After having done tons of research in books and on the internet, but also by looking into my own memories and talking to people from the ancient country about what they still knew about the ancient times, I finally start having a much more accurate picture of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and many more regions in the world. How there was a Land of Gold there and what became of that beautiful land after invasions of the Aryans. Why all the ancient knowledge is gone and I have to help retrieving it. When I looked up the word ‘Aryan’ with the question to Google if Aryan really meant Indo-European, I knew for sure I was right. The picture above is Isfahan in Iran, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Who are the Aryans?

The Middle East with the Turkish countries on the Eurasian steppes in the North

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Kurdistan, but I didn’t like how I wrote it. I thought: I should write with more passion and literary skills about this wonderful highly civilised country. It shouldn’t however just be about Kurdistan, but about the whole ancient country where all civilisation comes from and that once was unified. It stretched out from all the borders of the Mediterranean, that came together in Asia Minor on the North side and Egypt on the south side and then dived into the Middle East until India. Yes it included India too. I have many times dreamed about this huge, magnificent Land of Gold.

Let’s just start by me telling you what I know and then the evidence and the science will follow. I will start with this mysterious tale which was the first thing we had to learn at school about ancient Greece: “about 2,000 BC white people with horses from the steppes of Asia came to Greece, conquered it and they are the Greeks. They were Aryans, which means “Indo-Europeans”. and we all are Aryans”. Well, let’s check if that is right, because I have my own thoughts about that.

I know this here on your right side isn’t the best map there is of the Middle East, but it’s the best I could find that was free to use. You see Iran as it was at some time in the past in blue and in light blue the modern borders. Above in grey you see a little piece of the huge country Kazakhstan in grey. Then underneath Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. Those are the countries of the steppes of Eurasia where the horse people in ancient times came from. And … these are all Turkish countries, not Indo-European! That is the first proof that tells me to go on finding the truth about the origin of civilisation.

What we know about these Aryans, is that they were farmers and pastoralists. Not intellectual people like the Greeks or the Persians, Kurds, Indians and so on. They sacrificed women and children to their gods and lived like nomads, while the people in the Land of Gold had settled thousands of years earlier. Scientists nowadays think that happened about 12,000 BC and I think even about 15,000. Looking for websites where a trace of information can be found, I found this book by the Dutch Dr. Koenraad Elst who throws overboard the whole theory of an Aryan invasion. No proof has never been found of such an invasion, he says. I say: the Aryans did come, but the original people in the South (Middle East and Mediterranean) tamed them and they more or less assimilated with the civilised people. But that’s not all.


Turkic tribes in bits and pieces

Turkish people have many looks, from very dark to blond. The Khazars, the ones I talked about, who took the Jewish religion in the 9th century AD, are just blonde. The Afghans are a bit darker, but also often with green eyes and I have seen many Turks who even look like Chinese. Their country is broad and stretches out from Europe to Mongolia and even Siberia, so that isn’t too strange. The Aryans who came to Greece and to ancient Persia, are said to have been blonde and they came from the North side of the Black Sea: the place that would later be called Khazaria and Scythia among other names. So the Aryans must be Turks and I think the one who talked soooo much about them, Adolf Hitler, knew that. He was the one who said only Aryans should survive in the world and he described them as blonde. He meant the Turkic people who have invaded Europe, not only the Middle East. Compared to Europeans they aren’t really blonde, but dark blonde.

Athená as we made her: a woman first of all.

Well, let’s go back to Greece for a moment. When I went to live there in order to discover my roots, I worked as a translator and one of the texts I had to translate was an article from a magazine about life in 4,000 BC. Scientists had discovered that the Greek language was already spoken by then and also the Greek culture existed – in Greece. Since then it is just assumed in science – but never proven – that the blonde horse people were also Greeks, that had somehow been dispersed and that came back to their home country. No-one cared about the question why they conquered Greece then, if they were also Greeks, so I kept the question in my heart for a later day. Another thing is that they can’t even have conquered our country, because the Greeks became dominant and the horse guys ‘n’ gals took over our language and culture. They did actually bring a terrible goddess who was half a man: Athená, to who young girls had to be sacrificed. With the time the girls were changed for cows and grain and she became a hero: a female warrior who also was the goddess of wisdom. That is how civilisation washes evil!


What happened next

Baäl - Beëlzebub
Baäl or Beëlzebul

Everywhere in the ancient civilised country, from Southern Spain and Northern Morocco until the East of India, groups of people emerged that adored an evil god: Baäl. It was half man and half woman and had also names like Beëlzebub, Baphomet (much later). Luficer, Satan, well Athená, the Devil and so on. It was a horrible statue, but as ugly as it was: the thing really had a horrific power to make terrible things happen. It wanted to see blood, rape of women and children, torture and ritual sacrifice of these women and children. The civilised people could in the beginning tame the newcomers a bit, but they could not chase them away – well, then they’d just come back afterwards and this time with a whole army – and it became a huge problem. The whole Land of Gold got divided into many pieces and the Turkic – or Aryan if you like – invaders just took over more and more power with that hideous statue of theirs and their gruesome practice of magic and who knows what it was all about.

