These nine people hold all the cards in the whole world

It’s not the EU, not the WEF and not even the American Deep State that holds all the power in the world. Nine people push so hard to get these crazy ideas through. Like putting chips in the heads of people, creating famine for no reason, supporting Nazis and destroying the climate (ehh environment) exactly by forcing sustainable energy on us, while technology isn’t yet ready for that move. I couldn’t place them too well in the power pyramid of our beautiful blue planet, but now I know how it works. Before going there, I first have a short announcement to make.

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Since I fell so ill after my family and business were ruined in 2016-2019 and I couldn’t even stand up for 2 whole years, I worried what I could still do to glue my family and my life together again. The answer was: earn money, but that was easier said than done. The only thing I could do, was to write journalistic articles and so I started doing that in March 2020. But my news website needed a name and I just couldn’t find one. Finally yesterday someone on Twitter came up with the word untold. I couldn’t resist that, not in the last place because I do tell untold stories.

Untold Times it is, folks! Then I threw the Tarot cards – democratic as I am – to ask what their opinion was about writing in Dutch or English and … this picture tells the outcome. It was so clear that no-one could ignore it! For Dutch the Hanging Man, which means great problems and for English 6 of Pentagrammes, which means great business. So it’s English from now on! I also finally managed to make a hamburger (dropdown) menu for on your mobile phone, so that was a fruitful day yesterday. Remember I’m a crowdfunded journalist and I’m handicapped without any income. So donations are not only necessary to keep on writing, but also to survive. Don’t donate to worthless causes! My cause is an honest one and if I might ever receive too much money, I will ask you if you want to stop donating or if you want me to donate the surplus to a good goal.


Eugenics and AI

Eugenics is the science that humanises robots and robotises people. Of course the people involved in it, say with a big smile that it does no harm at all and that your robot vacuum cleaner and your robot grass mower have been made with the help of eugenics. But we all know there is a dark side to eugenics as well. I mean …. Elon Musk tells us almost every day he really wants to implant chips in our brains “so we become smarter”. He clearly finds us dumb, but what do we ourselves think about that? How smart is a guy that wants to implant chips in people’s heads because he finds them stupid? A guy who has a son called XÆ A-XII and a daughter called Exa Dark Sideræl? Does he think a child is some kind of a scientific project or so, that he gives them such absurd names? How are these kids going to get through school with those names? Won’t they be bullied, not only with those names but also with their extremely weird parents? And such a guy will tell us we’re dumb and need a chip for more intelligence? I think the first person who needs that, is Elon himself.


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Now at this moment science is “already far enough” to send 5G internet through the air in some “smart” cities in more countries than you maybe think. What is does, is create a heat that chases people to all sides, away from each other and governments want to use it to dissolve demonstrations. They also use sound waves in technology and yesterday I read about LUMI, the fastest computer in Europe that stands in Finland. In other countries there are however still faster computers. Problem is that the EU wants to use this kind of supercomputers to find “solutions for the climate”, while the climate isn’t even a problem. If they would seek solutions for a better environment, that would be better, but they don’t. They always use technology for wrong ends, just like in the medicinal field also. You cannot heal diseases with tech! Diseases are healed in the soul of the sick person and with traditional medicine. By going into the world of shadows and eliminating the inhibiting factors that keep the patient ill, there. That is the only way and what is so dangerous about contemporary medicine, is the fact that doctors force it on us and lie to us that diseases can’t be healed. They make us dependent from them and empty our pockets as well. Yes diseases can heal! If you know how and there aren’t many people anymore who do, but they still exist.

Maybe now you understand how far advanced technology is, that scientists can do such things to people and have such a huge power over us. We, the people, are completely left in the dark about what science can do today and just have to wait and see. Our protests don’t bring any movement, since the media don’t want to tell about the subject of robotising people and humanising robots or eugenics or AI if you will. Elon Musk however, knows more about it than anyone else on earth and he too keeps his mouth shut about what he is actually doing there in those dark, weird labs of his in the far away California. And by the way: did his electric cars do anything good? No not really. An electric car is not more economic than a car that drives on gasoline or diesel. Really, science is great, but not always.

