The Dutch Youth Care and their secret employees

There is still something about the shady, maffioso Dutch Youth Care system that I need to say. As you know, I don’t like writing about my personal life, but as a victim of Youth Care in the Netherlands you don’t have a choice. A few years ago when I put some names of rabid Youth Care workers on my website, the Friesland manager got infuriated and took my website down. That is my professional website with which I earn my income! You see how much power these nitwits have. High time to write about them today and help you save your kids.


The FSB is a piece of cake compared to Youth Care spies

That is because youth care Netherlands has a number of shady co-workers in their service. These dudes have as a job to catch people’s children, to set a trap for the parents and then grab the children away. So not only does Youth Care not care at all about keeping the law, but they are also a mob. If such a person is your contact person, they will normally give their name, but on the internet you won’t find them anywhere. Not even on Facebook or on the Dutch website where folks retrieve their old schoolmates (Schoolbank). Nowhere will you find them with their own name. Some of them do have secret accounts on social media in order to spy on families with the goal to take their children away, but you won’t find out unless you accidentally stumble upon one of them. As I did, I will tell you about that as well. These workers are literally spies and they are incredibly mean types, who lie right in your face, have the guts to call you crazy in their official reports and call the judge before a trial to order him or her to take your children, whatever may happen in court.

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Unfortunately I can’t expose the names of the Dutch Youth Care spies. What I can tell you, if you have anything to do with whichever branch of this bunch of horror organisations, is that if I were you, I’d Google your contact persons. Even if you only have one appointment with them or if they are ‘just’ present at an appointment with your own contact person. Let me not forget to make the joke: Dutch Youth Care calls parents that have been reported to them, clients! They really do. Definition of a client: someone who has heard about your toko and comes to you by their own free choice. No-one has ever come to Youth Care by their own free choice! No-one. Ever. Not.

Anywayz … I will tell you how this Dutch Youth Care tried more than once to snatch my children with the help of these spies. I always say they fought me for about 14 years, but the truth is they started the moment they kidnapped me from my parents in Athens. That makes almost 56 years and when I became a Mom, they never stopped spying on us, which makes 27 years now – pregnancy included. So how does this trick work? Well, they badly want your kids and are like drug addicts who are in bad need of a shot. They must have your kids and that means now! So they send this extremely mean dude to your house, who doesn’t even make an appointment with you first. That is not allowed if there is no big problem in your family, but as you know: Dutch Youth Care does anything they want, because they are above the law.


This is how the Youth Care spies work

Then on a sunny Monday morning at 10: 15 AM your doorbell rings. Let’s say it’s a woman, since 99% of the workers at Youth Care are women. So you see an unknown woman who forces herself on the surprised and shocked you and just steps inside your house. Sits down on your couch, demands that you leave any work you were doing at that moment – a complete lack of respect for parents is one of the most distinctive characteristics of these types – and starts talking to you about your children. Says her name and tells you some anonymous person has so-called reported you at their office as having a problematic relationship with your kids. There are more than enough hyenas who do such things in this country, just for gloating when you get enormous trouble with Youth Care.

You of course reply there is no problem at all in your house and you don’t understand who the one that reported you may have been. You say you’ve got work to do and send the Youth Care worker home. A very normal and logical reaction, but for these wolves it’s the worst you could do. Now they willl glue to you: if you “deny the problem”, that makes you untrustworthy and guilty in their eyes. THEY say to you there is co-called a problem and THEY are in charge: that is how they see it and if THEY say you have a problem, you’ve got to solve it in some way. Denying it – because there really IS no problem – is not an option. If Youth Care dictates you a problem, you must go and find “professional help” to “solve” it. Period.

So there you go, looking for someone who has all the outragedly necessary diplomas and ISO numbers and all AND who won’t betray you. I can be short about that: such people don’t exist. Not in the Netherlands, because any organisation for social work or mental health (or whatever) is a traitor and works together with Youth Care. And if you find someone who doesn’t meet ALL the standards they demand, Youth Care is going to say that person is incapable or even subjective. I was lucky the first time they played this trick on me, because it was before 2015, when the government doctored the most horrible and hostile to families law ever: the Youth Act or Jeugdwet in Dutch. In that already tough time you could still beat Youth Care and that is what I did five times.

So I found a way out by getting some “help” that really consisted of nothing, since I didn’t need help bringing up my boys. I needed decent medical help and financing for my eldest son, who was chronically ill and couldn’t go to school anymore, but who did have to finish his school. I couldn’t teach him at home, since I was alone, had to work like a dog for an income and had already MS by then. So we needed financing, which did exist and all other parents would receive it (PGB in Dutch), but Youth Care arranged that we alone didn’t get it without any reason. So my son didn’t have access to any education anymore, Youth Care lied that I was guilty of that (I had been a teacher and school director for 25 years!) and they sent a report full of lies to court. In that time the email addresses of all Youth Care directors were on their website, so I sent them an urgent email, which stated that this woman needed to get the heck off our case. Back then that still shocked them and they backed off immediately.


A real spy

Now that woman from Youth Care who thought she could just beat me and grab my kids in a second, was again nowhere to be found on the internet: a spy. No LinkedIn profile, not mentioned at the LinkedIn company page of Youth Care, no Facebook, Instagram or nothing. I can characterise her though, so you know what kind of types these “people” are. This woman told me my son just had to stop whining (he was so sick that I even had to support him to go to the bathroom) and go to school. And oh in Belgium they had such ideal schools according to her. Yes, the youngsters there just had to shut up and carry out orders. Fantastic folks! Her effort was crushed now and so I kept my children that time.

