The media have already forgotten the October 30th presidential elections in Brazil, where some quite weird results appeared. I can’t judge if there has been fraud, because I wasn’t there, I haven’t participated in counting votes and so on. The only thing I can do, is show you that there were some irregularities in my opinion and that it isn’t more than correct to tell about them. The day just after the elections it was Halloween, so you never know if the demons came out a day too early to play their trick.  So here we go!

Official election results Brazil

Here on your right you find the official results of the elections in Brazil: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva or short Lula won with 1.8% of the votes from JaÍr Bolsonaro.

TSE means Tribunal Superior Eleitoral, which in its turn means Superior Election Court. Brazil has only one authority that is in charge of the election process: this supreme court, the TSE. No-one else in the whole country has got any authority over the elections. So in other words: if this TSE rules that the elections were fair, no-one can contest that. In my opinion that isn’t a very solid way to protect elections, since at any court in the world there are always some corrupt people. It is just so. On this official government page – in Portuguese – you can read how the elections in Brazil work with this supreme court and all.


0 votes for one candidate in vast regions of the country

They broke the whole constitution to let Lula join the elections!

And exactly this happened, which I will show you here underneath: the court just ruled that the elections were fair, in spite of all the proof of fraud or at least impossible results and now nobody has any possibility to get justice. First of all Lula was freed from prison in order to join the elections to become Brazil’s president, while he was in prison because during his two previous presidencies he committed so much corruption that even the highest court of the country couldn’t deny it. It is really strange that such a criminal can be left out of prison to become the president again, don’t you think?

Secondly, half of Brazil has been demonstrating against Lula for days, while he was elected president. That is also strange, wouldn’t you think? A small audit in a limited area of the northeast of the country has been done and …. it turned out that there were many, many voting machines where not a single vote for Bolsonaro was to be found. In Brazil they use voting machines, just like in the US, while in the Netherlands people vote by hand, then the votes are counted by hand and then they are put into voting machines. In the meantime I have got the impression that no method can ever be totally safe against fraud and other ‘jokes’ by people who only accept one candidate to win elections and who will go to any length to have their way. Let me show you what is to be seen in Brazil. First I’ll show you a couple of images of people demonstrating:


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Just one page from the voting machines in the northeast of Brazil with 0 votes for Bolsonaro

This here is just one page from the audit that was done. It mentions a lot of communities where people have voted, but where not even a single vote was cast for Bolsonaro.

I could imagine that there could be one village in the country where no-one dared to vote for the man, because if they did, they would be ousted from the community, but not half a country as large as Brazil.

On this website, which was immediately censored in Brazil itself, you can download all the audits if you’d like. As you can see, there are two types of voting machines in use: from before 2020 and from after 2020.




















As you see also in Brazil they know the special artof black polishing official documents. They’ve surely learned that from the Dutch!


This explains a bit how some of these voting machines seem to have a problem accepting votes for Bolsonaro:


My conclusion

As I already said in the beginning of this article you can’t know if elections are rigged if you haven’t got all the results and all the facts. It’s very hard to prove and here is why: there are so many very rich and influential people in the world who sit and poke their noses into the affairs of other countries. George Soros is famous or better said infamous for it, but there are loads of these dudes. They silence whole governments, whole supreme courts and the whole media in the whole world. As long as this phenomenon exists, it’s impossible to hold fair elections, but it’s even so impossible to really know how much influence this campaigning and silencing money in fact has.

I just can’t draw a scientifically based conclusion. Can only tell what I see and say that it surprises me. In Brazil it’s exactly like the 2020 presidential elections in the US and the 2022 presidential elections in France: in a few cities or provinces (counties) there are suddenly 0 votes for one of two candidates. That is odd and yes, it smells fraud! But is it really fraud? With so many very powerful people who must and shall have leftist governments everywhere in the world, you’d say it’s fraud, of course. But how could Italy, Hungary and Sweden then choose a conservative government, all in the same year (2022), while the US, France and Brazil couldn’t? If you ask me, this is a question that needs to be answered and as fast as possible too. At this moment you’d even be afraid to organise elections out of fear for interfering.



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