The future world if the Liberals will decide

Since a couple of weeks I have been following a really cute Republican news website called NeonNettle. They tell about all the petty disagreements and the bigger discords between Republicans and Democrats in the course of the Elections in the USA on the 3rd of November or better next Tuesday. This morning I again found an e-mail from them in my inbox with an article about Hillary Clinton, who had said another four years with President Trump made her stomach sick. Finding that funny, I looked up the podcast where she said it and while listening to it, my hair started standing more and more up on the back of my neck. If that is the future not only for America but for the whole world, I don’t want to live in it … I think you should be aware of how left-wingers want to shape the world, because here in the Netherlands more or less the same course of events is taking place.


Characteristics of left-wing voters

Left-wingers or Liberals are people who want to overly regulate the world. It’s them who want extremely strict Covid rules, because they are frightened of getting ill. From the years in which I had my practice I remember many of those people eat “superfood” like hemp seeds and so on. Furthermore they often eat veganistic or even stone age diets without even bread, which are very instable diets that enormously weaken the immune system. So they fall ill easier and worse than people who eat normal food like dairy products, meat and fish next to fruit, vegetables and cereals. I had patients who were so afraid of following up my food advice, because they might feel a bit sick while recovering from their condition. But do you know how much pain I have suffered in order to get well? While I had Crohn disease and couldn’t even look at fruit and vegetables, I still ate them. A few hours later I would almost die from pain, heart burn and so on, but I just held on until I was cured – which was many years later. I’m not afraid, not because I’m a healer, but because I know my own power. I know that whenever I get a stroke, get choked, have an anaphylactic reaction to something, sudden heartbeats or whatever happens all the time, I will know what to do and so it has always been. I mean you have read what I have been through in my life: extreme child abuse, loss of my family, loss of my kids, my income and my reputation. Yet I’m still here and I trust in God and in my own power, given to me by Him.

Many left-wing people however don’t have this inner strength. That is why they are leftists. They aren’t only frightened in health matters. They also feel safer when the whole world is exactly regulated and they never-ever meet a situation in which they have a free choice to act by themselves. They want to be taken by the hand and led through life. Frightened to be discriminated, to lose chances, to make mistakes or to lose the right path in life. That is why they don’t find it a problem if they are dictated. What they don’t understand, is that if the world is as strictly regulated as they want it, there will be a dictatorship the world never knew before. They don’t understand that left-wing politicians abuse their fear to live in order to establish a gigantic chaos in which they will rule and we, the rest of the world, will be forced to obey those rules and are put in prison or killed whenever we open our mouth. A world in which we will be hungry, poor and sick without any health care or help from the government. Now that is an unsafe world! They are even frightened to face the truth about what they are doing to themselves and how they are turning the world into a horrific and unliveable place. Nobody can get them out of their cave in which they hide themselves to feel safe and protected. There are so many people that easily panick and they are so tricked into those fears that it’s impossible to have a democratic government that at least reassures our freedom of speech and that gives us some space to live.

When these people are told the planet is getting hot and we have to sacrifice our freedom in order to lower the temperature, they believe it rightaway. Not me! When I heard that story for the first time, I was amazed. We were nicely working on a more sustainable world, weren’t we? We were doing nice, I thought and I had even done a test on the website of the syndicate I was a member of, that said I was a sustainable entrepreneur. So proud I was! I bought organic food for my family whenever I could, I bought clothes made of sustainable cotton and fairtrade coffee. I only took the car when it was necessary. And then from one day to another all those nice efforts were declared worthless and we were talked into a huge guilt complex. A free thinking person doesn’t buy such a story, but since the majority is afraid and complies to any rules, you have to keep your mouth shut too, for otherwise they get afraid. And people who fear, do crazy things. That is always the threat. That however isn’t my problem.

