I was wrong! But it’s yet another proof that I am far from a mentally unstable conspiracy thinker or ‘paranoia’. In every mistake there is something good, isn’t there? (Smile and: no not always). The people in the Donbass already received their Russian passports, but Patrick Lancaster filmed Kherson today and … there the population also received Russian passports. I really hadn’t thought Russia would take any other parts of Ukraine but the two eastern provinces, but now it does seem so. Or it’s maybe for the time being, we will see. People also received SIMcards for their telephones with +7, so Russian numbers, last week in Donbass and Kherson. I’ll show you the footage, the story and another story about Galicia and Prussia.

Map of Ukraine



Important regions in Ukraine

Here you see the map of Ukraine once more and I deliberately chose the one with the minerals on it. There you can see where the riches of Ukraine are situated, so you will understand which regions are important. Donestk and Lugansk in the east together make out the region of Donbass (or Donbas if you want in Ukrainian). The city and province of Kherson are right north of Crimea and in between we have the province of Zaporizhzhya – impossible to write that correctly! – where an enormous nuclear power plant is situated. It is said that the Ukrainian army may want to produce or has already produced nuclear weapons in that plant, or else in the gigantic steel plant in Mariupol, all the south-east at the sea.

Now the Russians already have a huge country full of minerals, oil and gas. They don’t need the extra raw materials in the Donbass, but you will understand that Ukraine doesn’t want to miss them. From the background colour you can see there is a whole lot of riches in that area. If you now go to the west, you see the city and province around it of Lviv. North of it you see Lutsk with also a province around it. These two regions are important to Poland, because historically they have sometimes belonged to the Polish. Lviv’s province is the east part of a large region that continues over the border in Poland and that carries the name Galicia. Not the Spanish but the Ukrainian-Polish Galicia and a lot less nice than the Spanish Galicia too: in this region Nazism was terrible and long before the Nazis existed, it was already a cruel place where many horrible wars have been fought. If you’d like a lesson about Ukraine’s history, I advise you this article by Cynthia Chung on Lew Rockwell’s website.

Of course, now you have seen the map of Ukraine with all its natural resources, you have understood that Poland doesn’t only want these regions because of the Galician history. They told the EU and the Americans this fairy-tale, because – as they said – if they would take the Nazi part of Ukraine, the war in the Donbass could stop. The Nazis would then be in Poland, wouldn’t they? So they couldn’t bomb the residents of Donbass anymore. That this is just bonkers, you can see already from the fact that the den of the Azov Battalion is far, far away from Lviv in the south-eastern city of Mariupol. And of all the Nazis in Ukraine the Azov Batallion is most dangerous. The Poles have ferm economic issues, since they gave half of their tank arsenal for free to Ukraine and took up a couple millions of refugees in their country, who all need to be taken care of, fed and housed. They want the industrial region of Lviv to lift their economy! It doesn’t need an explanation: you can see it on the map.


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Russian passports in Kherson

I promised to show you proof of the fact that the Khersonians are really receiving Russian passports. Here it is, filmed by The Great Video Master Patrick Lancaster, who isn’t afraid to get himself in the middle of fights between the Russian and Ukrainian army and really shows you anything the rest of the media will never cover. Here he is!



Poland and Lviv or … the resurrection of the old Prussia?

I have heard Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky clearly state that he loves being friends with Poland, but doesn’t want to be all too close buddies. He said that on the World Economic Forum days in Davos. In this article you will find the video footage. Let’s not misinterpret different messages we get and let’s try to find out if it is true that Poland is really taking Lviv and maybe even Lutsk from Ukraine. First there was this message from Unesce which controls the borders in the world. It said on March 25 that all borders with Poland were open and a few other borders as well. It also said you could be controlled, so between ‘open’ and ‘ooooopen’ there is a difference. It was just possible to enter or leave Ukraine through the borders with Poland. This article here from May 24 tells us that Ukraine and Poland are going to cooperate at their borders in joint customs. That still doesn’t mean there is no border, but they seem to trust each other. The cooperation is meant to speed up Ukraine’s admission to the EU, so to put the EU under pressure to accept Ukraine in other words.

Prussia: all the way from north-west France to Latvia and Ukraine.


Now let’s go back to the story of Poland wanting Lviv! It’s getting complicated now, because Germany plays a role too and the one who warns the EU against this plan, is Dmitri Medvedev, now Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council. He has been both Prime Minister and President of Russia, so this isn’t a person who just says anything. Here you find his words in German and underneath the article there is a link to the English version if you like. Here we aren’t talking about just this Polish-Ukrainian region Galicia, but about the resurrection of the old Prussia, which was a lot larger, also containing (parts of) Germany, Austria, Ukraine and Poland and even Latvia. This is a whole operation if the whispers about Germany and Poland wanting to resurrect it, are true.

Reason why this story could be true, is that Germany and even more Poland don’t like the volume of Russia. They think it’s much too large and too mighty and don’t see Russia is above all a friendly giant. It’s almost twice the United States but not even half as dangerous, even if I still don’t like the war in Ukraine and I don’t choose the Russian side without any second thoughts. On the map above you can see how vast Prussia was, even if its borders weren’t all the time the same.  Poland wants to create a buffer zone between Russia and Europe and momentarily that is embodied by the Visegrad countries: Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. For Poland however, Visegrad isn’t enough: the Polish want a counterpart for Russia within Europe and the Germans are for sure not against that idea. Germany is already the largest EU country, but they have always kept aspirations to the east and even farther than just Poland.

What they also hate, is that tiny little piece of Russia that is squeezed between Poland and Latvia: Kaliningrad or Köningsberg in German. On the map here above it’s in the blue part of Ostpreußen. There is actually a lot of hatred and resentment in this whole region of Germany, Poland and some regions around the two. I never understood why Russia, which is so big, needs to have that one city there on the East Sea! Well, now we know: it’s of a strategic importance in order to prevent that Poland and Germany would ever resurrect Prussia. The Russians have control over the East Sea by owning Kaliningrad and that’s important as you see.

It would be really dangerous if the Germans and Polish succeeded in reconnecting Prussia or even parts of it. That would create a large and powerful counterweight to Russia and with a leftist, globalist government of course. The whole EU wouldn’t have anything to say anymore, while even now Germany is already the boss – hence the UK left the union, didn’t they? In the article about Medvedev’s words he says this aspiration by Poland and Germany would undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty, but what do you think about the sovereignty of the whole Europe? Don’t forget the EU boss is German herself. Ursula von der Leyen used to be Secretary of Defense. How much power wouldn’t this union give her?


Is it true?

If it’s true that Germany and Poland are putting their noses together to reinstate the old Prussia or even if Poland still tries to get its hands on Ukraine’s Lviv: we aren’t sure about it yet. The EU hasn’t said anything about it and neither is there a statement from the German government in the German media about it. We are just guessing. I think this is just a region in north-east Europe to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and months. It’s always good to be warned if something dangerous is about to happen and if it wasn’t true, we can laugh about it later on. How we believed in conspiracies while saying we were so logic.


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