The hypothalamus: body processes and more

Busy looking for solutions to heal myself and to pull up the whole world with me, I got acquainted with another tiny piece of the brain: the hypothalamus. We have already treated the thalamus itself: it’s a little egg (yellow on the image underneath) in the middle of your head, that is being carried on a pedestal by the hypothalamus. (I will look up the article about the thalamus and publish it on the website). Here you can read the same article in Dutch.

Het limbische systeem met in het geel de thalamus

So the hypothalamus puts the little egg on a pedestal and even better: it regulates all your body processes from the production of hormones to the steering of the pituitary gland (epiphyse), of sexual feelings, maternity, social feelings, empathy and hunger. A sweet little thingee. If you like reading more about it, I have a nice article here – in Dutch though. In English you will easily find much more about it on the internet.


Repairing the hypothalamus

If your hypothalamus becomes a bit tired of the constant carrying of that heavy thalamus egg, just like Atlas became tired of carrying the Earth, you can get all kinds of nasty complaints. Every evening a headache, exactly at the moment when your partner wants to share some intimacy with you, constant hungerrrr resulting in overweight and even paranoia.

You can get totally off the hook by that one little thingee in the center of your brain. The hypothalamus weighs four grams, but just look at what it all regulates! So what did I do? I looked into my mineral file to find the nutrients that keep it going. Its fuel in other words. And I found: silicium! That is what you need to have your hypothalamus functioning properly. Normally you get enough silicium through your food, but you can always try a short cure to see if it helps feeling better. Apricots, bananas, lemons and cale are full of it. As I always say: juice of these fruits is even better, since there is more fruit in it = more silicium.


Healing music!

I found a nice little piece of music for the hypothalamus which in fact regulates your biorhythm and your daily rhythm. In order to repair it in case it doesn’t work that well you need to look for the deepest cause and clean up your traumas, but there is also music that supports the process. It’s a two-four time and here is ABBA for you with their song Mama Mia from 1975. The fine rhythm in it works perfectly on your hypothalamus. Benny and Björn knew what they were writing!

















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