Another example – the last one for today! People who are frightened they will maybe be discriminated because of their religion, their gender or their colour also think the same way. They insist they must be protected to the utmost, or else they will start screaming. Yet coloured people and others who think straight and free don’t experience racism or whatever discrimination. The fight about racism, gender and religion has been fought a long time ago in the last century and there is almost no discrimination anymore. If you are a positive and nice person, you aren’t discriminated. Do you know how often my world has been turned upside down? When I found out I was adopted, when I lost the man I loved more than anything in my life, when I became a single Mom, when I was forced to start my own business if I ever wanted an income, because the Dutch CP didn’t let me work in a normal job. I didn’t have a clue how to run a business and everyone said you had to have it in your blood. Well, I had to learn every piece of it, but I succeeded until I got paralysed. And what about when I found out I had MS and was dying? When I found out I was severely abused in all possible ways? I’m still here! Trust in your power and you will see.

This is also the kind of people that will harm you if you do anything they don’t like. So if you, let’s say, vote for another political party than they do. Or if you step out of your religion and choose to believe otherwise or not at all. If you find a job while they are still looking. If you are better at playing the piano than they are. Or at cooking, writing, repairing washing machines or whatever else. If you earn more than they do and in any other situation I haven’t mentioned. They start lying about you to others and that can take the shape of a whole smear campaign as you saw in my case or in President Trump’s. The poor man has the complete media against him and can’t even get a message out to the people he is responsible for. The media just don’t let him through and tell the news in their own reversed way, because the owners of the media are people who are afraid as well. The only way to make them feel safe is when they sit right upon everybody and dictate all day. Want to know why they are so bossy? Because they are afraid you might behave in an unexpected way if they don’t boss you around. They place their own safety issue on you and we don’t need to accept that any longer. This is their problem and we have got our own.


 Please remember: Left-wing (political) parties think like victims and always whine about everything. They always feel mistreated and are never happy. What do you think socialism is? You have exactly the same job, income, house, education, family and holidays as everyone else, so no-one will be jealous of another. Don’t you think that is a bit childish? Let stand alone that the political leaders are always a bit more equal than the rest and eat all the money by themselves, while the rest is starving. That is what you vote for if you vote left-wing. Right-wing parties on the other hand believe in responsibility for your own life. This is what makes you happy and successful: relying on your own inner strenght!


This is what the world will look like if you vote for left-wing parties again

This said I want to show you the podcast by New York Times by scared chicken journalist Kara Swisher with scared chicken Hillary Clinton. It was held two days ago on the 28th of October and I was really shocked to hear what she has been thinking through and even planning for the future if Joe Biden might win the elections next week. The journalist who interviews her doesn’t ask her one question about the e-mails that have been found and that belong to her and poses no critical question whatsoever. She just giggles along like a schoolgirl and I would like you to see how dangerous that is. Because Hillary Clinton is frightened enough to do a whole lot of evil to anyone who opposes her. Everyone knows that. The only ones who dare to oppose her are Donald Trump and his administration. A few free journalists and others, but that’s it.

Clinton said on this podcast that if Biden would be elected, he should first of all distribute trillions of dollars to compensate civilians for the Covid crisis. President Trump can’t do that, because they are unwilling to sign the bill and so the Democrats say he doesn’t want to distribute the money. If Biden wins, they will immediately release the money and say: “Trump didn’t want you to have it”. But that’s not the worst. Furthermore she wants Biden to immediately force Trump to open up his tax papers and they will do anything to have him convicted for some crime he didn’t commit. That is already a bit vicious, but we’re not yet there.

I missed some parts of the conversation, because I had to process what I heard and also had some other things to do. Next thing I caught was about China. She accused Donald Trump of ruining America’s relations with China and said they would directly restore them. Not only that however! Clinton also said the US would sit upon them so they would do exactly what the US wants them to do. Same with Russia, because oh Trump had really worked together with them to win the elections in 2016. Even after it has been plainly proven that she was the one who did it, she still continues lying about it. How good can it be to have her as a government advisor? She said she talked for hours and hours with Kamala Harris who would be vice president if their party would win the elections. Russia, Clinton said, has to pay for their corruption with embargos and so on. And they would tighten their relations with Turkey. I think that was the most shocking thing I heard in the whole interview. So she would turn the government against Greece and cause war everywhere. In Greece, in Korea, in China, in Russia, in Ukraine, in the Middle-East and in Europe. Are you really ready to vote for such a president??