Then: Elon Musk owns a space industry! Can you imagine that? That you own a space industry? Like the NASA and that you are the very owner of it? That you do very far going scientific research that is all secret and top secret, that you never take your space shuttle and fly a little journey to the moon, but that you do own Starlink satellites in Ukraine? Satellites that are pointed towards what happened to that Russian tanker Moskva that was allegedly sunk a month ago, but that haven’t seen anything. Allegedly, because the satellites aren’t publicly owned and so we don’t get to see what they caught. It is said the satellites were used to stop Russia from hacking Starlink in Ukraine, but also that Starlink tried to sink the Moskva. We will probably never know the truth, because Musk doesn’t tell us and the media are in large amounts owned by …


George Soros, mediaman and top financer of leftist projects

I have written many articles on George Soros already and will be short here. Soros is the man that does magic with money and with media. Just last week he and a group of investors linked to him were caught buying Spanish media in the US for $80 million dollars. Here another article about them buying specifically Spanish media outlets in Florida. This is clearly because in November there will be mid-term elections for the Congress (the American Parliament). He wants to influence Spanish speaking people in the US to vote for Democrat representatives instead of Republicans who at least see through Soros. Do I need to say more about this man who isn’t welcome anymore in half of the world? Yes one last thing: I don’t know if he is still in the Circle of Nine, because I had the impression he was changed for a younger person in August 2020. The only person I can think of that might have become the new member is … Volodimir Zelensky. I am not sure, so please don’t quote me on it, but he is Jewish and has acquired a lot of power in the last few years. It could be him.


The Circle of Nine

Before I say that yes, all the members ever of this deluded power clan are Jews, I first want to be very clear on this: most Jews are just very normal people and have nothing to do with this horror club with its Satanic ideas and behaviour. Thousands of years ago they were already fighting against satanism and most of them are nice and friendly people with humor and beautiful music. Only a part of them has this lust for power and they are Satanists, but don’t believe so much in Satan. They believe in God and follow the religion of the Gnostics, a somewhat twisted heresy that believes Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene – while he clearly wasn’t – and that she is so-called the lost Goddess. They also believe(d) I am the reincarnation (really) of this woman and that is why they are always out there to get me. I have explained them so many times that I am not that woman and that they need to free me, but they don’t get it. They use me in order to get power over you: that is how it works.

It won’t be a surprise to you that I was kidnapped and illegally “adopted” by a couple and that my foster mother was the daughter of one of the nine members of this most powerful club ever: my grandfather from my foster family, a satanic family and I have lived it all. This grandfather was just another lawyer, but he had so much power and money that many asked themselves from where he had it. Well from the membership of that Circle of Nine, that’s it. I have figured out why he wasn’t more famous with that position: it is because the club had lost the Second World War in 1945, when Hitler died or in any case left the club (yes he was a member too!) and my foster grandfather-to-be stepped in. They wanted to work more behind the scenes to build up their power again. I am not sure if it’s true, but whispers say Klaus Schwab is family of Adolf Hitler. It would explain why he is now a member of the Circle of Nine, but I don’t want to claim things that aren’t true. The members come from certain families of which you probably know some: Rockefeller, Rothschild and so on.

I could mention all nine members of the Circle of Nine, but the most prominent and power of the club are Elon Musk, George Soros and Klaus Schwab. There are also Dutch members and one of them is the grandson of a brother of my foster grandfather: Ferd Grapperhaus, former Secretary of Justice in the Netherlands. Another member is Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands since already 10 years and he isn’t planning to ever quit. Ursula von der Leyen, Chair of the European Commission and former Secretary of Defense, is a member. Marc van Ranst, a Belgian medical doctor who has organised the whole hoax around the Covid crisis is a member, Hillary Clinton is a member and Bill Gates, who is the only one who at least tries to do good things, even if his wife Melinda does them most of the time.

