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The Dutch Quackery Association and its Higher Science

Really. The Dutch Quackery Association (VtdK), by mouth of Catherine de Jong, anaesthesist or the Secretary of the Club of Clubs, is still gossiping about me. She can’t quit the poisonous drug of sending e-mails filled with lies about me to doctors, government instances, universities, civilians and more such in order to raise them against my person. My crime? My team and I found out how to cure disease and only I am hunted down for it. About science today.


Medical doctors and their stubborn mistake

The association can’t stand that someone who isn’t a medical doctor – moi – has found the cure for almost all disease, both mental and physical. If you see how these medical doctors think while “trying” to find the most expensive and extensive cures for different medical conditions, it is really no wonder they can’t cure anyone for good though. 

I mean … they find a substance of which a patient has too much or too little or an obstruction in a bone, nerve or blood vessel and then they don’t start thinking. No no no, they directly go to administer the missing substance or suppletion pills or to eliminate the obstruction with e.g. surgery. Very expensive and in many cases unnecessary methods that have totally exhausted health insurances and public treasuries. Medical doctors never even think about the simple scientific fact that there is a reason why – a cause if you prefer – the obstruction or deficiency has come into existence in the first place. No, they run – hoppaaaa! – like madmen to stop the evil and when the patient logically creates the same problem again after some time, they are puzzled how that is possible. 


– Well, maybe because they didn’t tackle the cause of the defect? 


The only thing that my husband, my mom-in-law – who is a medical specialist if that means anything to you – and I do differently from other medical doctors, is that we use our God-given brain to ponder out why defects in the human body, brain and DNA occur. When we have found the cause, we don’t start by curing the direct defect, but we cure the cause. The deepest cause of any medical condition is always a trauma: an accident, a psychological trauma or another incident that has shocked the patient. It can also be an incident that happened to an ancestor. There is not even one exception to that, yet most medical doctors despise psychologists, psychiatrists and trauma healing. It is as if they don’t want to cure patients. That is how obvious their thickheaded mistake is. Yet it is so simple to grasp. You don’t need to be a doctor for that.


An easy victim for the Dutch Quackery Association

And it is so easy to jump upon me with the entire medical sector. Me, a single mom who got paralysed of an on purpose not diagnosed ALS and MS and who fights to stay alive, because her children don’t have anyone else they can go to. I only have a Master’s degree in French-Greek literature and a post-Bachelor’s degree in teaching Dutch to foreigners according to them. Medical doctors often have more titles, because it is not that easy to find a meaningful study for a PhD as a linguist. I was invited to do my doctorate in Greece because my professors there loved me for being a very serious and hard-working student (who could also sing Nana Mouskouri songs), but I couldn’t stay there for personal reasons. Without a PhD you are nothing in this world and it’s a piece of cake for filthy people to grab you – which they did. First they fed me poison to make me ill and then they destroyed both me and my boys.


Countless criminal medical doctors more trustworthy than a patient?

It is so easy to blame me for not taking pharmaceutical pills without asking me why I don’t take them. I will answer the question myself: I don’t have access to them, because 11 GP’s, 3 neurologists and partially a radiologist have been lying in my face that I was so-called mentally ill – with paralysis and a double hernia! – and so they refused to treat me. They all preferred to listen to the Satan Cult instead of their medical oath and yes, that makes them criminals. Who would you prefer to listen to: to me, an honest and intellectually educated working mom or to a bunch of punishable lying doctors who have let a club of totally irrelevant idiots bribe them to starve me? And yes I do use only natural remedies, because I have no other choice. I would love to combine the two, but unlike all other people, I get no medical treatment. We have used this illegal obstruction to a good end and have discovered and scientifically tested almost 100 natural remedies.

What the medical sector, starting with that dumb quackery association (which is NOT a government instance, but a little interest club with only 1900 fanatics as members) has done to me? Well, they destroyed the income of my family, they stole my children away from their loving top mom, they ruined my reputation by placing me on hundreds of blacklists worldwide without any reason and they are also the reason why I am not cured until now. So many traumas, even I can’t handle them with so many worries about my two beloved sons. They don’t have a life at all and are in very, very difficult situations both of them. I can’t help them, because I have no access whatsoever to income after the whole medical sector has been smearing me for 10 years.

