This is how you release blocks, inhibitions and unwanted beliefs

Underneath on the video I have got for you the easiest and most earthy way to release blocks, inhibitions and unwanted or even unconscious beliefs. If they have been caused by others who were telling you you can’t do this or be that; if they were caused by a trauma or by no matter who or what, you will overcome them and have a free mind. I myself did a session for you with myself in order to show you how it works and … I got some really interesting results.

I got a strike from YouTube, what the Dutch call a muilpeer and the Greek μια μπουνιά, so for the days being I’m not allowed to upload any videos there. From my phone I can’t upload them either to my channel on Rumble, but I can still upload them there: outside of my channel. Why I then have a channel isn’t really clear to me, but whatever! Not everything in the world is logic, is it? (Anyway a few hours later I have the video on my channel, behold!).


So this is how we are going to work from now on: you support my work here and then you go to watch the video and get the information – or in this case the solution – of your life! That is what I write and tell here on this website: the information of your life and I don’t only deserve, but also must be paid for that and I must be supported. It’s as simple as that. If again there is no-one who supports me with his video, I will lock up my website behind a paywall if that is what is needed for me to exist in this world and to be finally appreciated. 


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Natassa Vassiliou, MA

Anastasía (Natassa) Vassiliou analyses the news with her unique fresh insight. She studied Greek & French Literature, with minors in law ethics and teaching mother language plus specialisation in media psychology. 25 years in education & business trainings followed. 13 years in traditional medicine research and coaching & 2 years in the media. Natassa loves kids, Greece, coffee & nice people. Also cherries, apes, boeren, cooking & experts. No to Jeugdzorg, egoists, bonkers, dipshits & digital ID's. Proud Greek, Orthodox Christian and Mom of 2 Awesome Big Boys, she is sadly handicapped.

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