it for a moment in which they hoped to be able to grab me with it and that moment was in October 2013, when they had ruined my reputation and my business (my health and coaching practice). Don’t forget I didn’t just cure people from physical diseases, but also helped many couples with their relationship or marriage and many families with their kids or others with their work. Page 216!


 Oktober 2016

We hebben de brief van Sophia’s huisarts doorgestuurd naar de minister van Justitie [Ivo Opstelten]. Hij gaat zorgdragen dat zij wordt tegengehouden.

 October 2016

We forwarded the letter by Sophia’s GP to the Secretary of Justice. He will take care that she will be stopped.



And now in 2023

Loads of evil things were done to my boys and me in the meantime, but it’s too much to mention everything. My family has told me all these things long ago, but really I am shocked to see them in this file! They just made a logbook about how they destroy my life and that of my boys piece by piece. Whole chapters are written about my boys, but I have promised them many times to write as little as possible about them. So I keep my promise as much as I can. What they do to me is already bad and shocking enough. We are going to the last pages of the Document from Hell, a fitting name for this piece of garbage.

Just to close this article and for you to know that I am absolutely not making anything up, I will just show you what this child murdering cult is still doing to me right now. My husband shows me something in June 2022, page 323. That is the last page of the thing, let’s see what it says. I have to look really well to read it. It’s in English again, or rather Dunglish. Watch the disrespectful tone they use.

 October 2020. She says she is a journalist now. We have to keep watching her and restrict her internet reach again. The Ministry of Justice will take care of it.

Mrs Y. [the currant Minister] said the best idea is to bribe other existing journalists [25 names I won’t write down here. They are all in alternative media and some aren’t even journalists]. If they turn against her, she will never get through. With a broken internet reach she also won’t find readers abroad.



You can see the written texts in the files use different words and phrases than I do myself. It also has different styles, clearly written by more people. If you still don’t believe me when I tell you it’s the Satan cult – or ah well the Gnostics if you want – that has been hunting me down my whole life and abuses anyone against me, I really don’t know what you still want me to do. This file will only be given to me by force as you must now grasp. This clan really wants me dead without an income.

There is something else that I do want to show you, but I know you won’t like it if you are Dutch. It’s the integrity of Mark Rutte and Sigrid Kaag. I find it very hard just like anyone else to believe in it, but look for yourself what that cult writes about these two members of government. In Dunglish again.


 Page 202, September 2009

These two members of government we have to watch out for. One is in Africa now but still dangerous: Mrs Kaag Al Qaq. The other is Mark Rutte. They go along with a lot of what we want but never stop fighting us.


I can write 10 books about this cult and their cooking, but will stop here. You now have an idea of the situation I am in and the utter importance of me getting out of the claws of these murderers. If you want to tell your grandchildren you have done anything good in your life, then support me in my fight against this life-threatening scum. Their names are also in the file: 26 Dutch unpeople in mostly but not always high positions and yes: one of them is indeed that schizophrene woman who would so-called be my biological mother according to them. No she’s not. She may want to be my mother, but I resemble my own mom. That is why I am so interested in psychology and so good at languages, cooking and music. My mom also has the same voice as I: a high soprano. For the rest I resemble my dad, who is so good at diplomacy and also languages and music. And cultures! He has the same humour as me and I also look very much like him.


Time for cooking now and then the Greek election results! Don’t forget to support my work!




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Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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