What if Greek is the original language?

Seven billion people on a planet and only a few know from where we have come and who we are. The whole rest doesn’t have a clue and no matter how hard you study history, paleontology and ancient cultures: you won’t find out the truth, because it’s covered up. There are people in power who don’t want us to know who we are, because … well you will find out if you read this article.


The origin of life

As I told you many times, the Jews know things no-one else knows about the origin of life. That is quite important knowledge, since the world didn’t start as a gloomy and injust place. It started as a beautiful garden somewhere far away outside of the universe: Eden. There people were normal and good. They didn’t harm each other, but peacefully lived together and we today don’t even know what the words peaceful and friendly mean. Most people become straightaway aggressive if you say one word they don’t like. Now there is a group of Zionists that doesn’t want us to know life is originally something good and nice for everyone. They want us to believe it would be impossible to create a world in which everyone has enough money and enough happiness. That is the biggest bogus ever! When they will finally be out of power, we will rightaway create a good world.

The books all this knowledge is written in, aren’t accessible to any others than a small group of elite Jews. Injust yes, very injust and it’s high time we all knew the truth. I have tried to retrieve the past during the last 14 years, but I could only find bits and pieces, even if I am one of the people who still lived in the garden of Eden. Well, that I found at least and also some things about how we lived there. Like we had a council that could judge if people didn’t agree on something and that we already had marriage festivities there. Everyone had their own soulmate and when they would reach the right age, they would automatically fall in love with each other. No intruders to separate them, no satanists to traffic their babies and no traitors to separate friends, families and to create war and such. There was no-one who wanted anything else than peace, fun and happiness.


The new world of pain and suffering

Until Eve became 17 years old and, still a teen, found out that you could also do bad things instead of good, nobody had ever thought of doing something nasty. You could destroy everyone and everything if you did that and she was shocked like hell when she discovered it. So much that she didn’t go to her parents or to the eldest two, who are called God and the Goddess now on earth, to ask what had just happened. She got furious, lost her logics and began doing evil things like killing animals, plants and flowers and like causing fights between people. When the others found out what she was doing, it was already too late: she had found out how evil means that you reverse normal good things. And she had reversed the whole world, so that it started turning into a dark, chilly and ugly world: the universe still without any stars, suns, moons and galaxies and with one liveable planet in the middle of it.

The others started bringing all those lights to the world of pain and suffering, as the young Eve had named her new world. They brought plants, flowers, trees and animals from Eden to Planet Earth, so that there weren’t only carnivors, spike plants and poisonous flowers and berries. They banned Eve herself to live in that world, while they tried in vain to stop the reversing of Eden. She dragged her in the meantime lover Adam – a nice and good man that she had totally hypnotised – with her. They had children there and I think there were also people that originated from apes. Who knows what Eve did to get those people and what we, the others, did to shape them into humans. History research found that these cavemen, often called Neanderthalers, were actually more peaceful than the real humans who originated from Eve and Adam and from Eve with who knows what other men she had sex with.

About 15,000 years ago the situation in Eden wasn’t liveable anymore. The people there couldn’t stop the reversing of it into the universe and so they decided they could only do one thing: come and live in the new world, hoping they would one day be able to find how Eve had reversed it. They went to live in the ancient Greece, in the Peloponnese. That is the place where the first civilisation ever started and they travelled as far as they could to bring civilisation and knowledge about life, about peace and friendship and about philosophy, music, humour and sports to other places.

There are stories about that, which are still told today and one of those is of course about Prometheus, the bringer of fire. And this awesome song from Maroc in Berber by Hindi Zahra about “Ahiawa” or people from Achaía, a region in the Peloponnesus. She tells about how these people came to Maroc in very ancient times and that too is a true story. The song is written by Zahra Hindi, Thomas Naim, Abdenour  Djemai and here you can find the text.




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The origin of languages

It is totally unknown where the already in that time spoken languages came from. Scientists think people originated from apes and one day they just started uttering sounds. Those sounds evolved into language with the time. It seems logic, but nobody is sure if it’s true. The only language family that has a somewhat clear history, is the Indo-European family. I followed courses about this during two semesters at university, but when I saw science just didn’t have a clue from where those languages had come and how they had evolved into so many different languages and vernaculars, I didn’t do the exam. But I still have the book and the memories of the courses at the section of Greek literature. The great professor Setatos knew 60 languages and even had a bump on his head. In Dutch they say someone who knows a lot of languages, has a ‘talenknobbel’, a language bump. He really had one and I explained it to him, which made him laugh out loud. I have a small one too, just above my right ear.

