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The humane west: pedophiles, murderers and drug dealers walk free

Today in the news in Belgium, which is almost the Netherlands: couple of child murderers have been exonerated. Netherlands: top functionaries of tax “services” who ruined the lives of tens of thousands because of never proven debts, won’t even be persecuted. And an asylum seeker who dropped his pants in front of a kid, is also not persecuted. The governments in these countries are very proud to have such a humane law system, while most of the population wished they lived in the crimeless China. How would such cases go in those extremely autocratic, anti-democratic and fascist countries like Russia, China, Indonesia, Brasil, Iran … ?

Here is the news from Belgium about a boy who was murdered there, while his murderers walk free to kill even more children.


The asylum seeker who dropped his pants in front of an 11-year old girl, is free to go. Asylum seekers rob, murder and rape wherever and whatever they want, but no-one ever even arrests them. Netherlands:


And criminal officers from the Dutch tax “services” aren’t even persecuted after completely destroying the lives of around 24,000 families in the Netherlands. They did random checks on people who had applied for and received tax cuts, because they made use of after-school care for their kids. There were of course some fraudulent people there, but the system is complicated and no-one ever knows if they receive too much or too little subsidies for childcare. Many families lost their children, because immediately the infamous Dutch Youth not-Care was engaged and these monsters always take children away from functional families in order to traumatise them.After 10 years they still didn’t receive their children back and most of them don’t even know where they are. What a trauma!


The law against child sexual abuse in the Netherlands

There is actually a law against pedophilia or child sexual abuse anyway (we are used to saying ‘pedophilia’) in the Netherlands, but child sex offenders are just never convicted. Or they get like a few months of prison. There is this “pedophile handbook”, a book in which is explained how to rape children. Possession of that book is finally forbidden, the law was approved by the House (Second Chamber) of the country last year. There was a fight about it for years, but now it is finally forbidden and the punishment is 4 years emprisonment.

The website of Victim Help (Slachtofferhulp) explains that the convictions for sexual child abuse vary from a few weeks community service (!) to long emprisonment. Long in the Netherlands means 4-7 years. There is also something called “TBS met dwangverpleging” and how do you translate that into English? It takes about 7-8 years in most cases and it means that the criminal had some kind of a disorder at the moment that they committed the crime. Criminals are then considered not accountable and get less prison years but they do have to stay in a special mental institution for years to “work on” returning to society with a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists in their neck. It is compulsory psychiatric treatment and quite often these dudes escape from the institutions where they are being held.

It is woke and worse than woke in other words in the Netherlands with pedophilia and sexual child abuse, mostly because pedophilia is considered a “sexual affiliation”: a pedophile dreams of having sex with a child, but allegedly doesn’t do it. A pederast does. Anyway that is why the Dutch Youth Care consciously has as many children as possible raped, sexually molested and stolen from their parents in this idiot and backward country. And that is why I am not protected and never had a life. I can’t even go back to my family in Greece, without ever having broken any law or done anything wrong. My only “fault” is that I was born and that is the Netherlands.



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What does President Putin think of all this?

Well, he is quite peppered in his opinion about pedophilia / child sexual abuse and other crimes against people in general and in particular families and children. He calls it outright Satanism and that is exactly what it is. It is the worshipping of Satan instead of God to let criminals walk free and to put people who fight for freedom of speech behind bars. Maybe you rememnber or have heard about also the Dutch freedom fighter Willem Engel, a pharmacist who now runs a dancing school, who was in prison for months because he said Covid vaccines aren’t safe. Or Micha Kat, a former school teacher of Latin and Greek, who fights Satanism and has been convicted forever or Huig Plug, a former high official of the Ministery of Justice, who hunts pedophiles. And me Natassa Vassiliou, MA, former school teacher and mom, whom nobody ever mentions, but I fight the whole cult of the Satanists on my own and am worse than in prison.



Let us just see what Russia would do with pedophiles, so that we can have a better idea in which country you would feel safer: in any country of the west or in Russia. Here are a few articles from the western press with heavy criticism against Putin, because he passed actual laws against child sexual abuse.



Indonesia and child sexual abuse laws

I say nothing more and take you to Indonesia, where there are also strict laws against sex with children. This article from Reuter dates from 2014 and tells us Indonesia mulls chemical castration after string of pedophile cases. And again in 2021 they try to allow chemical castration for pedophiles. In 2022 a teacher of Islamic teacher who had raped 13 students of whom 8 became even pregnant, was given life sentence. In Indonesia the maximum sentence normally for rape is 15 years, but judges are allowed to give harder sentences, tell South China Morning Post us.


