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It’s been some time since I wrote about health issues and overweight is one of the most terrible things that can happen to anyone. There is so much misleading news saying you can just be skinny if you really want it and even the most critical thinkers believe that. Well, I have been a therapist for about 9 years and I helped quite some people to really lose (or even gain) weight. That wasn’t an easy task and the first causes for overweight are more often than you think grief, shocks and traumas. Then the hormones follow, but I have hardly ever seen people with overweight who ate too much. That is one of the biggest pieces of bonkers of the century. Overweight and obesity are symptoms of a disease. Period.


“You just eat too much and get some exercise man!”

Some ‘lucky’ people can lose weight by literally starving themselves and that’s what I used to do myself too, when I was young and the overweight could still come off. After a few months I’d gain it all again and that was my life then. But shall I tell you a secret? Each year it became more difficult to get the overweight away and when I became a Mom, it was over and out losing weight. Not even a single gramme, whatever I tried. And if you think I’m the only one that can’t lose weight, you’ve lost reality. Many, many people suffer and are so ashamed of their overweight, because others tell them they’d so-called eat too much and they should exercise more. Fatshaming never helped anyone! Instead, it makes the problem larger.

I have a lot to say about these dumb and offending remarks people make to each other. Let’s look at a few causes for overweight today and I will tell you what I discovered about how to overcome those. Not only for today, but forever. If you gain the lost weight again, you haven’t been properly helped, have you? My solutions are always really working and if you follow my advise, you won’t get sick again or in this case gain weight. We go to the root of the problem and solve it there.


Cause 1 for overweight: diabetes type 2

It is said that people who have diabetes type 2 have had bad eating habits and that would then be the cause of their overweight. But did you know people who have been sexually or physically abused in their childhood are also very prone to having diabetes in their adulthood? Child abuse causes grief and grief causes overweight, depending on the person. Some people who have grief, are stressed out and so they lose weight. This type of people often smokes a lot, which keeps them skinny but unhealthy. Others eat their grief by keeping it inside them and this way they gain weight. If they want to lose weight, they have to look within themselves, heal their sorrow and traumas and then they will start losing weight. Or they will first need to confront diabetes, which I also did and I am the first person ever who managed to heal this disease forever.

It’s not easy, but you can do it. I write about it here. I realise it’s in Dutch, but you can fairly well read it with the help of Google Translate in the left menu. If you have diabetes, it’s very important to be really good to yourself. I don’t mean that you indulge in bad habits, but that you stay warm, take good care of yourself and buy yourself a little present sometimes. It doesn’t need to be expensive and don’t get addicted to buying stuff! Things like that. Healthy food is also a form of being good to yourself, but superfood is not healthy! I mean normal old-fashioned cooked food, fruit, good fruit juice, bread, some fullfat dairy and vegetables. Sometimes a glass of alcohol, but not more than about twice a week/ Relaxing is also love for yourself. The article in the link will help you get through diabetes and heal it.

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Cause 2 for overweight: hypothyroidism

Heart attack because of hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid is the other great and important cause for overweight. You can often see it if a person has this condition, because their neck is swollen and sometimes their face as well. Hypothyroidism can easily be detected in a blood test by measuring the hormones TSH, T3 and T4. If these give low results, it’s a sign of a slow thyroid and that doesn’t only cause overweight.

Hypothyroidism can devour your gums, dissolve your teeth (as it did in my case because the doctors

Hypothyroidism can eat your gum and teeth

didn’t acknowledge my hypothyroidism and I had it
for at least 26 years) and it can even cause heart attacks. Because I was lied to, I didn’t know I had this disease and couldn’t heal it faster. It’s not yet totally healed, but my teeth don’t hurt anymore and the disappearing of one molar after another also stopped. Plus I am very slowly losing a tiny little bit of weight. It’s true that you can recover from all these conditions, if you take the rest and time to do research to find the root of the disease and then heal it. Of course you can heal! What a nonsense that we are obliged to believe we can’t heal from so many conditions! If a doctor can’t do it, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!


Things that DON’T cause overweight

There are also a lot of fables in the world about food that would so-called make you fat and stuff. Like the one that says you must exercise like a nutter if you want to stay or become skinny. There is one connection between eating and exercise: the lymphatic system absorbs fluid from your large bowel. Now that lymph is a very slow substance that runs in veins just like blood. Only it’s a lot thicker and there is no pump in the system. This means you need some exercise in order to get it to work. If you start eating more and you don’t exercise more, there may be an inbalance which makes you gain weight. So yes, some normal exercise is needed. Otherwise you will retain fluid.

But you don’t gain weight by just eating too much. Too much sugar or fat. No! If you do gain weight by eating sugar, you have diabetes and you didn’t get the diabetes by eating too much sugar. You have cravings for sugar if your insuline is low and/or if your chrome levels are low. And with diabetes you gain weight, not by eating sugar. Yet I won’t advise you to eat so much sugar. Just a bit, because you need sugar just like you need anything else. A little bit in the coffee or tea won’t make you fat and neither will a piece of cake every once and while. Just don’t overdo it and if you have depressions, let the doctor test if you have diabetes. It’s one of the symptoms.

The other thing that doesn’t cause overweight is good fat. Good fat such as in olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil or a bit (not too much again) butter. I am talking about real butter, not the chemical garbage from the super! That just makes you sick anyway. Don’t eat much ready food, but cook real food with natural ingredients. Don’t be afraid of a few times per week meat and/or fish, sometimes a glass of wine and also don’t drink too much water. That isn’t healthy at all! Water is full of sodium and well, sodium makes your body retain fat and liquid. Two glasses per day is really enough. Plus you take seasalt, because there is not only sodium in it, but also potassium which eliminates the surplus of sodium – if you have any.


Food that helps losing weight

If you want to help your body to let go of extra weight, you need lemon. Lemon makes you heal fast and so also losing weight goes faster with lemon in your diet. The greater part of overweight is fluid and not fat as doctors say, but it’s always possible to have a bit too much fat. But you can also have too little fat and yet be overweight. I have never understood why doctors and dieticians always nag about eating too much and having too much fat. Fat is something you need, because you can better adapt yourself to cold and heat. It also helps against bruises.

You can put one lemon and a lime (for the taste and for potassium) in slices in a liter water, together with some ice cubes and some coriander, basil, rosemary or sage (also for the taste and for iron). Let it stand about an hour and then drink it through the day. It will help. If you don’t like or can’t tolerate lemon, there are green tea, cucumber and celery that are good diuretics. Don’t forget to eat bread as well, even if you can better not put too much peanut butter on it and even fish can help losing weight. And normal exercise.


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