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The near future: families will have their kidnapped children back

Maybe you aren’t used to use oracles as a help to solve problems in your life, but they are an excellent way to get an oversight of what is going on and what your chances are. Today in the Byzantine coffee I again saw the monster of the Dutch Youth Care that has kidnapped/stolen/absorbed so many children from their families, but the kids will be brought back home in the near future.

I wanted to share that good news with you, because I have known for a long time this was going to happen and you will see it. My sons, my parents, husband, sister and the rest of the family will be back as well. That is all because of MY work and that of my family!!! So do support my work, for how are you otherwise going to have your family reunited?

My parents who lost both my younger and me 51 years ago from Athens, are members of the anti-childtrafficking movement in the world and my husband’s parents were members too. That is how we got to know each other: he came to Amsterdam to save me from the claws of the satanists and pedophiles if you insist on euphemistically calling them that way. He grandiosely failed because the monster has got enormous teeth, poison and wings to fly with. But the last couple of weeks we stopped them. The top turned out to be exactly what my husband and I have been telling you all the way: a group of 15 pedophiles of which 13 Dutch, one Turk from Greece and one Brit.

This is the coffee from the 3rd of December. See how big and black the monster still was? It had even wings and the secrets were well protected.

You didn’t know them, because the bosses of course hid in the shadows, but I did know them all my life. Why? Because all their power was based on keeping me away from my family. Now that I broke their power, the whole balance in the world will go from extreme leftist and communism to logical thinking and politics and to families just normally keeping their own kids. If someone tells you their kids have been stolen or kidnapped, don’t doubt. Child trafficking exists: the destination is satanist families who don’t want their own kids in order not to have a strong bond, because they can’t deal with feelings. Another destination is child prostitution and I don’t need to explain that.

I can’t receive any files from Youth Care – Raad voor de Kinderbescherming, Veilig Thuis, municipality or gemeente – because in the Netherlands when the government doesn’t like to give you your very own files, they abuse this new and dumb European privacy law against you. They tell you it’s “against the privacy law” to give you your own file and then you can try anything you want, but you won’t ever have it. My parents have received a whole logbook – very forbidden to make such a thing!! – from the ISS about me by bribing someone there, but they can’t give it to me. Anything you try is dangerous in this monsterly world of child exploitation and satanism. If you first donate and support my work, you can find today’s video underneath.


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