In Greece there are linguists who say the original language isn’t Sanskrit, as most scientists think, but Greek. It may make you think of the old grandfather in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but the language tree suddenly works if you try it out. I can only say one thing about it: we puzzled and puzzled to make some logics out of the hypothesis that Sanskrit would be the mother of all languages – at least the Indo-European ones – and we failed gross. There are also no signs whatsoever of an even more “Proto-Indo-European language. So why not try to build a nice family tree of languages starting with Greek at the root? The times that I had the chance to speak with Mother God, she assured me Greek is indeed the original language. Let’s try then! Costas and I already did it and we immediately found that two of the three languages in the family that are different and not directly related to others, have foreign influences deep in their grammar. We are talking about Albanian and Armenian. The other language that is as ancient as time, but that doesn’t let itself be squeezed into the tree starting with Sanskrit, is Greek. But if you make Greek the root, it fits perfectly.


The tower of Babel before its fall
The same tower of Babel, but after its fall

The tower of Babel

Albanian is an Indo-European language, but has been influenced a lot by Turkish or is turkified as linguists say, maybe because the Albanians have become Muslims. So not only in their vocabulary, but also in their grammar they have Turkish influences like cases and so. The same applies for Armenian, as we found. Only that the influence is Turkish and Assyrian.

Assyrian is a Semitic language that doesn’t differ too much from Hebrew. If you eliminate the foreign influence from Armenian and Albanian, you get two languages that clearly originate from Greek. The similarities between Greek and Latin – from which the modern Roman languages come – has already many times been proven. Then we have this other phenomenon that is unfortunately not a myth, but a true story: the fall of the tower of Babel.

You know that beautiful and very high tower in the middle of Kurdistan that still exists today. The story about is says that the people in Babylonia wanted to build a tower higher than heaven in order to outsmart God. And then God said: pfoo! and he destroyed the thing. People started speaking different languages from one moment to another, couldn’t understand each other anymore and left in groups of persons who still spoke the same language. God helped them leave the place and so I think it wasn’t God who destroyed the tower. It was that wicked witch Eve in a later life of hers – or if you want someone that was just as crazy as her – who cursed the tower, the language and the people. Who knows what an enormous ritual she needed to do for that purpose, but she got it done to divide people and to create again hatred and fear instead of peace and friendship. Imagine half of your family suddenly starts speaking a totally different language and you can’t understand each other anymore!


The strange phenomenon of deterioration of language

Something that pleads for this explanation, is the fact that languages change all the time. Languages that aren’t cared for (like Dutch!) or that are spoken by many people (English) change more than smaller languages. What happens to all those languages, is that they become easier in grammar rules, but that it becomes more difficult to express yourself in language. We Greeks can still read the Koinè or Κοινή, the language of the New Testament of the Bible. That was written two thousand years ago and we still understand most of it today. We have Bibles that have Koinè on the left pages and modern Greek on the right, just for some words we may have forgotten. I don’t think there is any other language that has changed so little over time and that is another argument for assuming Greek may be the original language instead of Sanskrit.

The stories that tell about people in enormously big boats just after the Flood (of Noah), tell about people with a white skin, who came to teach them about civilisation. Most knowledge about how to live and all had been destroyed during the great Ice Age and the floods afterwards, that occurred around 9,600 years B.C. Greeks aren’t totally white, but they are also not coloured like e.g. Indians. The latter belong to the white race because of their bone structure, but when you meet them, you wouldn’t characterise most of them as ‘white’. So that also pleads for trying out this change of the family tree, placing the roots in Greece. It’s also more logic on the geographical level: people have left Greece both eastward and westward and even northward and that is how the tree of Indo-European languages grew. Greeks have always been great and eager travellers, always in for an adventure to learn new things about other cultures and people.


Away with Zionists

I know most people think science is only about math and chemistry, but language is a science as well. And an important one too, because what is more important in life than knowing who you are and from where you have come? You know how much I suffered when Youth Care was lying in my face that my mother would so-called be a Dutch woman and not only just a Dutch woman but one out of the 13 most powerful people in the world. A satanist pur sang, one of these 13 monsters that chased my butt all my life. I felt it wasn’t true that she would be my mother, but was called crazy when I dared to say it and so I didn’t have a choice but to believe the lie. That made me become very insecure and unsuccessful. Only when I found out who my real parents are, I started becoming self-assured and a lot happier. It is the root of how I am and I have the right to know all about it and to have my own family back.

The same applies for the history of mankind that is being kept a secret for almost all of us by a small group of Jews. Most Jews also don’t know the finesses, you see. There is just a group of idiot Zionist Jews and other crazy people of Jewish origin that keeps all knowledge hidden. It has nothing to do with being Jewish, since most Jews or Israelis are great and nice people with a lot of humor and wisdom. It has to do with another old story that Costas and I discovered as well: how Moses stole the knowledge of how the Egyptians had programmed their hierophyphs and how they built pyramids.

He is the one that kept it a secret, only accessible for a small group of mostly evil Jewish people and that is what was inside the Ark of the Covenant. These idiots believe until today that God is so-called half good and half evil and that He would want the world to suffer. That He had put these lunatics in His place to govern the world, because He Himself was too busy being perfect. Whole theories they have about it. Away with these worms and let’s open the cover-ups, so we know who we are and can govern ourselves. We can’t do it any worse than they have done, now can we?



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