Whatever Bill has done in bad things, he has also invented a couple of machines with which you can find inhibitions that keep people sick, so you don’t need to make yourself so tired going into that world of shadows all the time. You can even photograph and film memories of people doing secretly harm to you, so that you have proof and can get them to court. He saved my life with that machine and that of my family, so he is at least partially forgiven for the other things he did and sometimes still does. He also said we have to prevent a new virus outbreak, which is a lot better than saying we need to make vaccines. Bill Gates grew up in that horror sect with the idiot ideas of the Gnostics, but when he got to know ways to create a really better world, he learned from that and he is growing as a person. But we still have to cope with eight evil and extremely powerful members of the club, that do a lot of harm in our world and that really urgently need to leave the world stage.


An agenda or …?

In my previous article I wrote that most politicians don’t know where the policies come from. They just follow their nose and do what they think the population wants. They don’t take time to think about what they are actually doing and they try to be tough, because they “have to do so many bad things” in order to keep the country running. They know the decisions aren’t taken in the national Parliament, but in the US after having been invented in the World Economic Forum in Davos, run by another member of the Circle of Nine, Klaus Schwab. I have talked to almost all of them and tried to talk some reason into them. The problem is that they stubbornly believe in the Gnostics and the Gnostics say that here on the earth there must be evil. Not only that, but the Circle of Nine must embody that evil and so these people already know they are doing bad things. They are only convinced that this is God’s will and that they don’t have the right to stop doing the bad things.

The bad things being things like waging wars against countries like Irak, Syria, Libya, Vietnam and Ukraine and oppressing Latin America, while defaming Russia for being the devil, while the devil that is these eight-nine monsters who plan and organise these wars. Yes there is an agenda that says what allegedly “needs” to happen to the world, but most politicians are just incapable and don’t even know what’s going on. They just take one wrong decision after the other because they don’t know anything and don’t use their brains to ponder about ethics. In fact we could state that within countries there is just dumbness but not a real agenda, but on the international level there is a clear agenda. It wants us to go hungry this summer and cold next winter, it wants us to take even more Covid vaccines even if they are just not safe, it wants us to get also vaccinated against the ape pox (sorry monkey pox), to become vegans and eat insects. They also want us to go bankrupt, because all weapons and money of the EU and the US have gone to Ukraine and have been destroyed by the Russians.

How we can unthrone this Circle of Nine: talk about the harm its members do and write about it as much as we can. Share my articles, empower me by subscribing and donating for the good cause I fight for. I know these peops personally and believe it or not: they come to ask me for advise and I tell them what to do. Plus keep in mind that these people grow up with these crazy gnostic ideas and are totally convinced that they MUST ruin the world, because God would so-called want there to be good and evil simultaneously. As soon as they understand this isn’t true, they don’t want to continue tearing down everything, but they only believe it if I am the one telling them so. That is what I do and from the other side Russia is fighting very hard against this club and its dumb followers. You know followers are always worse than leaders, so now you know how many billions of dangerous idiots we have to beat! The war in Ukraine is horrible, but there is no other way to combat this evil power ithat keeps the world in its grip.

There is another thing you can do to combat the leftist, communist overtake of the world: vote for right-wing parties, even if they aren’t totally your taste. Stuffing the western countries with asylum seekers is a very bad thing, that isn’t even good for those people themselves. Giving all the tax payers’ money to the “climate”, giving in to viruses that aren’t dangerous for most people and letting the population go hungry because the Russians also. People have to build up their own country and if there is war or danger, they should be helped in their own region. Viruses don’t need to break up the whole society, differences between countries don’t need to create hunger and energy crises and you see there is a reasonable solution for any problem. The Nine do teamwork to end the world, so let us do teamwork to save it and build it up nice and well.


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