Torture and killings of hundreds of thousands in Donbass

Today when I woke up and went through my email to read the news, I found a video with the story of horrific torture and killings in the east of Ukraine. This has been happening for years and there is no better proof that the perpetrators are really Nazis. There are many Nazi battalions in that country and the worst thing: no-one even knows how many people have disappeared. Ukraine doesn’t care at all about its citizens. Hundreds of thousands, the gentleman on the video says. I will give you all the proof I can find to convince even the most stubborn people, who believe Ukraine is a friendly country that is brutally attacked by the evil Russians. No, it’s not.



Here a former Nazi prison held by the Aidar batallion and a formal report about the war crimes they commited there. Video by Eva Bartlett.




Tortured and killed because of a language

The Russians attacked Ukraine on February 24 this year because of what is really going on in that country. The victims are people who speak Russian as their first language, which is normal in the Donbass and many more parts of Ukraine. I don’t know if you have paid attention to the Ukrainian language when their President Zelensky talked in the parliament of your country, but it’s such an ugly language that you can’t even listen to it. Nobody wants to speak that without being coerced! Russian sounds a lot better and is at least a real, natural language. Ukrainian has been manufactured so that it seems different from Russian, while it’s actually just a boorish dialect. Anyway, this is the comment of a linguist.

Why am I talking about language? Well, the western media and governments tell you these people in eastern Ukrainian regions like the Donbass, which consists of two republics namely Lugansk and Donetsk, revolt against the Ukrainian government. You are told the Russian army would so-called go in and out of the country to wage war against the poor and helpless Ukrainian army. That these people should just adapt to the country they happen to live in and start speaking its language: Ukrainian. But just imagine the Limburgians took over the whole Netherlands today and they forced everyone to speak Limburgian, saying it’s a language and from now on it’ll be the only permitted language in the Netherlands. Would you comply to that and keep your mouth shut or would you say: ah you Limburgians, you were nice in your own province but we’re not going to let you govern us. Out you and oost!

I know you’d do the last and that is exactly what the people in Donbass did too. They tried to keep their own language and culture and when they weren’t allowed to, they declared themselves independent from Ukraine. The Ukrainian government however neither allowed them to use their own language nor did they allow them to go independent. They instead sent the Nazi battalions from their army to the Donbass and started torturing and killing people, without even registering the victims. Do you know who else didn’t register their victims? The Saoudi slave drivers who bought, tortured and sold millions of black, white and Asian slaves in 2,500 years time. Ukraine finds itself in the Middle Ages or even earlier with their barbarian methods and that is exactly what Mr. Laurent Brayard says in the video underneath. He has interviewed dozens of former detained and tortured Ukrainians from the east of the country. I found the news here on a Dutch website, which led me to this English website and then to YouTube. Here he is:



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About torture

What my Kurdish friends in Greece told me about how Kurds are tortured in Turkey, Iraq and Iran, just because they are who they are, has forever been engraved in my memory. One of them had a cousin who had been frequently tortured in Turkey and had finally fled to France. The “authorities” had put electric currant on his testicles which had left him without children. They also beat him up really badly until he bled from head to toes and then put him in a salt bath. The expression ‘put salt into one’s wounds’ comes from the Turkish prisons … and you are being told that Turkey is such a fine vacation place. Well no, it isn’t. Turkey is hell. These tortures continue until today against anyone who isn’t a Turk of origin and dares say so. Why do you think the current Secretary of Justice in the Netherlands Dilan Yeśilgöz doesn’t publicly say she is Kurdish?

The Turks supported the German Nazis in the Second World War just like the Ukrainians did. They have the same torture methods. Putting a funnel into a prisoner’s mouth and then throw liters of water in him until he can’t have no more; putting prisoners in a bath and then electrify them; beating them up and then sprinkle salt into their wounds. They gangrape prisoners wihile they are tied to a bed or even have a bag over their head. They leave them without food and water for days. The methods are the same over and over again and they do it for months or even years until people go crazy or are dead inside. Or until they get lucky to be exchanged for other prisoners. Until they die from their wounds or are killed. And no-one registers their names. On the video you hear about a man who memorised the names of dozens of prisoners who were with him and who were murdered.


 And no-one registers their names.


Yes, they are Satanists and your government supports them

What Mr. Brayard also tells, is that these Nazis do satanic rituals. I have been telling you all the time you can’t be as barbarian as a Nazi if you haven’t grown up in a satanic family and if you haven’t had “training” in becoming a ruthless lyer and butcher. I have been their prisoner as a baby until the age of 5 years old and when I reopened my memories, I say many things these monsters do. People aren’t butchers when they are born: they are made butchers by torturing them in all ways possible. Sexually, physically and mentally. They give you no choice but to become evil, by filling you up with such an enormous rage and hatred to people that you can’t even react in another way than by bullying and torturing others.

The fact that all western governments openly support the Nazis in countries like Ukraine and Turkey means they are Satanists too. Otherwise you don’t support these ogres while spreading around the lie that they’d so-called be so bullied by the Russians, who would be the real Nazis. Yes in Russia there are Nazis too. They are in any country in the world, because everywhere there are crazy nuts to be found. But in Russia they don’t torture and kill innocent civilians! The Russians are clearly very human and concerned about the Ukrainian population. They bring tons of humanitarian help and the 3 million Ukrainians have fled to Russia, are well-cared for. They never shoot on civilians, only on Nazi battalions. They even treat the Nazi soldiers they take prisoners in a human way, at least that is what they tell themselves to Sputnik News:



Personally I think this is true, because the Russians have set the goal to teach the western countries a lesson of humanity. They want to show us how brutal our governments and armies are, while theirs aren’t. In Syria it was the Americans who bombed hospitals and other government buildings. Not the Russians, who always retreat directly when their task has been fulfilled and never get into dumb actions like overturning governments and things like that. They supported the Syrian President, because he was chosen by his own people and the Russians didn’t have the right to interfere with their internal affairs. I remember very well how Vladimir Putin clearly explained this in a TV interview years ago.

Look who the American government is hiring to fight in Ukraine: IS fighters! We have been warned against this since the beginning of the fight in Ukraine, but very few people listened. And so now the Americans are recruiting these terrorists, because they themselves can never beat the Russians. They stay in their lair while others die in their war. They even found a term for it: proxy-war.

So what is the solution to make all these horrors stop one day? Spread the news!!! Tell everyone how bad the situation is and that Ukraine doesn’t count a few thousands of Nazis who are neatly fighting in the army, but that the country is full of Nazi groups and batallions. That they are repeating the Second World War now and that half of the world supports them, while the other half is afraid to stand up and support the Russians, who at least fight them. Spread my article and support me!














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