The story of an ancient queen and its importance today

Today’s story is a piece of very ancient history that I have had to retrieve in order to save myself and my family, but also to free the whole world from the extremely dangerous madmen that rule her. So I would say: let your busy life go for a moment and come back into time with me, 14,000 years ago in ancient Mycenae and then 2,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. We will follow the story of a queen of the Peloponnese who was thought to be the Goddess and what became of her.

In the garden of Eden everything was nice and life was a party. People lived happily, children played together without bullying each other, but one day an angry woman destroyed everything: Eve from Adam and her husband, Adam from Eve. Eve discovered that you could not only do nice things, but also bad things, like killing a flower or much worse: create fights in other families or even kill people. She didn’t think about how that was possible, but got immediately mad and her husband took her side. The eldest two of the city were called and they tried to calm them down. But nothing worked. The two lost their purity and their will to live normally. They had started thinking about demolishing everyone and everything instead of building things up. No-one else took their side and that made them even more furious. They had discovered that you could turn literally everything upside down or reverse it and then it would become something else that was evil. A frog would become a spider, a horse became a crocodile and when they turned around the whole world, it became … the totally black universe with one liveable planet on it: Earth.

Slowly the world began to decrease, while the new black world became bigger and bigger. The people knew one day they would be forced to go and live there themselves too and all together they started making galaxies, stars and suns that gave light and they brought also nice plants and animals to the earth instead of all the horrible spines, thornes and huge carnivores that came to life after they had been reversed from something nice. In the end they threw a meteor to kill the big beasts that we today know as dinosaurs, because Adam and Eve wanted people live beside them and we have in the meantime seen enough Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies to know that isn’t really the most luminous idea. So one day the people from Eden fell out of the sky right to the earth, to different places in the Mediterranean from Greece until India: the place where civilisation began. This is the story of Prometheus, who brought fire (knowledge) from heaven to the earth, because there were already people living on the earth. They didn’t know a lot, because Adam and Eve liked it that way. The dumber they were, the more they would hurt each other and they found that yuuuuuuge.

The eldest two and their direct family fell down to the Peloponnese and founded the civilisation of Mycenae there. Others fell in China, in Peru, Venezuela, Egypt, Mozambique and so on and started civilisations there. There are many stories about people coming or falling from heaven or from other planets to the earth and these people being stronger, taller and smarter than the people who already lived on the earth. Stories about heros, gods and half-gods … and these stories all tell the truth, as far as I have been able to research what happened. No-one needs to believe what I write. Important is that you understand from where the evil that now rules our world comes and how I am the one to fight and dismantle it. Anyway … the eldest two people from Eden became king and queen of the Peloponnese and were seen as God and the Goddess. Why, I don’t know, but that is what they were considered and that is what today is still the problem.


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An ancient scattering curse

The king and queen of the Peloponnese ruled the country as well as they could and despite many problems like droughts and not enough space for agriculture, they managed. And they lived for thousands of years, because they were still immortal as children from the Garden of Eden. One day Eve and Adam, who were also in Mycenae and terrorised the whole place with their satanic rituals, their gossip, their greed and power games, decided to kill the king, the queen and their two sons. But they wanted to do that in such a way that they could never stand up from death again. In short, they did a scattering curse with an enormous satanic ritual where many people were raped, tortured and killed. They were successful: the beloved royal family was dead and so now they could take over power.

Now maybe you know that negative people and scientists that are out of control are obsessed with immortality. Why is that? Well, what happened after the horror curse, was that mostly the queen’s soul (but the others’ as well) was scattered and many people had a piece of it. A soul needs to sit in a body, so that is why it reached other people. Slowly, slowly after many hundreds of generations the souls came together again piece by piece, so the people from Eden were born again in this era, about 9,000 years later. In all those thousands of years the satanists or negative powers if you want, got all the power in their claws and they weren’t planning to let it go. Ever. That is the fight that is going on today: the end game between good and evil, only that the good side is very weak with all those good people being with half a soul. With half of their powers, their consciousness and knowledge of what they are actually fighting for. So we stand very weak against the satanists that today call themselves The System, the globalists, the gnosticists or leftist geopolitics.


