The Great Compromise between the divided people

During most of my life I was a leftist in political views. At least I thought so, but when I stumbled upon a group of right-wing people on Facebook a couple of years ago, I turned out to think more like them. But I also don’t really fit there. If I were to vote now, in Greece I’d vote for the central-right Nea Dimokratía and in the Netherlands BBB would be my choice. In the US it would be Republicans I guess, but not on all issues. What everyone wants today, is an end to the sharp division between left and right and a return to unity among the people. But how are we going to do that in a world that is torn in two?


No-one is satisfied now!

Well, there is one place where we can start: most people today are dissatisfied with the government in the western countries. That is the first common point. There are a lot of fears that make people choose for rigid measures against all kinds of issues in society. Transgenders who are biologically men playing in women’s sports and getting into women’s dressing rooms for instance. Or Russia taking half of Ukraine without there being any kind of consent in the rest of the world.

So I decided to throw a proposition for a great compromise between the people. It is not a carefully worked out script, but a first idea that still needs to be discussed and improved. You can react on it here underneath the article.


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The war in Ukraine

Left Right Compromise
-War must go on -Peace now -Russia is not a dark autocratic place, but a normal country with very friendly people and a democratic system just like here
-Russia must be destroyed -Russia is right and must take 5 Ukrainian provinces -Show how corrupt, poor and badly governed Ukraine is. The people are very friendly though and must be protected against all injustice
-Yes to more and more sanctions -Sanctions hit only us -Strive for safety and full rights for Russian-speaking Ukrainians
-Open discussion without hatred and cease-fire until there is an agreement
-Let people in Donbass decide if they want to be with Russia, alone as a new state or to stay with Ukraine. Organise a really open referendum without any mingling, coercion or manipulation



The climate and the environment

Left Right Compromis
-fear for destruction of the earth -fear for destruction of the economy -Slow down, make a fair balance between a healthy planet and a healthy economy
-do everything possible against nitrogen and CO2 -the climate isn’t prone to human behaviour, but the environment is -Work on decent and workable sustainable solutions, like:
-put all money of the world into it -sustainability yes, but without panic and no bad solutions like wind and solar energy -hydroelectric power stations where possible. Natural gas is also okay, but not too much
-everything on wind and solar energy -nuclear energy for the time being -work hard on hydrogen-powered energy
-electrical cars -no electrical cars -not more wind and solar energy, because they aren’t sustainable, birds and fish die and child labor in Congo is unacceptable
-France banned short flights inside the country: good idea
-Greece will meet climate criteria by 2050: that takes away stress
-Recycle plastic and have it eaten by fungi and bacteria
-Dutch farmers are the most innovative and efficient in the world. They don’t pollute nature. Yet one other improvement can be made in the stables. That will be the last step and paid by the government



Left Right Compromise
-always, even after birth -at most until 2 months and only in need -until 3 months free, afterwards only if mother or child is in danger


Covid and pandemies stuff

Left Right Compromise
-Yes to ANY measures if they work or not and forced too > fear for dying of the virus -No to vaccins, lockdowns, censorship, quarantine camps, masks, testing and curfews. Fear for losing freedom -No to curfews and lockdowns
-Yes to quarantine at home and testing
-Choice between QR code or negative test
-No ban on working or medical care without vaccination. Maybe special department for unvaccinated in hospitals
-Openness about everything, no secrets and threats of taking away freedom or exposing afraid people to unvaccinated others
-Openness about what is exactly in the vaccines and liability for the producers.
-Elderly decide for themselves if they want to see family or not


Inclusive society

Left Right Compromise
-LGBT+ must be accepted inclusive sexual expression in front of children (parades etc.) -LGBT+ are accepted, but no sexual expression or any sexualisation in front of children -Make 3 or even 4 toilets where possible. No biological men in women’s toilets
-Transgenderism must be given as a choice for children at school -Transgenders must stay out of schools and children can never change their gender -Transgenders can very well visit schools, but if they read books not about gender. Just normal nice books. Children can not change their gender
-White people are evil and their rights must be cut If adults want to change their gender, first decent talks or therapy -Changing gender is an enormous decision and the surgery is extremely painful. This should not be done without really good talks with a person of trust and a medical doctor
-Being non-binary is possible -No to positive discrimination and quota -Europe is the continent of white people and they are totally fine
-This is a white people’s country, they are minimum 75% of the population, so their rights are first -No positive discrimination for anyone and no hijabs, hate beards and such. A simple scarf or normal beard is ok, but not to show contempt against Europeans
-Non-binary people don’t exist. Everyone is either woman or man -It is of no importance whatsoever if non-binary people exist according to science or not. Let people be free in being themselves (binary or not), as long as they don’t bother others and don’t harass children. People may not be brought into doubt about their gender by others


Immigration (important for the Netherlands where I live)

Left Right Compromise
-Yes to unlimited immigration and people just have to be forced to share their house and everything -No to more immigration and many people need to leave. Country is packed -The country is indeed packed and most people are irritated by the crowds. Denmark is like the Netherlands but has only 5.8 million inhabitants AND is allowed to refuse immigration. Sweden is 13 times as large and has only 10 million inhabitants. They also refuse more immigration. Why aren’t the Netherlands allowed to stop all immigration with a many times as dense population?
-People from a safe country must go back, also unadapted and/or criminal foreigners. Possibly with a premium to start up their life there. Humanity first but also safety for the Netherlands (or any other country)
-Humane and decent accomodation in the region for asylum seekers and refugees. Little stone houses in a safe refugee camp, a garden to cultivate together, medical and psychological care, a school, a café, activities, everything well-cared for. Refugees are welcome there and are loved. Honest and active monitoring by the UN
-No sending away of farmers in favour of even more immigrants. No food hubs in Ukraine and such



What do you think?

I am very curious what you people think of my still rudimentary proposition. There should be one other point and that is a free and honest press that informs the public about both sides of each issue they tell or write about. No bias, no censorship and no lies about anything. No steering of the public opinion by the use of special words, phrases and such.

And there must certainly be a decent Youth Care that doesn´t pursue children to get sexually, physically and mentally abused and that doesn’t steal away children from functional families. No lies, no name-calling to parents and no mingling in children that need therapy or other help from the government. Children must be loved and be welcome, never traumatised.

The world would be a lot better than now, wouldn’t it? More unified, with a lot less hate and a lot happier.



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