Since North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is in the North-Eastern Russian city of Vostochny, where the Russian spaceport is located. They are believed to discuss weapon trade, because North Korea has an overload of missiles, while Russia has nice modern technology. But what are they really talking about and what is the real situation in North Korea? Mr. Kim Jong-Un told me himself this afternoon and asked me to write about it. So here I am! You will find my sources underneath the article.

So what do we know about first of all the Korean Peninsula? We know Korea was under Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945. When Japan had to surrender after the Second World War, it lost Korea too. The Soviet Union took the northern part of it, while the southern part of it was confisquated by the US. Unable to reunite the country, they divided it into the two parts we know today. The border is at the 38th parallel. Then a terrible war broke out between the communistic north and the capitalistic south from 1950 to 1952, when North Korea invaded South Korea in order to unite the country in a communistic system. US President Eisenhower jumped in between the fighting parties and instead of trying to unite the two half countries in the way they wanted it themselves – sovereignty, remember? – he chased away the North Koreans. Ever since there has been an enmity between the two halves of Korea, which is very sad. They are one nation who shares the same language, culture and one beautiful country.

Ever since, the Kim family has been in charge, starting with the Eternal Leader Kim Il Sung and now Kim Jung-Un, at least that is what we think. But is that how it really is or would reality be different than we could all even imagine? Read on, support Untold Times and you will know what North Korea’s leader told me just an hour ago.

Before we go on: do you know what Mr. Kim also told me? I still have problems forgetting everything, because I had Alzheimer which I cured. But my memories have already been wiped out and I can’t remember new things longer than a few days. He advised me to take ginseng for it. Ginseng keeps the body processes going.


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Who is Kim Jong-Un?

He has the issue of being a bit overweight and having the hair style which reminds you of a horrible dictator. Today he told me the overweight is because of the stress he has and the hair … I will tell you in a minute. First thing he asked me was “Don’t you have a dryer for your laundry?”, as I was just hanging up the laundry. Well no, I am a poor person and a dryer costs a load of electricity. I also wash our dishes on hand for the same reason.

Then he told me in a really fast pace that North Korea isn’t under his rule. “Only Pyongyang”, he added in a sad voice. I answered that I really didn’t know what to think about North Korea, but that his sister inspires me with fear. He didn’t even laugh, but became very sad and waited until I guessed the right answer. North Korea is divided between Kim Jong-Un and his sister Kim Yo-Jong and not only that: this has always been the case since 1950. So Kim Yo-Jong is the one who terrorises the country, not Kim Jong-Un, because the only place in the country where life is better is its capital Pyongyang. In the rest terror rules and people are put in labor camps where they are starved and tortured or even killed.


But who is Kim Yo-Jong?

That isn’t the work of Jong-Un and he also didn’t have his half-brother Kim Jong-Nam killed in Kuala Lumpur in 2017. He told me that is all the work of his sister of whom we do know she is relentless and dangerous. Yo-Jong was born in 1987, is 35 years old at the moment and officially she is responsible for propaganda-making and foreign policy in North Korea. She is Deputy Department Director of the Publicity and Information Department, as the Wikipedia states it. She uttered clear and harsh language to to Biden government and also to the South Korean Minister of Defense, whom she called a senseless and scum-like guy.


So … why is Kim Jong-Un really in Russia?

What do you think after having read this story told to me just this afternoon by Kim Jong-Un himself? He wants to oust his sister from the power and open up the country. In order to do that, he needs help from friends and the friend who is there for him, is Russia. That is why the North Korean not-so-much leader stepped in his beautiful and fortified green-red train, undertaking the voyage from Pyongyang to Vostochny. Not for trading arms with Russia! They both have more than enough weapons to win a world war. What they need and want, is to restore peace in North Korea and hopefully to even reunite the two Koreas one day. But they will start by removing Kim’s sister who is totally not meant to be the successor, from power.

They want the North Korean people to enjoy freedom, happiness and a good life. Nothing about waging war in Ukraine or who knows where else. Kim Yo-Jong has also been spotted in Russia, but she wasn’t present at the talks her brother held with President Putin. She didn’t play any important role, because that is what her brother has been trying for so many years: to get her out of power. Her and that part of their family who wants to keep on oppressing North Korea in that hideous dictatorship.

You see that if you dive into what really happens, some people turn out to be totally different than you thought. Kim Jong-Un isn’t the dictator he is said to be. The hair is because he needs to impose himself on his country, so that the people know he is in charge and not his sister. It’s not because he is so hungry for power, but to protect them against his sister’s terror regime everywhere in the country outside Pyongyang. Same thing about the statues and since this problem has existed since the Korean war started in 1950, this can very well have played for Kim’s father and grand-father as well. That is why the best thing to do is always first to get to know situations and people before you misjudge. It’s not a secret that Yo-Jong is a very dangerous woman and that she has no feelings at all, but we didn’t know until now that she actually runs the country in terror and in fear.


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