Two days Joe Biden – chaos – 1776

It’s actually funny to see what is happening in the US now. I wanted to take a little nap for noon, but slept until 7PM. As I woke up and opened Rumble to see the news, I directly saw an emission by NewsMax about QAnon. Not yet well awake I was greatly shocked by it. It said that QAnon had turned out not to be true and so on. I’ll tell you more in this “piece of work” here underneath. I will also let someone else tell you more about slavery and who actually were the slave owners in a short story about the 1776 Commission by former president Donald Trump. Two day of Joe Biden and the whole country is in chaos and turmoil.

As I told you the last days, a courageous member of Congress from Georgia, Marjorie Greene, has filed documents for the impeachment of Joe Biden. There is nothing wrong with that plus it’s a very good deed, but the news channels immediately falsely accused her of conspiracy thinking. Of course: she dropped a bombshell and the whole country is upside down! Fast growing Republican-minded news channel NewsMax has one anchor who is not as strong Republican as the others: Bob Sellers. He had this little conversation today with Erick Ericksson about QAnon that supposedly had fallen, because it was a sect that misled people by telling Donald Trump was chosen by God to save America from the pedophiles who traffick children. In this emission they say child trafficking doesn’t even exist, while each year thousands of children are actually freed by a team Donald Trump installed for that purpose. Some months ago the team even dismantled a whole gang in Florida. So who is telling conspiracy theories now? Here you can see the video.


If you want my opinion, I think it’s always good to look into all kinds of theories. In every theory there is some truth and something new to learn. I have learned a lot from QAnon and think they are mostly positive people and Christians who believe in God. In the midst of such storms as the US is going trough and has been going through for so many years, I think finding a bit support in a religion that calls their believers to spread love instead of hatred, is a very good thing. QAnon only has it wrong many more times than having it right and that is why I never rely on it and don’t follow it either. I have always thought that the news droppings – pieces of encrypted news – actually come from these people in power, who give away some facts and a lot of bogus in order to keep these people busy. They control everything, so also QAnon. How many times haven’t we seen that there is really nothing in the world that is not owned by the power clique?


Again American troops in Syria?

Talking about Biden’s point of view and actions in the first days of his presidency, I still haven’t mentioned the fact he directly sent an army to Syria to fight terroristic threats. Former president Trump had just drawn back most troops there in order to restore peace. Assad went mad and rightly so. He filed a complaint at the UN. Here you find the news in English by the Jeruzalem Post and here in Dutch at De Dagelijkse Standaard. Reporters can’t be fast enough to report all the news at the moment!


Now let’s look at some more stories that are true or aren’t true. And why the Democrats never do any work on soul study.


1776 Commission dismantled by Joe Biden

Since the US had lost its original purpose of freedom and equality for everyone, Donald Trump installed a scientific commission that studied American history. In 1776 the country declared itself independent from the English occupation and it made the Constitution, much of which is still used today. This commission drew up a document which is very interesting to read. You can still find it here and you can even download it if you want. Now as soon as Joe Biden took office, he dismantled the commission and of course that is strange: what is wrong with a remembrance of the start of your country’s independence? The internet filled itself with articles and videos about how wrong the 1776 Commission was and how many facts it left out and so on. Well, of course you can’t name ALL facts in one document of 45 pages!

But if you listen to Mr. Dinesh D’Souza you will understand how it works. Bottom line: a big issue for the United States is always the slavery. If you really study this subject well, you will have to conclude that it was the Democrats who had almost all the slaves and who also were opposed to equality among all races living in America. I by far don’t know enough to have an opinion about American history, so I just present to you someone who does and who’s got humour too:















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