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The highest ranks on Earth and OUR plans

What did I tell you about The System? Many things in any case. When I watched a heck-of-a-lot of videos and read articles about the Satan sect – or The System as they call themselves – and as I will call them too from now on, my memories came back faster than fast. Then I had so much information about the top of the world that no-one else can beat me: I grew up in the highest family on Earth during that period and my foster grandfather was the highest person there was in the whole world. In that time they still used to hide these high-placed people, which they have stopped doing since his death in 1976.


Status quo: The System right now

Organogram of The System. In the top there is also the satanic religion, together with International Social Service which has broken down, just like the “Cabal” or the Board.

The System is an organisation that puts religion above anything else. This means that above all the awfully rich and evil people we know there are a couple of others who carry the real power: five high priests or priestesses, a person who has the position of honour of Satan (because Satan doesn’t really exist) and … yeah me too actually, because they had me as “God” and also as their cover-up. So anything I even thought, they knew and very often they carried out my ideas or were warned that I knew too much. Now Satan is the person who is allowed to show the way the world must go. So he may advise wars, famines, disease outbreaks (!) and everything else the world must undergo. My foster grandfather was no bad person, however odd that may sound: he was imprisoned and stuck in that horror club just like me. Only that he was born into it and knew everything, while I was kidnapped from my real parents, that have been fighting them since my Mom was a child and they kidnapped her too. That is how they got me, you see.

The fact that religion stands on the very first place in their world also means they always do a satanic ritual before carrying out whatever plan they may have. That increases the chance of being successful, they say. My foster grandpa didn´t advise too bad things, as you can see if you look at the world history from after WWII until 1976, when he reigned. It’s George Soros, the next Devil, who followed Karl Popper’s catastrophical ideas and that is how we all got into such enormous trouble during his devilship, which lasted until August 2019. Yet we were always still living in a democratic world! After him we have however been led into a huge fake pandemic and as if that wasn’t bad enough, also a fake climate disaster that is already organising food shortages for next year. We have lost all our democratic rights within a year and a half and that is because we have a new Satan in our midst. I will introduce her to you next. They nowadays call their Satan Leader. We would probably rather say Führer.

I know who the last two or sometimes even three last Leaders and high priests were and who they are now. Thought they didn’t have a new staff, but they do. So that’s the new name for the high priests. Since they can’t use me as their cover-up anymore, I am not anymore connected to everything they plan and do, so it has become more difficult to feel and know their plans. But it’s also impossible for them now to keep their horrible secrets and that’s why everything comes out now and shocks the world. Problem why people don’t wake up is that the System knew it’s the time for their curtain to fall and they prepared for it: they programmed the whole world to sleep with a mix of psychology, occultism and very advanced science.

So I can tell you the new Leader is Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission or better the boss of the whole EU. In the function of Devil you only show the way the world must go and you don’t need to slaughter children. Therefore I can just tell you this. Who the new high priests are, is more difficult, because they do carry out the most terrifying satanic rituals and so I can’t mention them. But you may know that the top of this “religion” is in the Netherlands and that all five of them are Dutch or at least Europeans. AND that you know them. What hasn’t restored itself after President Trump destroyed them, after I got myself more and more freed and untied from the club, is the Board of The System. That which most people call ‘The Cabal’. That consisted of 300 satanic billionaire families, among who of course the Soroses, the Pelosi’s, the Clintons, the Gates’ and so on.

What this actually means, is that the corporate branche of The System is being freed from their influence at the moment. They can still have some influence over business life with regulations and so by governments, but they don’t control all the money anymore. They are also losing their grip on banks, on the stock market, on trade and yes: even on the medical field. The medical sector and Big Pharma, the pharmaceutical sector. Big Tech or the scientific sector is following along with all Child Protection “services” in the world.


