The Dutch Youth Care before the criminal judge

English it is today! In the Netherlands there is a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC pwoblem with Youth Care: they can do just anything they want and no-one can do anything against them. Why? Because they are the State and so if you have a dispute with them, it will be in civil court. There they can keep on lying as much as they want, since they aren’t under oath. Since the Court belongs to the State as well, the judge won’t doubt Youth Care and will do exactly as they please – which means they’ll take your kids away no matter if you are good or bad parents. The Dutch Lower House or the Second Chamber is called the Sleeping Chamber and that isn’t without a reason: they lost control over Youth Care (and a lot of other matters) a long time ago.


In the Netherlands children are locked up in closed institutions

In other countries Youth Care – or whatever it’s called – will sometimes make mistakes, but they don’t do really everything wrong and on purpose while gloating, like in the Netherlands. In 2008 the Dutch Lower House lost control over closed youth institutions that shouldn’t exist in the first place and youth prisons with a law called Reparatiewet – Reparation Act. Normally the minor and the one who exerces custody have to sign in order to place a child in a closed institution, but the new law states it often is impossible to place the child in the right place. So since 2008 Youth Care can just place any minor in a closed institution without permission of the minor himself and the parents or other person who has the custody. This is really true as you can read here (in Dutch unfortunately). Many times when Youth Care wants to take someone’s children away but has no other place to put them, they lock them up in this kind of institutions, even in youth prisons.

What the government meant by this decision was to not put away too many minors in youth prisons, considering a closed youth institution a better place in some cases. But what really happened, was that the Parliament lost control over these closed institutions where a lot of abuse in all meanings of the word takes place. This fact gave the already badly functioning Youth Care an enormous power over parents and children. No-one has ever since been able to exercise any power over this monstrous and chaotic collection of organisations and institutions that should protect children, but that in fact tear families down.


Anyone is a rat: Youth Act 2015

Seven years later another catastrophic decision of the government finished the disaster: the “Jeugdwet” or Youth Act of 2015 in which anyone who professionally works with children is placed above the parents (the ones with the custody) and which obliges them all to turn against families at the slightest idea of something that could possibly be ‘alarming’ in the family. So if e.g. a Mom with her daughter goes to the doctor at a stressful moment for the mother and the doctor feels the stress, he isn’t even allowed to ask if there is anything wrong, but must immediately call in Youth Care. Why? Well, because this idiot law states that only Youth Care knows about children (coldly called youths). Parents are so-called ignorant and so are doctors, teachers and anyone else who even professionally works with youths.

So anyone can call in Youth Care and since there are a heck-of-a-lot of nasty neighbours, doctors and teachers in the world, Youth Care receives loads of ‘reports’ about all kinds of families. Since they are allegedly the only experts in da house, they must study each and every report in depth. This causes long waiting lists, also for parents that need simple help for their child such as a therapist for dyslexia or autism. The fact that this is a sign of their incapability rather than of their professional expertise may not be discussed. Just like Laurie Anderson said: “Only an expert can see a problem and only an expert can deal with a problem”. And “Now it often doesn’t work at all, ’cause the situation is completely out ot control”.  In the case of Youth Care we’d better say: “… ’cause they haven’t found a plausible expert”. Dutch Youth Care is NO expert in children.



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Files full of lies

What Youth Care does in order for the parents not to expose their incapability and to stay in power, is write files full of hateful bonkers about the parents. If they have their eyes on some family’s kids, they must and shall have them and nothing may stand in their way. Many times they are wrong though and should according to the law back off, finishing their report in the family’s file with the remark that all is okay here. But they don’t do that. They instead start writing that the parents – or one of them – are mentally disturbed: their Great Asset. It’s strictly forbidden to write or even say such a thing without proof of a registered psychologist or psychiatrist, but hey – Youth Care stands above the law so who cares? If the parent goes to a therapist to prove they’re not mentally sick, Youth Care just says they never asked for the proof, so they won’t put the test result in the family’s file. They send their lies to the judge who doesn’t even check if everything is allright and they take the kids away. Or they put them under the supervision of a custodian so they can bully them as long and as bad as they want.

If you think I’m exaggerating: just yesterday evening I talked to a few victims of Youth Care. One of them told me they had a custodian, who was bullying them via Whatsapp and was gloating every time she could shock them. Another victim told me he had been in a closed institution as a child and couldn’t even get a therapist to process his traumas – 40 years later. The most horrific things have been done to him, but no judge wants to listen and no lawyer takes his case to make a closure to his past. Throughout the years I have talked to thousands of victims and they all say the same: Dutch Youth Care abuses their power, they never admit any mistake and never give back your children. Since everyone in the Netherlands is scared to death of Youth Care and I seem to be the only one that isn’t, I’ll list here what they have done to me and still I can’t get them in front of a criminal judge.

Here we go:

  • The ISS – International Social Service – which is called ‘FIOM’ in the Netherlands and responsible for thousands of illegal international adoptions worldwide, kidnapped me four times from my parents in Athens (yes, Greece!) to the Netherlands when I was a little girl.
  • They had me deliberately raped the first time in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis, a scary hospital in Amsterdam – 8 days old.
  • The second time they kidnapped me (a few days later), they put me in a satanic orphan’s house in Utrecht, also in the Netherlands. When my parents again found me a few months later,
  • they kidnapped me again and had me illegally adopted into a satanic Dutch “family” where I was heavily sexually, mentally and physically abused for years.
  • At almost 4 years my parents suddenly received me back, but only for about 9 months. Then they again kidnapped me
  • and gave me a fake identity with a fake birth certificate that belongs to someone else (!) who is Dutch.
  • They erased my memory because I kept trying to escape back to my own parents in Greece.
  • They told and still tell me lies about my identity and my descent and I only found it by accident when doing the umptieth trauma therapy 3 years ago.
  • They chased and still chase behind my two sons until they got them stolen away from me 3 and 4 years ago, after 14 years of war against our family. With no accuse at all, because I am a super Mom. Many people have stated that, but Youth Care couldn’t care less.
  • They got it done that my eldest son didn’t receive almost any education and blamed me for it, while I fought so hard for him AND I have been a teacher and school director for 25 years.
  • They sent my youngest son to my ex husband who doesn’t even have a clue about how to take care of him and while I still have custody, they silenced me.
  • They took away my two businesses with smear campaigns (lies) and when I fell ill, they let me die, blocking me from getting medical help and an income.


And still I can’t get them nailed, this horrific and – yes I must tell the truth, mustn’t I? – satanic government sector in court. No attorney dares or even wants to fight the system so deeply. Either they are in the same clan and only hypocritically ‘fight for children’ of they are scared and don’t dare to confront this monstrous organisation in court. This is how much the problem has grown out of control. My parents have all the files and proof, but Youth Care will attack my children if I even try to enter into direct contact with them. To me they keep on lying that I am so-called “Dutch” and born in the Netherlands, while anyone can see I’m at least Mediterranean and many people directly see I have been abused in my youth. Even though I know the person whose falsified birth certificate I am obliged to use. She won a case about it in court, but the problem isn’t over. And even though I am a very skilled therapist, who has healed many patients and never made any mistake while bringing up their old painful memories in order to heal them. So why would mine suddenly be wrong? The ISS has a whole logbook that tells it all. I am not allowed to have it (!), but I have seen and read it.

The Dutch Youth Care is a huge, huge problem that needs direct fixing, but there is nobody who dares to take up the weapons against them. There are small and scattered clubs of angry parents, but they don’t work together and fight with each other instead of solving the problem. So I can’t do anything else than write about it, hoping some day my articles will finally be noticed and published by a larger media outlet.

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