The Woke and the gut feeling Dutch Youth Care

Since probably mostly Dutch people will read this, let me first explain what CPS means. I learned the abbrevation today too and it stands for … Child Protection System! Jeugdzorg in Dutch: Raad voor de Kinderbescherming, Veilig Thuis (also called Onveilig Uit Huis which means Unsafe Away From Home), William Schrikker Stichting (foundation for people with a bit lower IQ) and the rest like SAVE, Jeugdbescherming and so on, and so on, and so on. In the Netherlands it is the system that claims to protect children, not the parents and they do so by … taking them away from good parents, based on nothing more than gut feeling. Read and shiver as the Dutch say, but be aware of the theory behind this terror too! That is what will help you understand and overcome Youth Care.

I write this article, because a few hours ago I found this article on Twitter, written by a club of people that let my family totally down when we got into problems with the Dutch CPS and my family and business got ruined by their smear campaigns about me. Yet they sometimes write good and sharp articles, so I will use this one which is in English (hooray!) in order to explain the link between this weird, reversed way of Woke thinking that keeps the Netherlands in a tighter grip than any other country in the world and the Dutch CPS. Having been obliged to fight this horrible system since my birth, you can’t imagine how happy I was when I discovered dr. James Lindsay and his New Discourses a couple of weeks ago. I immediately felt his way of fighting this terror by intellectual discourses is what we need in the Netherlands and since then I started writing about it on my own. Hopefully it will become a movement, but I am afraid that will take some time. At least I have fathomed a lot of things since I started reading and writing about this subject. Today we will grasp Youth Care until its very bottom.


Guilt and the privileged

As you can read in the above article, the Dutch CPS is all about guilt: the well-known reversed burden of proof that claims you are guilty of child abuse until your innocence has been proven. If you get arrested by the police and have to proof you’re innocent, at least you will be believed, but not so in Youth Care Land! You can bring a ton of proof to the judge who is supposed to decide CPS can take your children away or put them under custody (almost just as bad), you can bring witnesses and even professionals speaking for you, but the judge ALWAYS takes the side of the Child Protection and you can´t fight it. They won’t even let your witnesses enter the court room, as happened to me two years ago, when I had two witnesses whom I had neatly announced in time and who had travelled for hours to support me. CPS will turn your very own attorney against you and will even demand that judges lie in the courtroom. I am certainly not the only one to whom this all happened: tens of thousands of families become victims every year.

The worst of all is that CPS always sends your children to a place where they will have loads of problems, especially if the parents are decent people. In my case they sent my youngest son to my ex-husband who is a narcissist that doesn’t take care of him at all and the eldest to a stinking dirty house he has to share with a drug addict who totally dominates him. What a bad Mom must I be to be worse than that! If you try to fight it, you are mentally ill, according to the Dutch CPS and their never failing crystal ball. For me they had invented I supposedly was schizophrene (!). No proof, no test and no signs, but they wrote it in their reports that they sent everywhere and when I protested, they bluntly refused to correct the false texts. My doctors turned their back on me, my attorneys and even my patients. I wanted to go to a psychologist to prove CPS was wrong, but she told me it would only cost me money and it wouldn’t help at all: Youth Care simply states they didn’t ask you to go to a psychologist or they didn’t appoint the one you went to, so in other words the professional (!) is subjective. Nobody can ever proof they’re wrong, because they refuse everything and if they don’t know what to say, they just literally turn their back on you and don’t answer. Like a 3-year-old toddler!

This notion of guilt is notorious in Dutch Youth Care and … also in Woke thinking. Therefore I already stated this way of thinking is as old as humanity, because didn’t the Jews in the Bible like 10,000 years ago already believe they were guilty, being descendants of Adam and Eve? Today people aren’t guilty because they are descendants of Adam and Eve, but because they are white. And in CPS they are guilty because they are parents. Here you see again how illogic everything is: the whole Woke thinking is about races, but when it comes to Youth Care the races suddenly melt together to one soup of parenting plebs and each parent is guilty. For the rest it’s the same thought: you are guilty because you’re not a professional – like a doctor, a social worker from CPS, a therapist or so – and you will always have to work on your parenting skills, because you will never learn it. Only they know, because they learned it from a book on those Dutch fake universities (hbo*) where they “studied” (= learned by head) Woke pedagogy. You are a bad parent from the inside and you will always stay that way. Just like white people are always racists – according to the Woke – and no matter what they do: they will always stay racists and if anyone refuses believing it, they are not yet conscious of their inner racism. In other words they’re morons! In Dutch CPS they keep you busy as long as your children are under 18 and sometimes even longer; the government has to pay for all the unnecessary courses, therapies, custody, supervision and whatever means they’ve got more to control you. This is how Youth Care became such a huge mighty monster. When the children turn 18, Youth Care all of a sudden lets go of them, because their responsibility stops there according to the law. You get them back, totally depressed and traumatised for life. And that is how sad reality is in this country for many, many families.

