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Reading the non-existing shocking Youth Care file

The Dutch Child “Protection” (RvdK or Raad voor de Kinderbescherming) stubbornly refuses to give me my file and lies they so-called don’t have it. Well, my family has it and even if it’s not safe for them to send it to me, they can show it so I can read what is in it. You are going to be so shocked what is in that file! The whole proof of the fact (!) that the Dutch Child Protection is the same as the Satan Cult that prefers calling themselves Gnostics. Prepare yourself for reading a vehemently cruel and inhuman logbook about what this clan has done to me and my family during my life. I am of course only quoting a few things, since the file counts 323 pages until now.


Gnostics in the Dutch Child Protection

We will start with the frontpage, because there it says who has written this whole file that now contains 323 pages, but every time the Dutch Youth Care does an attack on me, they write about it and then my husband receives a copy without them knowing. This file is kept by the Dutch Raad voor de Kinderbescherming or Child Protection (CP from now on). On the frontpage they use a very dense and hard to read font, but I see the words CHURCH OF THE GNOSTICS with its logo to my enormous surprise. You can see the logo here on their Facebook page. This is the ultimate proof that the Dutch Child Protection adheres to the heresy or cult of the Gnostics, that all real Christians warn us against. It that wasn’t so, they wouldn’t have written and kept this file about me.

The link I gave here just above goes to the World History Encyclopedia, which I find a bit vague to be honest. I found lots of articles in the Dutch language of which I have chosen two, because they state very clearly what the Gnostics are, how you can find this fake but very dangerous theory in today’s transgender, woke,  child abuse and even climate change hypes and how people who adhere to this cult sexually abuse children – in other words: yes they are satanists. This is the first article and this is the second in which the child abuse is clearly mentioned and explained. If you prefer English, I also found one in English, even though the English articles are mostly very philosophic, difficult to read and vague.

The file about me, which is more some kind of a logbook and even a Gnostic beliefs promoting flyer than a normal Youth Care file, starts with 9 pages with Roman numbers and then continues out of the blue with Arabic numbers that don’t start with page 1, but 5. Chaos already in the structure of the file, exactly as the Gnostics are known to believe in. On the Roman numbered pages they write the story about how they, the gnosticists or whatever they called themselves in that time, had God and the Goddess separated 11.600 years ago and how they think I am the returned Goddess. Blahdiblah. Gnosticists on one hand know things that others don’t know and on the other hand believe so much square bonkers that you can’t make out anything, except the child abuse, sexual debaucherie in general, also celibate (that is where the celibate in the Christian church comes from, away with it!) and the same vague, mental sick ideas about gender that we see nowadays in the stories transgenders come to tell to our children at school: that you can choose your gender and change it.

Gnosticists simply believe the body is evil and so you can do to it what you want. Prostitution is even “better” than a normal marriage in their point of view. You can read it all in the four articles I cited. I want to say one more thing: gnosticists believe the world isn’t allowed by God to become a better place and they have been put in place as the elite who must keep the chaos going. So that is why e.g. their climate change solutions don’t bring any improvement – 0.000036°C lowering of temperature in the Netherlands provided that we spend €28 billion euros for it right now, according to the brilliant Minister of Climate Rob Jetten. It is also why they couldn’t care less about terrible environmental accidents like a few months ago with that train in Ohio or the deliberate destruction of the Nord Stream that filled up the Baltic Sea with gas. Do you now understand what the Gnostics are and how important it is that you know what we are actually fighting against? Know your enemy, both Chinese and Greeks said it eons ago already.


The start of the logbook

So what do they say on page 5? Well, this is all and it directly proves all the stories I have told about myself, when I retrieved my memories and was really, deeply shocked about what has been done to me without me remembering anything of it. Even whenever my friends said to me: girl you have been sexually abused by that foster father of yours. It’s written all over you, I wouldn’t believe it. But it’s all true and a lot worse as well.

Er is een pasgeboren meisje gevonden in Griekenland. Ze heeft het perfecte DNA en dient daarom onderzocht en tegelijkertijd tegengehouden te worden. Als wij haar niet onder controle houden, zet zij de hele wereld op zijn kop wanneer zij groot is. Dat moeten wij te allen koste voorkomen. A new-born girl has been found in Greece. She has the perfect DNA and therefore needs to be investigated and simultaneously obstructed. If we don’t keep her under control, she shall put the whole world upside down when she will have grown up. We have to prevent that at any cost.