So today that whole country of Turkey, where the worst torture ever happens to anyone who isn’t a Turk and that is more than half of the country, is a stolen place. The Turks come from the Eurasian steppes and have at least five countries there all of their own. They don’t belong in Asia Minor and Kurdistan. They don’t belong in Persia which they have even called Iran, which means ‘Aryan’, they don’t belong in Palestina – yes the Philistines or Palestines today are also partially of Turkic descent – and also not in Europe and India. It can’t be true that in ancient India Dravidian languages were spoken: the civilised people who lived there longest, spoke an Indo-European language. I think not Sanskrit but ancient Greek, but we will find out about that. We all know the story about the Tower of Babel, where people suddenly started speaking other languages and didn’t understand each other anymore. Today that story is seen as a myth, but I think it really happened. I think some time before the first written language appeared, so around 1,500 BC. That is how these Aryans divided that beautiful Land of Gold and that is how our language got dispersed and scattered into many pieces: languages, vernaculars and bits and pieces of the ancient religion and culture.

Since the Kurds are one of the most oppressed nations ever, together with the Assyrians, I want to say something about them. Not only did they invent the chess game and the zero, but that awesome city of Isfahan was built by Kurds, just like so many more things. The Assyrians weren’t those cruel Sumerians: those were the Aryans. The Assyrians were the first Christians and they were the first people ever who started writing. Anything that has any cultural worth in that whole Land of Gold was invented and made by the ancient people of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Today Persia has been totally overshadowed by Aryans, who chased away the Shah and look what they have done to that juwel of civilisation! One big hell filled with men and women covered in black, obliged to worship Allah and not free to live a normal life. Kurdistan is even divided in four pieces, Israël is still half occupied by Palestines who don’t want peace but to take over Israël and kill all the Jews. Greece is a tiny bit of dry islands and rocks, where it’s impossible to acquire any wealth and it’s constantly threatened with war by the Turks.

Italy is totally in hands of the Maffia, which never had the intention to protect the poor. North Africa is in hands of Muslim Arabists who don’t even let the people there take a normal breath and in Egypt terrorism is burning down the country. India is sinking away in poverty and no government can fight it. We have to take back our beautiful countries into the hands of the original inhabitants, who have the wisdom to lead them and send away those Aryans and whatever they call themselves nowadays back to where they came from. They have their country, we have ours. In Europe the same thing should happen, but there the Aryans say they are Jews and oppressed people. In the meantime it’s them who oppress us. They also have other names and identities and it’s really hard to find out who is who in any European country. They made us forget our history in order to establish themselves in our place, after they destroyed their own places in the Eurasian steppes. It should be sought out where everyone is actually from and then they can just return, so that we can govern our own countries again by ourselves. In peace and wisdom!


ancient-healing-tableThe lost ancient knowledge

You maybe know I first was the owner of a language school and then, when I fell ill, I worked as a healer. I have healed hundreds of people from diseases doctors can’t even treat and I did that with ancient knowledge that I retrieved from this Land of Gold. The knowledge comes from the Bible and the Greek Church Fathers, but it’s much and much older too. Pieces of it are still alive in India and even China.

The first thing I retrieved, was this ancient healing table on your right! It took me years to get all the knowledge together and I wrote it in Dutch. It’s an effort to squeeze knowledge about healing music, vitamines and minerals, colours, gemstones, healing actions (like baths and so on) and healing herbs into a feng shui table. In the meantime Costas and I found a lot more information than this, but here it started.

First time in history we didn’t only try to preserve the ruins of our ancient wisdom, but also to extend it and retrieve more of it. We used to know everything we know today, but then correct and even 2,000 years ago anyone knew how to heal a lot of diseases. Today we are obliged to think we’re too stupid to know anything about our health ourselves and we’re forced to listen to anything the doctor says. If we try to recover by ourselves from our diseases, disorders and other health issues, we’re called dangerous freaks.

Well, when I fell ill, the doctors just let me die of paralysis. They refused to give me any diagnosis of what I had and when I went to a doctor with his own practice who at least found the diseases of Crohn and Lyme, they laughed at me and destroyed my practice by writing nasty articles about me on the internet without even knowing me or my work. So don’t tell me about doctors! I don’t believe in them anymore and I have proven myself wiser than them. Anyone can at least partially heal themselves from any medical condition. I have the healing gift and the knowledge, but anyone who accepts the truth, can learn the job. We aren’t dumb victims of our own stupidity, but masters of our life and we can accomplish anything. If we want at least!



Of course this story needs music! I have already shared Kurdish, Israelian, Greek and Assyrian music, so the turn goes to … India. I know very little about that wonderful country, but am a big fan of Anoushka Shankar with that great sitar of hers. This is Land of Gold in 2016 live in Glastonbury. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and sign up for the newsletter!
















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By Anastasía Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou, born in Athens, obtained a Master's degree in Greek & French Literature and studied music in Thessaloniki, Greece. She speaks 7+ languages. Natassa ran a successful business in in-company trainings when she suddenly got paralysed. Out of love for her children she found out how to cure all diseases and healed many patients including herself. Nowadays she runs news website Untold Times, where she shares world news and gives fantastic analyses about hot topics.

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