(* of course I’m not against hbo, but it certainly IS the most Woked place there is in the world for many studies)

If you think you’re safe from them if you’re a professional: nope! At the moment your nasty neighbour calls the police because you raised your voice against your kid (which is sometimes necessary as we all know) or you have a party on Saturday night once per year, the system starts working and it is extremely difficult to protect your children. I myself was a school teacher and later on a life coach. They do it to teachers, to people who work in children’s daycare centers, doctors and even professors in pedagogy. If ever you manage to chase Youth Care from your home, next year they will return and they will keep on doing so until they have grabbed your children.

In the article I mentioned above you can read what the Dutch Youth Care and Child Protection do to families. Every word in it is fully true. I haven’t only got to know them from my own life, but I had customers with Youth Care troubles, friends and acquaintances as well and I was in several Facebook groups with thousands of Youth Care victims. The only thing you can do that might save your family, is like a madman look for help from a psychologist or something like that. Then you tell Youth Care or CP you have ‘help’ with the ‘problem’ that doesn’t exist and if you are lucky, they will at least not take away your children. And oh I haven’t even mentioned what they do to institutionalised children, who are very often prone to sexual abuse as well. They even put innocent children and teenagers in prison if there is supposedly no place in an institution or if there is no foster family to take them. How much they ruin your kids if they have learning disabilities by frustrating the help they get at school or outside school with their Higher Mind that understands it all about life and about your family they don’t even know.


Why does this problem with facts and proof exist? A lesson in Woke thinking

I learned the following from James Lindsay: in the main Woke thinking, it is said that society supposedly is all about white privilege, homophobia, imperialism, patriarchy, being physically strong and … yes about scientific thinking! So normal phenomena like getting proof from research is seen as something only privileged people do. The Woke get their information from gut feelings and life experience. Or from their Wokish books. According to them only a member of a non-privileged social group – like blacks or LHBTI’s – can determine whether someone is a racist, a sexist or whatsoever. Now we translate that to Youth Care: the white privileged are the parents here. They are privileged because they have been able to freely parent for a long time without being supervised by professionals. (Don’t laugh). Now we turn them to guilty, simply stating that each parent is guilty of neglecting or abusing their children, until they can proof the opposite. But they can’t proof that with facts, because that is the way privileged people work. No, it has to be proven with gut feelings and life experience. Only … privileged people aren’t supposed to have those qualities, so they have to look for a psychologist or psychiatrist to prove they aren’t guilty.

So the parents go look for a professional, which must be easy-peasy, since they are innocent and good parents, they think. They find a professional and indeed he or she officially states the parents are good and there is no problem. But surprise: this is a new problem, because the Woke Youth Care did determine a problem and they are higher professionals than anyone else – albeit self-appointed. They can never be wrong! What must happen in order to get rid of Youth Care is that their non-existing problem – some made-up mistake in the education – MUST be acknowledged. So the real qualified professional is obliged to lie that yes there is a problem, but the parents work on it. Youth Care doesn’t need to sit on top of this family. This is the only way to overrule Dutch Youth Care. Then the professional is obliged to do sessions with the parents about nothing – paid by tax money – and after a few sessions to again lie there has been an improvement: the ‘problem’ has been solved. If the professional therapist is also a Woke person – 95% chance to that – they won’t declare the problem solved. If the parents get upset about that, they are again accused of child abuse. And then sadly the children are gone.

Exactly like in the whole Woke, the visions of activists – here Youth Care “professionals” who are most of the time young girls that just finished college – can never be proven wrong. If parents dare say they know it better, the Youth Care “specialist” simply states the parents are clearly dumb, since they can’t see their own problem. The problem no-one sees and doesn’t exist, but the Youth Care worker sees with their crystal ball, made of gut feelings and the life experience of a 23-year-old girl whose only achievement in life is a bachelor in something Wokish like pedagogy or sociology or so.


Why must the Dutch CPS urgently be stopped?

Because they undermine family life. Dot. The whole Dutch CPS is a danger for each family in the country with their arrogant thinking they are so-called better and more advanced than anyone else. No they aren’t! They use the old books of Dr. Spock & Co about education of children, that states dangerous and unproven things like parents should leave their baby in the bed, because lifting the child would be bad for their motor system. Proof? Nowhere. Who are the lunatics now? Books full of bogus and again Wokish thinking instead of learning about the wonderful American Dr. Sears who helps parents to be warm and nurturing to their children and Dr. Gordon who helps people communicate within the family in a superb and peaceful way. Jungian psychologists who help you look into yourself in a loving way to improve your life (if you want that). I have a shell full of books and used to have a lot more about a great way to educate your children, because I wasn’t allowed to grow up with my own loving Greek parents so I’d had an example. I learned everything from books, from memories of parents from my childhood who did a good job and from friends. It made me an awesome Mom, loved by my own kids and all others I ever met.

The Dutch Youth Care has a totally irrealistic image of how a family should be. Like taken from the commercials or a movie. They are in this story not only the oppressed – coloured, obese or non-heterosexual – social group, but also the Great Specialists, who without knowing how other families live, have a gut-kinda idea of all the mistakes all parents of the world supposedly make. With their bossy way of forcing people to educate their children in their wrong way – without love, affection and understanding – they ruin the lives of millions of children and their parents. Their poor parents and grand-parents often as well can but watch with tears in their eyes how their beloved (grand-)children go under and they can’t do anything about it. This MUST come to an end and quickly!














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