 Shall I tell you why the Democrats aren’t happy with all the peaceful relations with other countries Mr. Trump has made? Because they don’t want America to stand in its own strength but to dictate the whole world. In order to feel safe, remember? They feel safe when everything is predictable and according to extremely strict rules. So they don’t like it that Mr. Trump tried to establish good relations and at least peace with Mr. Putin. They don’t like the peace in the Middle East, especially because that means the US army isn’t needed there anymore and those countries there can arrange their own life. Left-wing politicians are mentally instable people who must always stand on other’s feet to thrive.


Then in the US itself she said Biden would rise taxes, because the Covid package of help would have to be paid back and such is always done by the civilians in bad governments. Priority also goes to the Green Deal or better the environment. The climate as they call it. Again trillions of dollars have to be invested to provide jobs to people in the environmental sector. The rest of the businesses may just go bankrupt. It isn’t their concern, because government jobs are safer and better paid than free jobs, you see? That would of course be short time jobs, since they would have the temperature lowered in a couple of years by tightening everyone’s belt and then they would leave it. Last thing I heard Clinton say is that Joe Biden would also “get the health ensurance done”. He couldn’t do that for 8 years, but now he suddenly can. So the Biden administration is going to smash around with money and in order to finance all those expenses, the people have to pay a heck of a lot more taxes. I don’t know what you think about that, but I think that is a dangerous perspective! And in the Netherlands the exact same thing is already happening and will continue happening if people just go on voting for left-wing parties. Yes even the Liberal VVD is a left-wing party nowadays.

If you want to lose all the security you have ever known in your life, vote for any left-wing party. If you want to keep safe, vote a right-wing party. And another advise for people who get easily stressed and panicked: I have cured many patients of that problem by exactly not reassuring them, but by showing them my own situation and how I am not afraid. That calmed them down and then I could heal them in the meantime, so they wouldn’t start panicking again. To be honest I have been more afraid than you can imagine, because my life wasn’t in my hands to manage. Anything I did, was seen by this wicked Youth Care and ISS and ruined immediately, especially my finances. If I had ever gotten into any debts because of their doings, they would have locked me up in an institution. That is what they wanted; they didn’t want me dead but in a mental institution and make me suffer there. It scared the heck out of me, but I kept my back straight and just did what was needed to survive and keep myself out of that mental asylum.

Take me as an example! Take Donald Trump as your example of a man who is never afraid to confront any person or situation and who is going to win the elections – you will see. Take Geert Wilders as your example, because he too isn’t afraid or Emmanuel Macron who tries very hard not to be frightened and to be courageous. President Orbán of Hungary, President Putin of Russia who is not even scared of the devil or Prime Minister of Austria Sebastian Kurz. Or Rodrigo Duterte from the Philippines who isn’t scared of anyone. Look around you to find even more courageous people and be like them! Please remember this quote of mine: left-wing parties think like victims and right-wing parties mean responsibility for your own life, which implicates happiness and success. If you keep on whining about everything, you will never be happy. Not even if the whole world belongs to you! Your inner strength is your guide and it is right within you. If I have it, you have it too. We’re all humans! Isn’t that wonderful that we all have this soul or inner strength, no matter what colour we have, what religion or what gender?

That is what I wanted to say today! Have a beautiful day, even if it’s raining here and see you next time. I actually ordered healthy cookies with anise together with some bottles of concentrated blueberry juice which I am particularly fond of and which is the best for the immune system. I’ve had it with the strokes all the time (had three this week) and hope it helps. They just arrived so I’m in Heaven for the moment.















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