What graphene oxide causes and how to eliminate it after a Covid vaccine

It’s official: I have been poisoned with graphene oxide more than once and what it did, was … it created a ton of auto-immune diseases. Each time I succeeded in healing one, other diseases came seemingly out of nothing and I wasn’t able to stop the process. But now I am AND since graphene oxide is also the dangerous ingredient in the Covid vaccines, I have the antidote to get those vaccines away, plus what they have possibly have caused for you. But you ain’t gonna like it, so to speak!


A graphene oxide poisoning

When crazy people with access to a lab or pharmacy want to hurt you, they put graphene oxide on a letter they send to you. This has happened multiple times to me, but I couldn’t find what the substance on the letter was. Most other people couldn’t see it, but I saw a graphite powder on it and afterwards I also saw it on my clothes. After washing it seemed to have left the clothes, but after wearing them again for a day, the graphite stuff was back in its place. That was quite the mystery to solve! Fortunately I am a traditional – not alternative, attention! – healer and so I have a very well-trained intuition. When there is no scientific way to find out what I see or what has made me (or a patient) sick, I have the ability to visualise it and find out what it is. Or I dream about it, have visions and such things. Or I find a scientific article about it and so I always find the causes for each disease so that I can get it healed.

But the enormous splash of diseases that I kept on having since 2010 and that also partially affected my sons, was inexplicable and I just recently solved it. Graphene oxide, the same substance that is inside the Covid vaccines and that causes blood clots, heart problems, lung problems, paralysis, death and many more conditions. Because I want to be as objective as possible, I first made a list of all the diseases I have had and that I have healed or not yet. You will see they have a lot in common with the diseases that occur after a Covid vaccine:

  • MS
  • I had Lyme disease and this possibly became chronic because of the graphene oxide.
  • Crohn disease
  • COPD
  • Heart attacks and strokes, so blood clots.
  • Very severe dizziness.
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) which I possibly already had, but which went totally wild and started eating up my gum and teeth.
  • Cancer with metastasis. I found 31 tumours and eliminated them, but the cancer hasn’t fully healed.
  • Alzheimer.
  • A sudden outbreak of allergies for anything possible, which I have never had before.
  • The anaemia I have always had, changed into thalassemia.
  • My back problems that turned out to be a hernia that was formed after I had broken my back 3 times in my childhood and wasn’t properly treated, became very acute.
  • All kinds of female problems, like enormously wild menstruations, a tumour in my womb and bladder problems.
  • Sepsis or a blood poisoning.
  • Returning candida infections.


I think that was it! I didn’t receive any medical help and doctors even denied my diseases. The only things that came out of the blood tests, were a stunningly low iron (anaemia) and hypothyroidism, but they didn’t even want to treat those conditions. The hernia was also detected but by a physiotherapist and the Lyme and Crohn disease by an independent doctor, who I couldn’t pay all the time to get all the diagnoses. Again fortunately I could detect all other conditions and diseases with my intuition. How I got so many of them healed in myself and others: I looked for the soul or the essence of the condition, healed traumas that were connected to them and took medicinal herbs and juice concentrate of cherry and blueberry. From the American Indians I learned to work with totem animals and chestnut and so I am working my way through my still deadly sick body. This is my story about it. And here is part 2. It’s in Dutch, but with the help of Google Translate in the left menu you can reasonably read it.


More information about graphene oxide

This is what happened to me after being multiple times poisoned with graphene oxide in my food and drinks and via letters by a small group of monsterly “people” that without any reason held grudges against me and my family. This is what graphene oxide in powder form looks like. Exactly what I saw on my clothes and on some letters in my mailbox.

The method I used to find what graphene oxide actually does to you, started with my intuition. I visualised the substance and tried to find the essence of it. That wasn’t difficult, because I directly felt terribly suffocated: yes, the root of the working of graphene oxide is that it suffocates the lungs. But if I wanted to write about the stuff, I needed more! When I thus started looking for scientific information on graphene oxide, I first found to my huge surprise that it is used in mental health. Graphene oxide allegedly helps against PTSD, a post traumatic stress disorder. If I were you, I wouldn’t try it out, but would just start processing my trauma or shock experience with the help of my video. It’s certainly not prohibited to give a like or a nice reaction about how it helped you.

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This is how the immune system works. With graphene oxide it can become overactive.

Science talks

Graphene oxide is not only medically used in mental health. You will also find it in most cancer medication, as a drug carrier. If you want to know everything about the substance, then here is a fantastic article for you on Hindawi. I am not good at biology and chemistry, but I did understand quite a lot from it. And graphene oxide starts with ruining your immune system:

  • Graphene oxide can be administered through inhalation, ingestion (food), dermally (through the skin) and with an injection, such as the Covid vaccine.
  • It stays about 24 hours in the body where it destroys your immune system from your lungs and your blood vessels. Then it leaves the body, but it leaves you totally sick.
  • In the lungs it can also cause pulmonary edema, which is an accumulation of liquid in the lungs that causes among others the respiratory problems we know from lung Covid and the Covid vaccines.
  • It also changes your DNA, but I couldn’t find more information about that. Maybe science doesn’t know or doesn’t like us to know.
  • The substance has been known for about 150 years and has been used almost everywhere.


What graphene oxide can also do, is cause metastasis when you have cancer. That’s why I was so surprised to read the stuff is actually used in cancer medication! Last but not least also the Pope in Rome and his cardinals are worried about this poisonous stuff. Here is an article from the website From Rome about it with a video showing dangerous side effects of graphene oxide.


My discovery to get rid of any graphene oxide

As I already said: you’re not going to like my solution, but it is the only one that will eliminate the whole substance from your body. We have been intimidated and made afraid until panick about sugar. Oh sugar is the devil! Oh sugar makes you fat! Oh sugar devores your teeth! No. Sugar is a medicinal plant and no-one should be afraid of it. In my second story about the help I received from the Native Americans I wrote about it, because they said exactly the same about sugar as I have been doing for years. If you have a candida infection or other inflammations, it’s better to diminish your intake of sugar, yet it does heal … the lungs! It extracts all bacteria and viruses from your lungs and kills them. Now graphene oxide sits in your lungs and makes you ill. In order to kill that devil, you need to make a natural cough syrup, which is very easy to do. Here is the recipe:


Ingredients and other things you need to make 250 ml natural cough syrup:

-150 grams of sugar. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar. Just sugar.
-100 ml cold water
-a handful of star anise.
-an empty jar of at least 300 ml.
-an empty bottle of about 250-300 ml to put the syrup in.

Preparation: Put all the ingredients into the empty jar and stir well. Put the lid real tight on it and put the jar upside down somewhere where you see it. Keep stirring about every hour and after 12 hours your natural syrup is ready. It will eliminate bad bacteria or viruses from your lungs (if you have any) and take the graphene oxide with it. Dosis: twice a day you drink half a glass – about 100 ml – of the syrup until the bottle is empty. If you don’t feel better after a week, you repeat the procedure.

Afterwards do take juice concentrate of blueberries and cherries. This is concentrated juice with nothing else than only blueberries or cherries in it. That will help you gain strength and repair your immune system, or else said: it will help restore your self-healing ability.


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