The fact that I apparently had “perfect” DNA, means that in my genes the self-healing ability that everyone has, was still completely intact. So I could and still can recover a lot easier from any disease, medical condition, disorder or whatever complaint than most other people. This is correct, because no-one would have survived the extremely heavy child abuse I had to endure, the MS that almost got me suffocated, the spleen cancer and when I literally died (with doctors present) just after having given birth to my eldest son in 1996.


 What I have also understood, is that I had all talents intact. In fact there is only one talent: the fact that you can learn anything you are interested in. So the fact that I had these things in my genes, meant to the gnosticists that the proof was there: life in itself is good, but people have suffered through the ages and therefore the DNA has been deteriorated. It can be cured and then everyone can heal from all diseases or better: not become ill in the first place. This is what the church (and any normal person) says, but what the Gnostics deny.

They think anything that has to do with the flesh is evil. Not only that: they are the ones that are in power in the world today and they plan and execute all the terrible things like war, poverty, disease, trauma, prostitution, criminality and hunger that keep occurring. So the fact that I was born with the proof they are wrong that the world should be an evil place and they have been put in charge of it by God Him- and Herself, threatens their authority. That is the only reason why they terrorise me and my family so hard and so badly.



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Let’s see if we can read anything in the file that indicates it is about me. Page 6 it is! It says:

 Anastasia Vassiliou, born in Athens, Greece, on the 25th of July 1966 from an Orthodox [Christian] family.


What a spilling of paper back in the sixties! Let’s go to page 7, which is empty, so page 8 then. There is no date, but this must have been written a couple of years later after my illegal adoption. It says, again in English:

 The baby Anastasía Vassiliou now has a forged birth certificate in the Netherlands as Bianca von Meyenfeldt, born 22nd of July 1966. After adoption she became Sonja Agnita Dijkhuis.


Isn’t that a weird file? Such empty pages. It looks like they wanted to write a book. Whatever! Page 9 only bears the names of my parents:

 Parents: Paris Vassiliou and Chrysa Constantinou, married in Athens, may 1966.


Okay, up to page 10! Empty until page 15. I am asking myself if they have possibly written on these pages with chlor instead of ink. You don’t know and we can’t find out now, because my family has copies, not the original. Anyway, page 15 says:

 Baby Anastasía abducted on the 27th of July 1966. Destination: Amsterdam.


***Added a few hours later: page 16 says I was “initiated into their cult”. This still belongs to part I of this series. I was stunned when I read this and I think so will you be:

 Baby Anastasia was initiated into the Church of Gnostics by a sexual initiation ritual in Amsterdam on the 2nd of September 1966.


That is the rape when I was 8 days old that I saw for the first time when I was 29 years old and tried to find my family by means of regression therapy. As a hobby astrologist I directly looked up if the night of 2 September was full moon and what do you think? Yup. It was full moon on the 31th of August and the ritual was done on the night from 1 to 2 August. The moon is called gibbous then, but still more or less full. So when I was kidnapped on the 27th of July, it took them 6 days to get me to that hospital in Amsterdam from Athens. The day after this my parents were tipped off that I was in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis in Amsterdam and with the help of the Greek Embassy AND the Russian KGB (!) they got me home again. One and a half month later however I was kidnapped again.

A medical doctor had caught the perpetrator and he was put in a psychiatric hospital until his death. Wilhelmina Gasthuis was a horror place that had served as a mental hospital for women for decades and where terrible experiments on these poor women were done by psychiatrists of this Gnostics clan. Can you see the pattern now? After that the place became a hospital where many babies were born and given away for adoption. Same clan, other department.


This is the last page I will read with you today. Otherwise the article becomes too long and it’s already difficult to fathom the cult of the Gnostics and its huge impact on our world today. Almost all movies and series on TV, Netflix, Disney+ and so on are influenced by the wicked ideas of this cult. They are trying very hard to impose their idiot and untrue belief to the world in any possible way. Because very few people know what the Gnostics are, they don’t see through it and having the desire to be modern and up-to-date, they go along in this despicable ideology.

I promise to write more about the file kept and written by the Dutch CP aka Gnostic Church, but first tonight the results of the Greek second round elections. Second round because the center-right party Nea Dimokratia finally succeeded in making the economy grow again after over 40 years of stagnation and heavy detriment. They want to continue their work by themselves, not in a coalition with leftist parties. Tonight around 9PM the first results will for sure be there.



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