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Seventeen executive orders on first day

As you’ve probably already heard, the new president of the US is as busy as can be. He signed not less than 17 executive orders of which 10 for Corona rules and 7 for deturning Trump policies as soon as possible.

“There’s no time to start like today,” he commented when asked. And when a reporter asked him something that wasn’t about softball, he got upset and sneered the reporter away. I almost wish I had been there to have it with my own eyes.

The other 7 executive orders according to CNN were about the following noble causes, that really couldn’t wait a day longer to be put in motion:

  • signing up again for the Paris Agreement on the climate
  • mandatory wearing of masks when on federal ground (in Washington DC)
  • stopping the funding of the Mexican wall
  • halting a travel ban for people from certain countries of which some are Muslim
  • regulations of equity for diversity
  • other laws for the environment
  • reentering into the WHO


I can hardly imagine CNN would lie about anything Joe Biden says, so checking is not even necessary. What a relaxed job I’m having! biden also has a Press Secretary who by no means can ever compete with smart, courageous, beautiful and well-dressed Kaileigh McEnany. She – again – is Greek and of the kind that shorten their surnames when entering the United States. Yeah we Greeks have some looooong names, like e.g. Hatzikarapapathanassopoulidis or so, but if you ruin your name into a Poulos or Psaki, then you really have a deformation. Press Secretary had red dyed hair, was wearing a weird blue dress and is called Jen Psaki. I can’t even imagine what her real name would be. Psaraki? I know it: Koutsopsaraki: son of the Limp Fisherman (now that’s longer in English than in Greek, you gotta admit it!). And sorry for the joke. I need it at this moment, because I’m deadly worried for what this terrible government in the USA is going to do the coming years.

Anyway, I loathe her for talking bad about the Trump administration, saying “We’re here to bring back democracy”. What? Was there no democracy before then? President Trump never silenced anyone or threw them from Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook! I have seen Mrs McEnany struggle hard to explain them over and over again what the government was doing, while the only question the reporters wanted to have answered, was if the President would step down because of the Russia hoax. After having said NO a thousand times she would ignore that question and since they didn’t have anything else on their minds, she would send them home.

Nice detail: Biden doesn’t only put away a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, but he changed more busts. It seems to be a tradition among presidents. To my surprise he put a bust of Robert F. Kennedy into his office. John F. Kennedy’s brother and a very fine man who fights for children and any good cause actually but who is seen as a conspiracy thinker by Democrats. It’s Bloomberg that said it, so it must be true, mustn’t it?
















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