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Today I woke up and as always I grabbed my telephone to read the news on my email and on Twitter. And I saw … that Germany saved its economy by stopping any weapon deliveries to Ukraine, that Turkey is working its way into all kinds of Asian associations of countries and that Russia is busy building up its country. All this while we here in Europe are fighting against the Russians, are squeezing zillions of new immigrants into our already overly stuffed countries and while the Dutch pension funds have played and lost most of our pensions at the stock market. So let’s take a look at the smarter ones among us, so we can learn something from them!


Will America be great again?

First of all in America the Republicans are still on the winning hand in the midterm elections. They voted for a new House of Representatives (Lower House of the Parliament), for 35 Senate (Upper House) seats and for 36 new governors in their states. That is a lot of votes to be counted and that takes about three days. The House is almost certain for the Republicans (called GOP which means Good Old Party), as you can see here. The Senate is likely but not sure for the Republicans and until now 24 states have got a Republican governor against 22 for the Democrats. Before the elections the Republicans held 26 states, had 50 senators (of 100 in total) and a large minority in the House. If they can at least win the House now and at least 50 senators in the Senate, they will be able to throw their government and start a better one, that goes for their country’s needs instead of for Ukraine’s and immigrants’ needs. Here you can follow the results.


Midterms 2022, the House thanks to CNN.


New speaker of the House

The chair of the House of Representatives in America is called the Speaker of the House. In the Netherlands this chair is elected by the members of the Tweede Kamer (the House) in a secret backroom politics procedure. In the US however the ones who wish to become Speaker hold a small election campaign (a “run”), so that everything is transparant. The Speaker is a member of the largest party which now will be the Republicans and Kevin McCarthy is going to run.


Climate summit Egypt: $100 billion for poor countries

Right now at this moment where we speak, there is a huge UN summit in Egypt about the ‘climate’. Any natural catastrophe that happens, is called a climate disaster nowadays. We are being told we need to be very afraid of these catastrophes and fight them by taking billions costing measures for the climate. So if you asked yourself where your tax money is going … But the climate doesn’t let us influence it by force. Nature does what it needs to survive as always and the climate has become colder and warmer many times in history. Yet about half of our globe is blindly convinced that we must and shall spend all the money we need for other things such as decent education and healthcare on needless efforts to bend and own the weather. And now in Egypt a lot of countries are talking about gathering another $100 billion for helping poor countries to “beat the climate”. I am not against an international fund for all countries that suffer natural disasters, but so much money can’t just be collected in the difficult times we are living and it shouldn’t be called the climate but simply for natural disasters.

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G20 and APEC summits

Next week, on the 15th and 16th of this month, there will be another G20 summit on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Russia announced it will attend the summit, but President Vladimir Putin won’t be there. The Russian delegation will be headed by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as press agency Tass said this morning. They will discuss and take decisions about a lot of political issues, like of course the climate, economical issues and more interference in each other’s politics. Something I didn’t know about this summit and maybe neither you is the fact that the European Union in its whole is a member of the G20. This is not a good sign with all the lack of transparency that already characterizes these meetings. I cite from their website:

 The members of the G20 are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union. Spain is also invited as a permanent guest.


And then there will be the summit of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC in the days after that, on the 18th and 19th of the month. The meeting will be held in Thailand. President Putin will also not attend this summit and will be represented by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

Many countries in the Asian Pacific are members of the APEC and with them Russia, Canada, the US, Peru, Chile and Mexico. The last six may not be in Asia, but are for sure situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The APEC is an economic community for helping the member countries to get economically developed. In my opinion it’s a spoiler that the US is a member of this group of countries too, since they are so bossy and never let any country just develop itself. But they are situated on the Pacific and more American countries are member, so alas!


Summit of Turkic States

Sometimes I wonder if presidents and prime ministers actually have any time for governing their country, given the so many summits of diverse international organisations. Prime Minister Erdoǵan of Turkey is today and tomorrow in Uzbekistan for the meeting of the Organisation of Turkic States that is being held there. He is expected to address the meeting, because he wants support for his country so he can attack Greece and Cyprus without being hindered by all too much criticism. I apologise for being sharp about Turkey, but I know this country is planning war with us in Greece. Erdoǵan is getting mixed up in so many international organisations and is trying to make himself indispensable for this end and for nothing else. As you can see here he had a private meeting with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev today.


Germany and the gas

Germany is following Japan’s footsteps. A country that gave up all its relations with Russia in order to be America’s good boy and that is now without gas. I really thought they would finally take in that until now unused Nord Stream 2 pipeline, but no! Germany finds it unthinkable and indiscussable to have any relations with Russia. I wasn’t a big fan of Angela Merkel, but she would for sure not have flung her country in this dead-end situation. The gas reservoirs may be filled for now with among others gas from Groningen, but that isn’t even enough for the coming winter, let stand alone for more winters and also summers to come. Don’t we cook on gas and don’t we use LPG in our cars? The German politicians have made a series of utterly dumb decisions and now don’t want to be embarassed while correcting their mistakes. But what is dumber really: to correct your mistakes or to hide in the basement whining about what you have caused?


Greece and the children

Apart law in Greece for crimes against children like trafficking and sexual abuse.

Greece has always been a country that loves and protects children. When I tried to find out what our laws actually are for crimes like pedophilia, I saw they were very severe. And now they are making a new law for crimes against children. I do want to stress that this law is coming 56 years after I was kidnapped and trafficked to the Netherlands from where I can’t leave until today. The Netherlands, a country where you are forced to believe that child trafficking and sexual abuse of children don’t even exist. But in Greece they are much more realistic and the government is making a law against these horror crimes.


This was the news that I wanted to bring to your attention today, folks! Many things are happening in the rest of the world, that aren’t told by the media here, but are of great importance. The world is a globalistic thing in our times if we like it or not and so it’s necessary to stay sharp. Otherwise an unpleasant surprise may overwhelm you. That is one of the reasons why many people, among who I align myself, plead for a more nationally and regionally oriented world in which every country keeps itself busy with its own needs in the first place.

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