Secrets come out and criminals get jailed for the first time ever

Everything is going slow, I know and there is a lot of fight between leftist and right-wing politicians. The leftists have almost everywhere in the world been in power and fight for their life to stay there. The right-wing conservatives though don’t let that happen: there has been too much bureaucracy, too much corruption and too many lies and cover-ups to let the same people over and over again govern us. They must go, but the only way to oust them, is by elections and those aren’t fair anywhere in the world. It is absolutely not true that half of the population of the world wants lies, corruption, war and poverty!


Bribery in Brussels

The last week a huge scandal came out in Brussels: the EU top has been bribed by Qatar and not only that, but also by Morocco. And who knows what else is going to come to the light? Since a few months the EU has lost its enormous power that forced all member states to comply with their often injust and undemocratic rules. If as a politician you want to skip a rule in order to save the population of your country, Brussels will immediately dive upon you and stop your subsidies. And still there are people who think this is fair and normal. No it’s not!

Look for instance at Hungary, a country on the EU border, where thousands of immigrants enter Europe every year. If they don’t close their borders, there will even be millions and millions. The whole Middle East and Africa are running empty, because the western leftist system that governs the world, doesn’t allow them to grow and to thrive. The EU tries very hard to withhold the subsidies Hungary has a right to, but it becomes harder and harder. Hungary wants to stay in the European Union, but it doesn’t want to lose all sovereignty. That is a fair demand and we should all support the Hungarians in it. Nobody ever voted for the EU to acquire such huge power that it has become a country and to force all kinds of “agreements” on us, that make it impossible to still govern our own countries.


Interference in foreign elections

The Americans interfere in all foreign elections especially in Africa and the European Union does that too, in order for all the 54 countries that make out Africa to keep on having leftist, communist and corrupt leaders. Do you really think Africans don’t care about their country and their continent? Well, I can tell you they care very much! The problem is that they aren’t free to develop themselves. The interference in their elections, which we have seen here as well in the last few years, has been their reality forever.

France interferes with all the countries it ever has colonised. A few months ago it was Equatorial Guinea that accused France of such interference. Also Spain and the US were accused. In 2016 there was a big article about France always interfering in African elections. How can you call yourself a democratic country if you don’t even have the least respect for others to let them hold their own elections? In France itself this year Emmanuel Macron won the elections, while in all polls he was low and Marine Le Pen was much higher. But at the last moment and only in one region she suddenly lost. That was strange and since you don’t even have the right to insinuate that the elections haven’t been fair here in Europe, she couldn’t have it researched.

And what do you think of Brazil, where the always picked at by the western media Jair Bolsonaro is so popular, yet the population allegedly voted for Lula, an extreme leftist and prisoner because of corruption. Do you really believe so many people voted for a man who was in prison and who has been freed only for joining the elections? There is a law that forbids such in Brazil, but that law was just walked over with Nancy Sinatra’s big fat boots.

All corruption in the world is always caused by the west, consisting of the US, the EU, the UK, Australia and New-Zealand. They accuse the Russians of interfering in elections, but that has never been proven and is also not true. If there is anyone who interferes from Russia or China, it’s hackers and these countries do all they can to stop those hackers. We can’t say the same about the EU, the UK and the US, who don’t even bother. In the US it is always Hillary Clinton & Co who interfere in elections, Democrats who must and shall allow mail-in votes and then lose all the votes, especially if they were from Republicans. I almost forgot all the dead people voting in that country. If you call that democracy, I don’t know what to say!


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Sabotage at Nord Stream gas pipeline

Want more scandals? What do you think about the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline last summer? The EU wanted very much to blame the Russians, but they didn’t have any motive to do such a thing. The Swedes and Danes did research, found out the truth and didn’t dare to say it: the Brits had done it, probably asked and paid for by the United States, who did have a motive. They started the whole proxy-war in Ukraine where so many people have suffered and died since February this year, only to stop the European countries from buying gas in Russia. What they wanted and got? Us to buy their gas in the form of LNG in barrels shipped to Europe on very polluting ships and against top prices. They were even prepared to kill hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine and to lie hard about it. But the European Union isn’t a cent better: they just swallowed the lies, corruption and coercion, ever saying yes to the Americans. Yet it all came out and more and more people finally start to grasp that not Russia is the enemy, but America.


Theft after EU sanctions against Russia

The EU applied a lot of sanctions against Russia and many of those were against people, like Russian business people who were demonised as being crooks. Their money and possessions were frozen as if it was nothing, even if no-one asked if these people had done anything to harm the European Union. Today the Dutch Telegraaf announced that 61 lawsuits have been filed at the European Court. If a business man has “loads of money”, that doesn’t mean you can just freeze or even steal it! Business and war are certainly not the same thing and have to be separated in a righteous state of law, but this didn’t happen. Departments of Gazprom in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands have been taken over in a hostile way, where all the companies’ money was just confisquated by the three states. I have written about it a few weeks ago.


World Cup Football in Qatar

Qatar had the honour to host the World Cup Football this year. Very nice that for the first time ever a non-western country was chosen and it was already done 12 years ago, so Qatar had all the time in the world to prepare for the tournament. Problem was that Qatar is half as small as the Netherlands and literally the whole country needed a large make-over: hotels, stadiums, trains and highways needed to be built in the hot-hotter-hottest country. They didn’t pay their workers a fair salary and the companies that were at work, often didn’t pay them at all or let them wait for months to receive their salaries.

Also quite a lot of workers died under harsh circumstances and many countries preferred not to hold the World Cup in Qatar. But it’s outrageous that the international community that has its mouth so full of human rights, lied about the numbers of workers that died. They talked about 6,500, while the correct number was about 500. That is also 500 too many and very serious, even in 12 years time. But lying about a country just because it’s not western and because it doesn’t always comply to American demands, is just evil. Here I have found some statistics from someone who did official research after Nepali workers in Qatar and what happened to them. How many died, how many lived and well, you will see it for yourself. What you can clearly see in the graphics, is that there aren’t more deaths in the hot months. This means workers probably haven’t been forced to work too hard during the long Qatari summers.


Twitter and Elon Musk

The US as much as the EU are very busy preparing laws to ban free speech, our last and only democratic right. Today I heard a vague, weird story about Elon Musk, who bought Twitter a few months ago, on the news on NPO1, having the TV on to watch the football match between Croatia and Morocco. That one ended 2-1 so that Croatia became third in the world and Morocco fourth. Even if the Moroccan team lost the match, they are very happy to have come this high in a world cup. About Elon Musk though it wasn’t clear to me what the news host wanted to say. He said something about ethics without explaining anything. In the meantime a few crooked journalists have followed Musk’s private jet and have published on Twitter where Elon was at that moment. Very dangerous of course and very forbidden – only if it happens to right-wing people, the laws suddenly don’t apply anymore and so the newspapers today tell that he has been forced to reinstall the journalists that had broken the law and that he – rightly so – had banned, on Twitter. Sharing someone’s personal data on the internet is called doxxing and is strictly forbidden. It wouldn’t have been more than just to keep these journalists banned for at least a few months apart from suing them.

Yet all the injustice comes out and if you fight hard, you will have more results than ever against evil people who operate in the shadows. Never in history this has been possible. The elites have always reigned the world with corruption, dark actions and injustice. They have always stolen the people’s money and have always denied their rights. Today this is changing and every week you will find a few cases of wrongdoing that have come out to the light and have been brought to justice. Don’t fail to see this and if you support me, this will happen faster and faster! I am not a journalist like others as you know, who writes articles for money. I write articles, sing songs, do comedies, advise people and do everything else that is necessary to stop evil, injustice, corruption and war.

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