The Kopts in Egypt and the modern “scientists”

But there is another stade that we forgot to pass by: Egypt 2,000 years ago in the beginning of Christianism. The sarcophagi of the royal family from Mycenae had somewhere between 9,000 and 2,000 years ago been brought to Egypt and were there protected by the Kopts, the Egyptian Christians who still speak the ancient Egyptian language in church. They were afraid the Satanists would find the sarcophagi and so they made new ones that they hid. The ancient Egyptians already knew in 2012 after Christ there would be this Great Planetary Alignment: a moment on December 21, 2012, where all planets in our solar system would stand in one line with each other in some way. NASA contests it, but the thing is that people gave great importance to this event and not only in Egypt, but also the Mayans in South America believed in it. The ancient Egyptians and many other with them believed that the king and queen from Mycenae would resurrect from death in that year. So the Kopts made sarcophagi for the family with stars on them in a neat row, to honour the Ancients. They hid them, but the Satanists still found them and cursed them badly with their evil rituals and other stinking garbage that really works, that is the problem. And the royal family didn’t resurrect.

Don’t ask me how they did all this, but somehow they managed to squeeze our souls – yes that royal family is me and my family now – into a stone: the Philosopher’s Stone, that is believed to bring immortality. Well, yeah, it had our souls in it and souls have the characteristic of being immortal, but you don’t become immortal if you wear that stone with you or if you do things with it. Mad scientists are dumb, because they only think about their “science” and not about just having a normal life and having some boundaries or so, which would be quite healthy for themselves too. To us the task now to sneak our souls out of the stone that we found in the meantime. The Satanists or alchemists if you want, have done a whole lot of horrifying activities on our sarcophagi and our souls in those 2,000 years, plus in the modern times they started fooling around with DNA manipulation. We are not yet over with them, but at least we found the source of the enormous power of these negative globalist monsters. This place with our sarcophagi is the very source of their power and it’s in London today. Now you know why the EU, the WEF and the American government have such enormous power and get away with anything they cook up.

So if you read vague stories about Satanists being behind the world governments, doing weird things and so, there is truth in it. Only the real story is what you find here on my website, because I am the person in that sarcophagus. The woman so hated by this Adam and Eve that they have wanted to kill me for eons. So these Satanists in the end don’t think I am Mary Magdalene which is a relief, but the fact that they know something that is true, that they use against me (and you) and that I did NOT know, is really dangerous. Anyway I am not God or so, don’t worry. I am stronger than others, that is certainly true. Ask anyone you want who knows me and they’ll tell you. I have an extra task: to bring back peace and harmony to the world, but I’m not God. Those dudes think so because they are so evil and therefore so far distanciated from something normal and good. God is something very far away for them, but for a good person God is their friend. So if they see a person who is totally pure and logic, they think that’s God. No don’t worry. No creepy things here 🙂 .


Understand and support!!!

I hope you now finally after 13 years have understood why I am the one who has to fight evil and that you can only help by supporting me! These evil madheads want me, not you! It’s not my fault or so, but you must give me the space to do my job and help me instead of working against me, standing in my way, misusing my talents and my life force. You want a better world, so you stand on your own feet and support me. If you don’t want that, then just disappear, but don’t nag about the world being such a mudpool. It’s your own fault. A wise person takes responsibility for his life and does what he can to improve the world. In this case the thing you can do, is stop thinking you are better or wiser than me and respecting me for who I am. I do the same to you, so it can’t be too difficult.

A last remark: in the sarcophagus of my husband there is no soul, because he managed to keep his soul 9,000 years ago. This is why the Satanists always talk about the lost Goddess and never about God. They know the person of whom they think he is God (but who isn’t), is still reasonably intact and so they don’t search him. They want me by any means to adapt to their cult and become their slave, because they believe in a half good and half bad world ruled by them, as I have explained so many times now. But I am not doing that and that is why your Dutch government is chasing and hunting me and is right now trying to starve me. What is the normal thing to do if someone in your environment is starving? Collect money and help! Well that is why I have a crowdfunding here underneath, because I don’t think it’s okay for your state to kill me. And if you don’t believe me, ask me in a reaction. Every word I say is true. I am not writing under a pseudonym. My name is on my door and even if your state has stolen it from me and has forced fake ID papers on me with a fake Dutch name that belongs to some else, they all know my real name and that is the one I use everywhere: Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou. Time to support me, allez!



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