This is how we will end the Covid crisis

The world has never been as united as during the past two years, but it hasn’t been in a positive way. Dramas like a lot of talk about a climate change, the Covid crisis, the war in Ukraine, the threat of a new World War and an imminent worldwide food and energy shortage are troubling our minds. We all know how to end these crises, but our politicians are reluctant to do so. Maybe good to explain another time in plain English! Covid it is for today.

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How did it all start?

I remember as if it happened yesterday that halfway February 2020 the news announced something about a horrendous new virus outbreak. Normally I wouldn’t be alarmed, since we had so many virus outbreaks and the only wise thing you can do in such times is to stay calm, not to take any vaccine and to drink some more fresh orange juice and camomille tea with honey and lemon. And chicken soup. But something in the tone of the message about the virus struck me: this was a totally new and unknown virus. Not only that, but it seemed that many people had died from it in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Doctors didn’t know how to test if you carried the virus and the difference with a serious flu was small, only that the new virus was said to be much more deadly. So what actually struck me was the fact that no-one seemed to know what to do to protect people from contracting the virus.

For years I worked as a traditional healer and trauma therapist, so I wasn’t afraid of the coronavirus. When a friend said he probably contracted it, I invited him so I could examine it. Fell immediately ill with it and discovered the antidote was galactic acid. So I went to the super and bought any vegetables I could find that had galactic acid in it. Made a salad and onion soup and … yes: within one and a half day I was recovered. Thing was that a few months later the recipe didn’t work anymore. There was also nothing that did work, except that camomille tea, orange juice and chicken soup are always the best way to strengthen yourself against viruses.


Harsh measures

In the meantime the news ran into my living room: statistics of millions of people that had allegedly died from the new virus, even if there wasn’t yet a method to know if patients had this virus or not. Autopsy of dead patients was forbidden because medical personel had to be protected against the virus, so the news said. Critical journalists already started saying the death numbers were comparable to a bad flu season and around May 2020 the first panic was over. In the meantime all over the world wearing face masks, keeping social distance and closing schools and businesses had become common practice. Most people were deadly afraid of contracting the virus, but even more were afraid of wondering if the WHO and the governments were actually right to restrict freedom. Anyone who dared questioning their decisions was immediately silenced with the accusation they weren’t virologists, so they couldn’t know anything about the virus. Not much later it turned out that no-one had died from Covid, only from other conditions and with Covid.

Another thing people started worrying about was their income and the future of their children. They were stuffed in their tiny apartments, where they started fighting with each other, children didn’t have the right to play outside or even inside with friends and schools stayed closed for at least three months. Students became depressed and some even committed suicide, but the governments in most countries didn’t do anything to help the population. People were so terrified that they didn’t even dare to think for themselves. If you wanted to help solve the problem of Covid, you had to mask yourself, to abstain from seeing friends and family, to keep a distance from everyone and to sit tight waiting until there would be a vaccine. That was the only solution, according to the WHO, the news, the doctors and governments. But it takes years to make a vaccine, so did we now have to wait that long without living even a bit? The situation became unbearable and the masses started demonstrating in all cities in the world.


Looking for information

More and more people started looking for information and many, many things were said about the virus. That it was fabricated in that huge futuristic lab in Wuhan, that a virus didn’t even make you sick and loads of things more. The first real sound information I found, was this interview with the American Dr. David Martin, who is the CEO of a company that checks government subsidies. His company had the CDC as a client and he had done enormous research on patents and subsidies given to the CDC by the American government in order to do gain-in-function research (DNA research) of a virus that normally only jumped on bats. Many different patents had been asked for and given for the one and only coronavirus that exists. Now that alarmed me and if you’d like to hear his findings, here he is on video:



In the Netherlands a business man called Nico Sloot made a movie about Covid-19 and actually about the whole corrupt system that governs the world today. It was no conspiracy thinking but sound facts. You can’t watch the movie for free anymore, but here you will find it. It’s in English with Dutch subtitles.


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The long expected vaccine

In December 2020 the first vaccines against Covid came on the market. They only had a conditional marketing authorisation for one year by the EMA in Europe and approval for emergency use by the FDA in the US, which has been extended to another year. A vaccine can’t be made in one year time, especially not against a coronavirus which is biologically totally different from a normal flu virus and needs another technique to fabricate them: mRNA. The new method turned out quickly not to work at all, but again: anyone who dared to criticise, was silenced and made a fool of. Even if most criticals were doctors specialised in immune diseases and viruses and even if they had more experience and knowledge than the doctors on tv. The atmosphere became aggressive, because many people didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation and just wanted to break free and go out to have fun again after having been confined to the house for over one and a half year.

Anyone who had criticism on the government approach in any country for ‘beating Covid’, was brutally silenced and social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube applied direct censorship to people who said something else than the government. In the meantime though the vaccines caused severe side effects of which the most important were blood clots (that cause heart attacks and strokes), myocarditis, blindness, paralysis and even death. Yet the majority of the population was so sick of the harsh and dangerous Covid measures that they preferred risking their lives by taking a vaccine to fighting back against the government. They started accusing critical people for obstructing the end of the crisis and until today many haven’t understood that even if there IS an end to Covid, the old normal life won’t return.


The future!

The governments, the EU, the WHO and the WEF made it crystal clear that there is going to be a “Great Reset” that will change everything. From now on we will never be free anymore and we will instead be more and more oppressed and unsafe. New crises have already started, such as totally unnecessary and food, gas and oil shortages created by governments, while all the tax money goes to vague and not helping “climate plans” and even to a new war started in Ukraine by fault of the US government and NATO. In the US, where Joe Biden and his friends have defunded the police, whole cities are being pillaged by Antifa members and other extreme left scum.

I almost forgot the most important danger for the future: digital ID passes that work with a QR code to indicate you are vaccinated or have passed a negative Covid test. You may think it’s OK to have such a pass, but in the EU they are already preparing such passes with a lot more information: your whole medical file, all your personal data and your driving licence. In the Netherlands the Lower House has finally voted the Covid passes away, but in July this year they will return, as unelected EU boss Ursula von der Leyen announced a week ago. I can tell a whole lot more about side effects of the vaccines, about dangers for pregnant Moms and babies and much more, but I think the point has been made: all Covid measures are bad news, the vaccines implicate oppression and discrimination against wiser people who don’t even think of risking to get vaccinated and it’s high time to end this crisis. Not only that: we should never fall for yet another story about another virus. It’s just not worth the schism in the population and the hatred among people.

If you would think about the situation until the end of 2019 and the situation now, would you have done things differently? Would you still have believed the government that told you there would be one short but tough lockdown and then the virus would be overwon? Would you still comply with wearing masks and locking down your business for so long? Not seeing your grandparents for almost two years …. if you knew what would be coming in 2022? Doing as you are told is only the right solution in extremely dangerous situations or in e.g. the army where you need to work in coordination with each other. Not in a virus outbreak! I would say: always take your brain with you anywhere you go and do think twice before complying with too harsh rules and regulations. We humans have got a brain, so let’s use it and solve the crisis by telling the truth everywhere we can – on and off the internet.

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