Weird, weirder, the weirdest

If you find this already weird … Here I found a maybe even weirder article today in Dutch magazine EW, Elseviers Weekblad. I often read it, since they do write some really nice and sharp articles here and there. What they wrote today however, was really new for me! So what did the author, Jelte Wiersma, write? Well, he wrote that President Biden’s policy undermines the EU as a geopolitical power. Why? Because he always does exactly what Ms. Ursula von der Leyen and the rest of ’em want or have in mind. Former President Donald Trump always did the exact opposite of what these guys wanted and so he actually helped the EU plans to become the greatest superpower in the world.

Okay, let that sink in first! We take a break with a wonderful song from 2005 by the French fusion band Orange Blossom, sung by their former singer Leila Bounous. It’s called Habibi.



Joe Biden against the EU??

I know the story about the axis France-Germany that tries to dominate the EU and the UK’s concerns about that, but I don’t want to make things too complicated today. The EU tries to become a superpower and someone thinks that becomes more difficult now that Joe Biden bikes along with them. Maybe the EU top prefers the US to keep themselves far from us here in Europe, so that they have the whole chess-board for themselves. Who can tell? I personally think they weren’t happy at all when Donald Trump was the President. All their nice business deals were cut off then, weren’t they? Now with Biden in office they have a strong ally on the other side of the pond. Since the one thing The System wants, is the world to obey them, it’s most logic they would be happy with Joe Biden. If not, they wouldn’t have helped so hard to chase President Trump in any possible way.

Something else! I haven’t made a joke yet in this article, so due time to do so. Just read an article in News Thud about former President Barack Obama who actually had an official for … No I’m not going to spoil it, read it for yourself.


Where are we heading to?

With Satan in the highest office of the fastest growing power ship in the world they are closer than ever to their ultimate plan of agressive world dominance. Von der Leyen brought us the Covid crisis that took all our rights away and now it will be the climate scam, while we will still have one deadly virus after the other. Lockdowns because of viruses that don’t kill more people than any other virus has ever done, but that didn’t ruin the whole society, lockdowns because of a fake high amount of CO2 in the air and lockdowns because they can force them upon us even without a reason. People who don’t bend their back will be more and more excluded from all activities, even buying and selling things. That is already happening now, right in front of you, so open your eyes! The EU has a very unholy connection with Klaus Schwab’s WEF – World Economic Forum – and this makes it quite easy for them to shape our future the way they want.

But there is a but: we are decomposing The System and we have been actively doing so since 2009. Not that before that year no-one fought against them! Many people did, but totally in vain because they were just stronger. The ONLY thing that has been proven true to eliminate and weaken them, is that they lose control over ME, Natassa Vassiliou. I don’t want to get into spiritual issues, but they have caught me eons ago. That is how I got so entangled into their sticky spider webs and that is why freeing me is the one and only solution to free the world from evil. Why am I not a well-known person? Well, I am actually. Yes guys I’m more famous than you think 😀 . The whole clan knows me and that is 1 billion fans. They only act as if they don’t know me and they keep me far away from the rest of the world. And the rest of the world is mostly tight asleep, so it’s a bit hard to get known by them. Now that would help the world forward, so share, donate and subscribe to the newsletter for each new article and for the monthly newsletter that I will start soon. In the monthly newsletter you will receive an exclusive article that won’t be on the website. Because subscribing to my newsletter makes you a VIP.

In other words: if we are fast enough to demantle their organisation, we won’t have to suffer any longer! That can only happen if you join me and also take my advise about the future, about The System and everything seriously and follow it. I have inside knowledge, because not only did they hide all their secrets inside me, but Costas has all the proof and as long as we can’t be together, we communicate via a high-tech device he has been wearing since 2005. He keeps me informed as well as he can and so I know more than anyone else about the inside of  the power house. Not about everything, because politically I’m not that good due to my still poorly functioning memory: I just forget everything (because of all the times my foster “parents” flung me from the stairs, as I have already told) and so I need you too! We need each other from both sides so let’s unite!













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