The grief of Ukraine

We live in a world today where we are called crazy and racist if we think logically. People who don’t think at all, are called good citizens and non-racists. And if you speak your mind, you are guilty of disinformation, which makes you a dangerous criminal. The phenomenon bears the name cognitive dissonance in psychiatry, but is widely spread over the western world and Ukraine is the latest victim. I am sad about this beautiful country and its wonderful population. Yet there is also space left for humour.

I’m going to start with Volodimir Zelensky, who has gone mad because of the unsolvable problems in his country. The American government is the undisputed boss in Ukraine and he is forced to let his population die, because the Americans threaten him with something. Now I know Zelensky is very well aware of the truth and he knows the Russians aren’t destroying his country, but are saving it. And he is deadly worried about his people. He is forced to tell those lies forged by the Americans about ‘fighting for Ukraine until the last man’ and that hurts him incredibly. He knows the swindle done in his country by Joe Biden’s son and a few more like Nancy Pelosi’s son and knows he is tricked. I am no big fan of the man, especially because he seems to have made an enormous lot of fraudulous money since he has been President, but he has been put there and is obliged to watch his country go under. There are two things the Americans have for sure threatened him with:

      1. The take-over of the power in Ukraine by the Nazis from the west of the country – Azov, S14, Right Sector, Aidar – which will have everyone who supports the Russians killed – they are already doing it – and will start a Viertes Reich in Ukraine. The American army has trained these dudes and is in full control over them. They already have a firm hand in the Ukrainian Department of Defence.
      1. The release of one or more viruses in Ukraine that the Americans have been breading out in the 30 biolabs they run in the country. That would also kill a large proportion of the population of Ukraine and Zelensky knows Biden and his clan of globalists will do it. Just because they can and just because they want to silence Russia. It doesn’t even have anything to do with Ukraine itself.


The emblem or logo of Right Sector – Pravdiy Sektor.
The Azov emblem with the Nazi Wolfsangel on it and the Rising Sun symbol

I first laughed when I saw Zelensky stoned in his office on this video underneath, but it is just the saddest thing you can imagine. The western world has created an image of the man allegedly fighting the Russians to save his country, but it’s exactly the Russians who are busy saving Ukraine. Just like it was the Russians who in majority saved western Europe after the Second World War. The English and Americans only arrived later and they made Russia the next enemy. Out of the blue and without any reason. 77 years later the exact same thing is happening again and much worse: the Americans support the Nazis that have fled to and remained in Ukraine after the war and are telling the world those Nazis don’t even exist. But what do you think this is then?

Here is the video:




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Die or we will kill you!



This head was found today on news website Moon of Alabama and it should alarm anyone who reads it. The Ukrainian army is truly forced to die by the Russian artillery, because the West – the US, the EU and the WEF – doesn’t give them the space to surrender or even better to go to help the Russians filter the Nazis out of their army and their country. How bad can it be? The wives of these soldiers have mostly fled abroad and won’t have a husband when they return home. And why? For the ego of Joe Biden and his criminal clan?  Isn’t it a crime then, to let a whole nation die for your stupid power game? The only thing the American deepstate wants, is to keep in power of as many countries in the world as possible and to always be able to create war and dissentment everywhere, so they can feed their weapon industry. The whole rest of the American economy has been destroyed since Biden has been President, we have seen that. No oil, no gas, no food, no businesses ….


Disinformation versus freedom of speech

The western world has turned upside down since Elon Musk started buying Twitter in order to save the freedom of speech. The UK threatened to ban Twitter from their country if he isn’t going to apply rules for so-called disinformation, the EU hastened to goof together a new law for disinformation that essentially restricts the freedom of speech and in the US Biden & Co are busy creating a “Ministry of Truth” as the people call it or DGB which stands for Department for Governance Board – mocked as KGB – to stop the people from telling anything truthful. The one who is going to run the truth tent is called Nina Jankowicz and well, this is her if you didn’t know her yet:



You have for sure seen this video as well, a few weeks ago. Right on American TV they say ….


To solve the problem ….

I am solving issues and problems here on this website and for this problem it’s easy to give the solution: let’s just go on telling the truth on any platform where we get the chance of doing it. Let’s do it with humour, because humour breaks evil plans and relaxes everyone. It’s also a great convincing factor for the people who are still cemented in their rock-steady belief the government – in any country – doesn’t ever make mistakes and always tells the truth. They only didn’t do so in the Iraq war, the Libyan war, the Syrian war, the Covid crisis, climategate and now in Ukraine. But for the rest … This is one last tweet from the World Economic Forum with Dutch comment. It says that if you aren’t gonna live in a container, you are racist and these are the words of the WEF:













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