I almost forgot that these spies also run around anonymously on social media and you won’t know it until you run into one. Then you will know it. These users will have no bio, name or photo of themselves first of all. First they will follow and even stalk you on Twitter or wherever you are on social media. How they operate: they won’t leave you alone at all, will first give you compliments and then will start crushing you, preferably in front of your followers. I am not advising you to distrust any users on social media with an anonymous profile, but if they really stick and then start complimenting you, watch out they won’t stab you next. Dutch Youth Care even spies on families in the supermarket and urges neighbours to report to them what you do and what you don’t. It’s not good to distrust everyone, but being a bit cautious is always smart if you have Youth Care in your life.


This is how the Youth Care spies are NOW

This incident happened in 2012 and even if it destroyed all our chances to have a decent income together with my son’s opportunity to finish his school, we survived. The next attack by Youth Care on my family came in 2015 just after the death of my stepfather. He may have been a horrible person, but the same Youth Care had erased my memory and I didn’t know yet what he had done to me and my boys. And so I did love him and was genuinely sad when he died. It is extremely mean to try to steal your children at such a moment, but that is one of the well-known ways of Dutch Youth Care. Not only did we have very hard times in general, but now we also had Youth Care hanging on our neck and causing trouble.

I decided it was time to leave the town where we lived and so we moved. I have told that already, so I will skip that part here. Thing is that exactly Youth Care wanted our move to fail and so they arranged that our new house was sabotaged, that my eldest could again not go to school there and that the youngest was forced to go to a village school where everyone only spoke Frysian, which is no easy language to learn and which made him feel rejected and not welcome. Exactly as Youth Care had planned. Whatever I did and even if there were places free at schools in the nearby city of Leeuwarden, my son just wasn’t allowed to go. Another problem was that the previous owners of our house had lied to us that there would be a bus that went to Sint Annaparochie where the school was. I was obliged to bring and fetch him every day, which together with the sadness of my sons didn’t give me any opportunity to work enough hours to earn enough income.

On top of that our new municipality of Menameradiel, later called Waadhoeke, lied to this Dutch volunteer’s association for quackery that I so-called didn’t have the necessary licence for my work and that I cheated my patients. Never have I received even one complaint in the 10 years that I did this work, diplomas or a licence weren’t asked for and I took too little money, not too much. According to my patients themselves! But the Dutch quackery is really powerful and was just like our municipality in the conspiracy to destroy me and my family. They got a senior legal counsel from the Senate in The Hague who also was a professor at university and who I couldn’t beat and filled the internet with square lies about me and my practice. That killed my practice and with all those problems and worries in my life I didn’t have the chance to heal from my disease. Let stand alone I was poisoned time and time again on government letters (on the inside, not on the envelope). I couldn’t do another job to have a better income and then Youth Care striked.

They sent me again a totally mean and impossible to talk to guy, who worked there and also can’t be found on the internet. He must have been the only man in the whole Dutch Youth Care. The guest had the gut to call me paranoid – meaning schizophrene – without any proof whatsoever, wrote it down in his already lying report about me, sent it to the whole government in the province of Friesland where we lived AND talked with the judge even before I knew there would be a case in court. He also sent an evenso mean and sticky woman from “social work” (municipality) to take my son from his lessons (!) and talk to him at school behind my back and without my consent, which is strictly forbidden in the Netherlands.

She tried to make him say that he wanted to go back to our previous town and live with my ex, but my son is deadly frightened of my ex and didn’t say that. I didn’t get a divorce without reason, what do these guys think? So she just lied about it and also informed my ex and his attorney with who he had a sexual relationship about her lies, while to me she refused to say a word about her talks with my son. He himself had clearly been intimidated and also didn’t dare to tell me what had been said there. Then, in a totally chaotic and catastrophical trial they stole my son away from his brother and his Mom. He was obliged to go to live with my ex and didn’t have the right to stay home with his brother and me. My ex has been neglecting, bullying and even abusing him physically for over four years now and even if he is 18 now, he can never come back home to his brother and Mom who love and cherish him.


What you can do about this

Now it’s of course really tough and intimidating if you get attacked by Youth Care in the first place. You know how scary they are and how they can steal your children away without even the slightest reason, they write lies about you in their dirty reports that they send everywhere, even to your doctor, to school and you can’t even get the lies eliminated from their writings. They will tell you: “If you don’t agree to something in our report, you write a letter about it and we will add it to your file”. Yeah, my nose. They put it in your file, but they don’t send it along to all those addresses they send that report to. Since you don’t even get to know where the thing went to, you can’t send your additive letter yourself. That is already a lot to worry about. Gossip and smear campagnes kill people!

What do you think if on top of all this you get visited by a real spy from Youth Care? A person you can’t find anywhere on the internet and that lays out a trap for you. There is one thing though that you can do against that: tell the person you don’t accept her (or him) as your contact person, contact the manager with a complaint and demand you get a normal contact person that is open, honest, present on the internet and helpful instead of determined to crush your family. They will possibly call you paranoid and all, but you can just answer to such allegations that Youth Care is already a non-transparent organisation with no rules at all. That you will not accept a youth worker who is nowhere to be found. Tell them that means this person isn’t doing a sincere job and that you don’t need to accept that in a democratic country. Over and out!

No-one is obliged to accept such a children hating organisation like Youth Care (doesn’t matter which branche of it) to ruin their family and the future of their children. They are only entitled to interfere in your family if you really abuse or neglect your children. In all other cases they are obliged to leave you alone and to write in your file that everything is pico bello in your home. I have deliberately written this article in English, because the world needs to know in what kind of country we live here in the Netherlands.


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