Brazil: sentence for a child sexual abuser

In 2008 the sentence for a pedophile was raised from 2 to 6 years to 4 to 8 years prison. In 2009 there were debates in the Brazilian government to have pedophiles castrated. An article dated from 2009 states the Brazilian court ruled pedophilia isn’t always a crime. The court had acquitted two men who had paid two underage girls for sex a few weeks before the article was written, which was a huge scandal in the country. Families who live in extreme poverty can be tempted to sell their daughters into prostitution this way, can’t they? There are many debates and a lot of research of what would be a just punishment for child sexual abuse, but no law is really imposed.


What does Iran do with child sexual abusers?

Well, that is short and easy: they just hang them publicly, just like murderers, terrorists and drug dealers. Incest is punished by stoning and adultery by a 100 lashes. Medieval and brutal, but quite effective. Only if one is convicted and after his or death found innocent, the person can’t be brought back.


And what does China do against child sexual abuse?

This article on an old-style but undated website says China gives death penalty for rape of children. In this country, just like in many other, the discussion about chemical castration for pedophiles is being discussed. No government seems to pass a law on it though! Xinhuanet, a Chinese news website, explains that pedophiles operate in complete darkness and know really well how to avoid getting arrested. Wall Street Journal tells us in an article dating from 2013 that maximum punishment in China for pedophilia is 10 years mprisonment.


South Africa and child sexual abuse

In South Africa they wrote a book on pedophilia! So you have the worst problem ever in the whole history of mankind – pedophilia – and then what do you do with it? You write a book. Okay then. In South Africa there is a lot of Satanism and so the problem of child sexual abuse is probably also large. I see a whole lot of websites discussing what to do with those oh-so poor pedophiles, since they have become pedophiles after being raped themselves. Well … I was raped too as a child and I had to go through a lot of more horror too, but did I become a pedophile? No. So let’s please stop that whining idiot discussion about pedophiles being victims. They are victims that now became offenders and not thieves or so, but child rapists. There is nothing worse than that in the world!

Yet we see here a man who got 170 years of jail after pleading guilty to 870 charges of pedophilia. He was also in possession of child porno. Well that is at least something! If the man might live longer than expected, he still won’t be freed and this article dates from 2017.


Malaysia: child brides are allowed!

In Yemen child abuse is not defined at all in the law, according to the Wikipedia and in Malaysia there is a law only since 2017. It excludes child brides, a horror practice that is allowed for girls from 9 years and older. Being in possession of child porno brings 30 years of emprisonment and 6 strokes of the cane. Strangely enough sexually touching a child is considered a minor issue or so, since that gets an offender 20 years in jail plus he will be whipped. Grooming children is good for 10 years of prison and a fine of about $4.500. Totally illogical but at least there is a punishment.

Child marriages: normally in Malaysia a person can get married from 18 years or older. But if a sharia court approves, it can be done earlier as well, even under 16. Medieval horror laws and very difficult to get rid of them with so many rigid believers in that country. So if a rapist quickly marries his victim, he can avoid punishment and the poor child will be raped forever, since in Malaysia rape in marriage is not even a crime.


Italy and sexual child abuse

Japan Times tells us in 2016 about a poor girl that was raped in Italy and then thrown from a balcony, which became her death. The whole country was in shock and the Pope called for strict punishment for pedophiles.

Cambodia is more decisive about the matter: an Italian sex offender who raped children in Cambodia got a sentence of 10 years in prison.


Why such low punishment for sex offenders?

Now you have seen how laws against sex with children are in different countries. The problem to get sex offenders punished with either life sentence, death penalty or chemical castration – what they deserve – is that pedophilia nowadays is more and more considered a mental disorder by our woke fellow humans. So then it is considered worse for the offender than for the poor kid that was raped and thereby damaged for his or her whole life. Here you have a “scientific” research project on the matter. Here is even an article from the same American government’s scientific research website about pedophilia being allegedly a matter of genes.

There are also hot discussions about emprisonment of criminals in the first place: if it helps people become better persons or not. I happen to have done a minor (I think that’s what it’s called) in law during my linguistic studies. The study was called ‘sophronistics’ and was about exactly this question: what does emprisonment do to a criminal? At the time I was young and not a law student in general, so I thought it had to be possible to have people punished without emprisonment. Nowadays I think differently about it. People who commit unforgiveable crimes such as raping a child, must be killed immediately. Jail time doesn’t frighten them at all – maybe only in the United States where fellow inmates will clear the bill with such people, but not elsewhere.

It is hard what I say, but it must be clear for once and for all: children are protected and no-one ever, ever touches them in any sexual way, sexualises them with words or kidnaps them. Period. Please don’t forget that behind all rapings of children there is this horrible Satan Cult and this cult must and shall be erased together with its roots and everything. They are so much more powerful than most people can even imagine and they are behind all crime, all war, poverty, prostitution, child abuse, corruption and most bad government policies. Believe me, I have scrutinised the whole cult inside out and know them like the back of my hand. Even better. You can’t let these inhumans live, for they will seize power again and crime and everything that is evil will never stop existing and thriving as long as they are alive.



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