The abusive power of the Netherlands

Keeping up a healthy family is already difficult. How much harder does it get when you live in a country where family is considered old-fashioned and outdated? A country where the government tolerates pedophilia and doesn’t control an also waning Youth Care at all?


An abused elite

Talking about the Netherlands of course. There is no other country in the world where the notion of family is so degradated, where children are considered bothering and where pedophilia is allowed by law. In one of my previous articles I pointed out very clearly how a child doesn’t have any hope for a future life if he or she has been sexually or even physically or mentally abused. So what is the point of even having them if the parents are going to abuse them?

Of course there are children who lose their entire ability to feel and become ruthless career tigers after a childhood with abuse. They become judges, politicians, Youth Care workers and executives. In the Netherlands it’s even (almost) impossible to have such a profession without an abusive childhood. A widespread clan of abusive families has taken all the power in this little but very important country, where e.g. the International Criminal Court of “Justice” is located. The country where one of the largest ports and airports in the world are located, where international trade contracts are written and signed.

The country where in 1971 a kidnapped child was blocked from going back to her rightful Greek parents who lived in Germany, even if the countries we thought had the most power in the world – the USA and the USSR – sued together with Germany and Greece the Netherlands at this International Criminal Court of Injustice in The Hague. She was forced into the Satan sect, sent to a child trafficker’s house and after the lawsuit to a satanic and extremely hateful and abusive “family”.


An abused population

Most abused kids however do not become high-placed officials. They end up using drugs, in an endless depression, with a broken family if they try to establish one and without any success on any level in their life. Their children will also be abused and broken, because child abuse has this effect on the brain: the thalamus I wrote about in this article. When that little accessory in your brain doesn’t work properly, you get one earthquake after the other in your life. It’s like an alarm that goes off all the time and that creates catastrophes of all kinds: financial shocks, accidents with the children, loss of again another job and so on and so on. According to statistics about 1:8 children is abused in some way, so that is a heck of a lot so to speak.


The role of the Dutch Youth Care

In the Netherlands it is exactly Youth Care, which is a huge sector, that contributes to and even creates entire abused generations, by unrightfully taking away children from good parents. Hundreds and possibly even thousands of children per year are grabbed away from their parents without any reason. Often the police accompanies Youth Care, forever traumatising the child and their parents by taking the child out of bed at night and things like that.

Even worse: this happens the most to children that need help in some way. Autistic kids, kids with learning problems or ADHD that are already in a weak position, often lose their rightful parents in such a traumatic way. They have to go from one foster family to another with a 75% chance of being abused and sometimes they even have to go to orphanages or a juvenile detention center without having done anything wrong. I have known quite a lot of people to who this has been done and I’ve read hundreds of stories in newspapers and on the internet. It is totally true and all parents in the country fear this will happen to their family. You only need a nasty neighbour or an angry school teacher or director and Youth Care will be there at your door, threatening to grab your children.


Do children ever return to their parents?

Very seldomly! Youth Care has this criminal philosophy of never acknowledging any failure and of never repairing their mistakes. They even say it loud and clear to the parents. They have said it to me many times: “We don’t acknowledge failures and never correct ourselves”. It’s their slogan and no-one does anything about it, because the government of this wicked country agrees with Youth Care. In 2017 the three Secretaries of Justice had a meeting with a group of parents: Hugo de Jonge, Sander Dekker and Ferd Grapperhaus. They were even too unwilling to make a law or a regulation to forbid Youth Care to write lies about parents, which they do on a daily basis.

Whenever they want to take away the children, but they can’t because the parents are capable, they just write in their files – out of nothing! – the parents allegedly have psychiatric problems. This is strictly forbidden in the Netherlands and may only be done after a real test by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But the Dutch Youth Care is above the law and no-one can fight them. Here in this article you just find a page full of random stories about injustice by this criminal sector. It’s in Dutch, but hey we are in the Netherlands here and there is Google Translate on my website.

Youth Care seldomly lets children return to their own families. Even if they cry, become depressed, try to escape or even try to take their life. Youth Care couldn’t care less and simply threatens them they will be in yet another “foster family”, in a closed institution or jail if they don’t stop complaining they want their parents. It happened to me, right? It happened to my boys and it happens to thousands and thousands of children every year. Even when there are problems in a family, but a training or therapy could help, Youth Care often takes the children away. But when there is serious trouble in a family, like sexual abuse, they don’t care and leave the children alone. And in case of divorced parents they always send the children to the parent who neglects or abuses the children.


I have made my point and find it enough for today. We can do something about it as you know and that is to support ME and MY WORK. Share my articles in appropriate places, subscribe to the news and donate for my work. But you Dutch are stubborn people who never listen to good advice and you even prefer your own family to be broken by the Dutch Youth Care to very simply supporting me. So what can I say more than: it’s your own fault if Youth Care takes your children?





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