And why? Because Madam Catherine de Jong knew an evil woman from the Dutch Pedophile Youth Care and a school principal with borderline, who wanted to destroy me, because that is what borderline does to a person: it makes patients revengeful against innocent people. That woman wasn’t allowed by her psychiatrist in her mental institution to ever, ever again have any manager’s job especially not in education, but look how she became a school principal! I wasn’t by far their her only victim and she has been fired from one of the schools she mismanaged. You people know in the meantime that I have been kidnapped five times by the Dutch Child “Protection” and thrown into the Satan Cult. That they stole not only my family away, but also my very identity papers. My name and my Greek nationality that I haven’t received back until today. The government even refuses to register my marriage and to send me my very own marriage certificate together with my legal Greek birth certificate. I am obliged to live on forged identity papers and so are my sons. So is the Dutch government trustworthy or am I? Just tell me.


How scientific is the medical sector actually?

So Catherine de Jong, who is squarely against any medical methods that aren’t exactly taught at conventional medical school, didn’t do any research to find out how I got myself and hundreds of others cured from diseases like cancer, Crohn disease, MS, COPD, multiple personalities, ADHD and many more. With proof from their hospitals. She immediately assumed I had to be a charlatan – and she could know coz she’s a doctor – and literally buried me under tons of outright lies and more false insinuations that she not even checked. 

Don’t think lightly about this: De Jong is a woman who always boasts about her medically scientific methods. Oh she is a medical specialist and so anything – but anything – she says, is always true. She needed 10 years to even finish her basic Bachelor in medicine and another 5 for her specialty, but that doesn’t count, does it? She slams me for being clairvoyant, but I am not even clairvoyant. I just concentrate on a patient’s issue and then I get to see it. This way I can cure it as I have learned from books, from therapists and from my husband, who already knew a lot before me. That is regular Jungian psychology and very, very scientific as a method. Best part of it is that you don’t need to be a psychologist to use the method. This is a do-it-yourself method you can learn from very serious and scientific books, just like I did. Plus as a teacher I studied enough psychology at university to be able to do this.

In the meantime De Jong herself seems to think she is clairvoyant, since without even asking me one question or even speaking to me, she just intuitively knows I am a charlatan. Of course and that is why I have a good old-fashioned allround internist by my side. A heroine who is not afraid of innovative methods to save her daughter-in-law’s life. My mom-in-law who has known me since I was born and who knows exactly what the Dutch government aka Satan Cult has done to me to ruin my life and also my health. Where is the charlatan now? My family has all my medical files – you know the ones no doctor wants to give to me myself, because all the proof is in those files. I may not see that, because ooh then I would completely cure myself in no-time and the Satan Cult couldn’t earn their billions anymore over my dead body. My DNA that they trade with, you know and that Interpol is researching. The medical sector on the other hand couldn’t keep lying to patients that diseases are so-called incurable and let millions of people die just because they are too stubborn to use a decent method to get them cured. 


Curing disease is science!

Then again about curing: that is really not only concentrating on someone’s issue and then curing on cell level. Many diseases are totally entangled and tied up in the body of the patient. That can be because they have more than one condition or because they have had a wrong diagnosis and hence wrong medication. Or because they have visited a real charlatan therapist, who enlarged their problem instead of curing it. If you really want to cure patients, you cure people, not diseases or medical conditions. Each patient is different. I’ve had patients who were cured from dyslexia in one treatment and others who weren’t cured after 10 treatments, just to mention an example. Quot capita, tot sententiae

I demand that all gossip and all smear campaigns against me stop today! If the medical sector is still too stubborn to grasp that God can never have created human beings that get incurable diseases and if they are still not open to innovative scientifically proven methods, that is their own problem. And the problem of patients and the problem of everyone, because the health insurance in all countries of the world has become inaffordable with a dazzlingly growing number of patients and no cure for any disease. If you are open, then you can respectfully contact me. I haven’t cured anyone since ages and still that hateful woman De Jong hunts me down, paranoid as she is. Isn’t paranoia a sign of schizophrenia, ladies and gents doctors?

So who is mentally ill here: Catherine The Angry or Anastasía the Inventor of the Cure for all Diseases? Btw I have no ALS anymore, no MS, no hernia, no COPD, no Crohn and Lyme disease and no diabetes. What I still have, is prurigo (skin), alopecia, my thyroid hasn’t been completely cured and some women things because of all the sexual abuse as a child that I also so-called made up (!). 


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Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Countess Anastasía Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages and was trained as a political leader by her family, who were the rulers of Anatolia. --- Anastasía ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she discovered how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. While recovering she started news website Insider Times with news directly from political leaders and diplomats.

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