The healing properties of tamarind

For years Costas and I had our hands full to retrieve all the real medinical functions of all healing plants in the world and a few other healing things. The encyclopedia is complete now and consists of 72 plants and honey, full dairy products and colloidal silver. Not plants, but still medicinal. I’ve had lots of angry people on my blog, when I still had my healer’s practice, because they had learned other things about medicinal plants or other facts we discovered. Thing is only that they couldn’t get people healed, but we could. So maybe it’s still a good thing to listen to what I have to say and to try it out.

Tamarind is a medicinal plant, thanks to Healthline.com.

The knowledge about real, nowadays called traditional medicine, is as old as the world. In ancient Egypt and Greece doctors knew things about health that we don’t know anymore, because their books were burnt by Mongolians and Catholic priests by order of the Pope. Even the Native Americans have lost a lot of their knowledge because of all the oppression that forced them to leave behind their traditions and live a modern life. Moreover they didn’t know all the plants, because they didn’t all grow in the Americas.


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Tamarind tree

Tamarind for example is an Asian tree of which the beans and bark are medicinal. What is the problem for using it and getting the maximum out of it? That the knowledge of what its essence is, has disappeared and that modern science tries in vain to understand what it does and does not heal. Science can never find that, because you have to find the soul – as the Indians say – or the essence of the plant by intuition. You meditate on the plant until you get at its essence and then you know what it exactly does. But medicinal plants always help a little bit for other conditions as well, just because they have a healing heart.

This is the reason why science can’t retrieve the real purpose of medicinal plants: scientists don’t understand that each plant is there for just one function. The above excerpt from the website of Healthline tells what tamarind is being used for in traditional medicine and you see the true function of the plant is still present: tamarind is for treating diarrhea and constipation. That means it regulates the faeces.


 Tamarind regulates the faeces.


I repeat: if you take tamarind and it also helps you for other conditions, that is because tamarind is a medicinal plant. It has a healing heart and will help you a little bit with some other problems you may have, just like all healing plants and products do. On my website I have written about a number of healing plants, so you can look them up by clicking on “health” in the menu above each page. Most is in Dutch, but there is Google Translate (left menu). This is it for tamarind folks! My encyclopedia is complete. I know everything that can heal a person and we can now even heal people who have been abused or who have been a victim of satanism. The means were always there, but we didn’t remember them anymore.

Maybe I should say one last thing: if you use medicinal plants in your diet without needing them, they may cause you some problems. Coffee for example regulates the level of your fluids, but it can also make you hyperactive. That is whenever you use it without needing it or whenever you take too much of it. That doesn’t mean coffee doesn’t have medicinal properties! If you take pharmaceutical pills for a disease you don’t have, they also don’t work or cause you side effects. Same thing applies for natural medicine.


Good luck with using tamarind against constipation or diarrhea and don’t forget to support the Untold Times, which is a completely crowdfunded website with lots of information about health but also about politics and family issues!



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